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How the signs walk.

Aries: swears by the golden rules of walking that their mother taught them: stomach in, chest out! back straight!

Taurus: sometimes you can’t figure out if they are dancing or walking, the hand movement is some intense stuff. Jaywalks on the regular.

Gemini: runway walk in slow motion, while the wind flies in their hair.

Cancer: when they walk they don’t look left, they don’t right, just look straight, shades on, headphones on.

Leo: *pretends there is a book on their head while walking* clear the way folks, the world is my runway.

Virgo: walks like they are the president of a nation, wants to emulate power in their walk.

Libra: believes in smelling the roses and stopping to enjoy their surroundings while walking.

Scorpio: their “walking” is what the rest of the world calls jogging

Sagittarius: has a bounce to their walk, energetic walk almost like a living nike advert.

Capricorn: likes to walk fast, but you can never hear them, can be a very good spy because of this, also can scare people because of this lol.

Aquarius: *wonders why people walk instead of skip* in an ideal world if everyone skipped, we would all be so much happier.

Pisces: tendency to walk into things, walks a little slow because of that

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