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October 18, 2017

Beyoncé updates her Instagram and website - TIDAL X 1017

3rd annual “TidalxBrooklyn/TidalX1017” benefit concert held at the Barclays Center (Oct. 17).


Alexander Wang x Judith Leiber Money Roll Clutch ($5,000), Walter Mendez custom gown, Ofira Jewelz earrings,  Christian Louboutin Crystal Embellished Pumps ($2,376), Guiseppe Zanotti Crystal Detailed Strappy Sandals ($995)


NikeLab x Riccardo Tisci Air Force 1 ($275), custom 444 ring by Alex Todd of Rafaello and Co., Saint Laurent “Je T’aime” Teddy Jacket ($2,590)


Roger Federer defeats Rafael Nadal 6-4 3-6 6-1 3-6 6-3 (Men’s Singles Final) at Rob Laver Arena - Australian Open, 2017.

He did it !!! 18 Grand Slams, after so many years his hard work is paid off. No words can describe how Federer fans are feeling right now. 

Thank You Roger Federer ! 👑👑👑 I’m so proud. ❤❤❤


So someone asks me who are the most romantic anime couples for me

hmmm….personally i prefer crack pairings like okikagu, alimor, yatori and eremika (my top favorite <3 ) but if you ask the “most cheesiest” for me, here are the top 5 anime couples that leave thousands of butterflies in my stomach: (sorry if it’s quite odd)

5. Teiichi x Yuko (Tasogare Otome X Amnesia) - I have to admit that i really like seme girls (don’t get the wrong idea lol, i mean girls who are much dominant in expressing their feelings) and horror/supernatural anime.  But this is not the only reason why I FEEL this pairing. I love the strong bond that they have on each other. The fact that Yuko is a 50 year old bishoujo ghost and acting like an overly attached girlfriend to Teiichi also moves me. At first i thought this was a harem type anime (since Yuko’s personality is similar to the girls on that genre), but then i realized that this couple is cute and pure. <3 <3 Their moments is really sweet too (especially on the last part oh my >////<)

4. Okabe x Makise (Steins Gate) - fine fine fine. i bet there are people who will disagree on this. Some even says that it’s not a romance anime. I agree on that but DAT EPISODE 22 and they made it on my list xD Anyway, it is actually just a typical love-hate-relationship. But what i like the most in this pairing is the good closure that they made on their feelings at the last part of the series. The movie also kills me with feels.  I even watched it several times //slapped.

3. Lawrence x Holo (Spice and Wolf) - If you’re much after on the romantic moments, this series may bored you. But mind you, just try to watch until EPISODE 4 and you will regret thinking of dropping this. xD This story focuses on Lawrence ’s work as a merchant and his travel together with Holo as well as their strategies on business. But then, aside from being amazed of Holo’s beauty and intelligence, i also started to love the romance developing between these two, how Lawrence easily get embarrassed on Holo’s advances and how he transforms from a confident business minded person to a man doing everything to fight for his girl. I’m not even contended on the second season!

2. Livius x Nike (Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii) - the newest entry  and the most “awkward” couple on my otp list. I also read Bride of the Water God and Meru Puri (similar couple setting) and i also like those.  But on the both manga, the young boy can transform into a full grown man and that’s the only time that i have those fluttery feeling. Though it is not needed in this couple. THAT FUC*ING ADORKABLE 12-YEAR-OLD BOY IS TOO MUCH for me to handle all these feels. I really feel awkward at first because of their age gap (Since Nike is kinda like 18 and Livi is only 12) but then i start to ignore those differences and soon i find it cute for Nike to fall in love on a kid. This couple proves that it doesn’t always need a popular hot and cool guy for a shoujo manga to be romantic. HE CAN BE A KID TOO xD

1. Soushi x Ririchiyo (Inu x Boku SS) - “Ririchiyo-sama, Ririchiyo-sama..” Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! <3 <3 Not kidding, but i think i already re-watched this series hundreds of times. Not to mention that i repeatedly plays back the last episode and Soushi’s GODDAMNED CUTENESS AND ATTACHMENT to Ririchiyo. If you’re searching for a romance-comedy anime with a hot guy then this is it. I enjoy every moments that these two have, even if it only just Soushi overacting and fanboying on Ririchiyo. Surely this pairing will be the most romantic for me.

Other couples that also makes my heart swoon:

6. Otani x Risa (Lovely Complex)

7. Nanami x Tomoe (Kamisama Hajimemashita)

8. YuutaxRikka (Chuunbiyo)

9. Sousuke x Chidori (Fullmetal Panic)

10.  Banri x Kouko (Golden Time)



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