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Q: Which member has a ‘DYNAMITE’ temper?



I had the privilege to attend Laika’s 3-D Film celebration, Laika brought some on screen figures and prints from each on their films for viewing. It was amazing to be able to see the attention to detail that goes into every piece up close. #Photography is Important 

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I’m really just disappointed in Manny Pacquiao.

I thought that he was great for being able to be a boxer like he wanted to. He had his whole country stay at home watching every fight he ever fought. He prayed to God like he always does and I always thought that it was good that he kept to his faith, because I could never keep to mine.

It would’ve been fine if he just said “I don’t support same-sex marriages”, but to compare them to animals is just plain wrong. The backlash wouldn’t have been this huge. But he’s still an ass for it, especially now that he’s a public figure who influences more than he could imagine.

He’s a politician now, who’s supposed to help people and gays are people too. To have this belief as a politician isn’t right. He couldn’t even see why it’s wrong and uses the bible as justification. It’s all just disappointing.


[LYRICS (ENG)] 160828 Zico Freestyle Rap Message to Fans at Nike Unlimited Concert

The time is so fast, we’re suddenly in the second half of the year
Say a few words of encouragement toward each of yourselves

First of all,
To the athletes who worked hard at the Rio Olympics 
I’ll applaud

Ah, there’s a memory I can’t forget
My car, my house, my life, the day it was all robbed from me
But, first, to the fans who were saddened, I say I’m sorry, but
you guys are my first priority, that’s unchangingly official, right

When the world is troubled with all kinds of issues
There’s something that should interest you more than my private life
And that’s genuinely exercising the right to know, but
You all are the owners of this country, god damn right

One more thing
Character, morality, I know
I’ve never forgotten the mistakes of my past but
You should know, to many cyber bullies
I’ve taken it for 5 years from you guys
Defamation of character, badmouthing my parents, sexual harassment

If you can’t even open your mouth when you get sued
fxxk you all
Instead of your fingers, with your mouths say yes or no

Translated by: Hayoung and Jun @ blockbintl
Please do not repost or take out without proper credit

T/N: Portions of Zico’s rap address the recent issues of Dispatch revealing aspects of his private life; other lyrics refer to the past lawsuits Seven Seasons pursued in response to targeted harassment against Block B and their family/friends. Zico also alludes to current social issues in Korea and encourages citizens to be aware and involved in politics.