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All’s Fair in Love and War - Nemesis x Nike

Author’s Notes

  • Fandom: SMITE
  • Fan-fiction: All’s Fair In Love And War
  • Summary:Nike’s ability to win every battle she’s ever faced perplexes Nemesis but the Goddess of Victory knows the other’s curiosity stems far deeper than she’ll ever admit. Could Nike win her over and get Nemesis to come to terms with the feelings she won’t acknowledge?
  • Characters: Nemesis, Nike, Nox (Small Role)
  • Pairings: Nemesis & Nike
  • Warnings: None

Request for @athens-anonymous , based off this beautiful headcanon:

If you can, a fic with my closet ship of Nemesis and Nike. NO WAIT LET ME EXPLAIN. See, Nemesis hates hubris, which means in theory, means she and Nike wouldn’t get along because one would assume that Nike is confident in her ability to win battles. But because Nike’s victories don’t come from confidence, they come from her belief in her allies, the scales of fate don’t register her as selfish. So it makes Nemesis both confused and interested in her, which she only slightly considers it might be romantic. Nike, on the other hand, is initially confused. But she also sees that Nemesis isn’t so doom and gloom as she appears, so she more than welcomes Nemesis’ companionship.

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