nike jordans

90% of girls and 50% of those fuckboys will never understand the love between a real guy and his Jordan’s. Shits for real.
It’s a way of life for some, I know people that own more than 4,000 pairs of J’s and still hunt for more everyday.
If you don’t respect your man or friend about his J’s and call ‘em 'just shoes’ there’s a high chance of him losing all his feelings and respect for u and leaving you for good. Seen it happen before. People get shot over in the states for a pair J’s, that’s how serious this shit is.
Now run along with those Nike blazers, vans, Adidas sneaks and those ugly ass nike skate shoes and tell me your a sneaker-head when you don’t even know what Jordan’s are.. No shoe collection is complete without a pair of J’s.
And don’t get me started about OG J’s.