nike combine

  • HoO: "Jupiter and Poseidon- bad combination. Nike could start you two fighting easily."
  • Percy gave her a sideways smile. "Yeah, we can't have another situation like in Kansas. I might kill my bro Jason."
  • "Or I might kill my bro Percy," Jason said amiably.
  • PJO, an intellectual: "Percy." Grover put his hand on my shoulder. "You can't give him the bolt."
  • "I know that."
  • "Leave me here," he said. "Use the third pearl on your mom."
  • "No!"
  • "I'm a satyr," Grover said. "We don't have souls like humans do. He can torture me until I die, but he won't get me forever. I'll just be reincarnated as a flower or something. It's the best way."

John Geiger With Another All Red “Misplaced Checks” Release

John Geiger x The Shoe Surgeon “Misplaced Checks”
Release Date: N/A (Sometime Later In The Week)
Price: $550

As promised John Geiger and The Shoe Surgeon will be dropping the all red “Misplaced Checks” later this week, although no specific date has been set. The last time we saw these dropped were back in May and Geiger and the Shoe Surgeon said they would re-release with a larger size run. The shoe features an all red upper with 16 different Nike checks combined with both sneakers each made out of premium materials, each shoe will also be individually numbered. These will run you $550, anyone interested in these?

Images Via: Johngeiger_