nike app

I can really recommend the nike+ training app if you want to get started!

It sets up a work out routine for you depending on what level you’re at, how often you can work out and if you have access to special equipment or not

You can also chose to just do specific routines without setting up a plan

And if you want to get into running (and don’t mind zombies) zombies, run! Is an excellent walking/running companion podcast with a nice story arc and also canon gay characters


The weather is starting to get chilly but that isn’t stopping me from wearing shorts on my runs (yet). More leaves have fallen on the trail I usually run on and it makes it even more scenic and pretty and I just love it. I got a super bad cramp like a mile into my run and my legs just felt sort of crappy and such but I made it through and taking a few photo breaks definitely helped me get through the 5+ miles. Super thankful for a healthy body and mind to help me get persevere through difficult runs!

For the fitblr low on cash:

It’s okay not to have the latest Nike app/sportswear.

It’s okay to go without the FitBit.

It’s okay to not eat clean if you can’t afford the produce.

It’s okay to not be able to afford quinoa or almond flower.

It’s okay to order a pizza if it’s all you can afford. 

It’s okay not to have a gym membership.

It’s okay for your workout to be push-ups and sit-ups because you don’t have equipment.

It’s okay to miss a workout because you worked an eight hour shift and just need to collapse on your bed.

It’s great if you have the resources to get these things. It’s great if you are able to eat clean and go running every day and track everything on your FitBit. I know I do. But if your lifestyle doesn’t give you the time or the money to do those things, it. is. okay. You’re putting in your best effort and you care about your body. That’s the most you can ask of yourself. Remember, you need to love your body. Don’t break it in the process.


Celebrated Galentine’s Day by going on a nice sunset run in this mild February weather we’re having in Indiana and I’m very content about it. There’s something beautiful about getting away after a long day and just focusing on my breath and putting one foot in front of the other🏃🏼‍♀️

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Workout at the gym done, 20 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of abs. Love Nikes workout app, think its Nike training club, so many different workouts and perfect when you don’t have any inspiration or motivation to create your own workout. Yesterday I tried one of their hardest cardio workouts and I’m soo sore.

anonymous asked:

I never ever cheat about my running times and compete with my friends for best times on Nike running app. But there is this little noob friend who never runs and has suddenly been adding times I know for a fact she never got. It pisses me off since I bust my ass for my times without cheating. What would u do?

Take EPO.

Then knee cap the bitch.


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The benefits of exercise have been well documented as improving mind, body and soul. For the past two years I’ve been an active runner and when I work out, I run with my iPhone and Nike running chip. The chip is installed in my shoe and features an app that lets me know specific details about my workout. On the Nike + running app, there’s a ranking system, challenges, an option to add friends and a coaching option which can help train for an upcoming marathon. After each run is completed, I like to know how fast I’m running, how many calories I’ve burned, and even how many miles my friends are running. There’s a scoreboard that resets every month. I like keeping track of my progress and knowing I can make improvements every time I go on a run. I consider this app to be a social networking website without a messaging system and it keeps me motivated and competitive.

Sticking with a brand that I’m comfortable with, I also run with a Nike shirt, Nike shorts and Nike running shoes. The shirt is a cotton mesh, which blocks UV rays, preventing skin damage when I run during the day and the shorts have built in underwear that prevents chaffing. The shoes have padded shock absorbers, which protect my feet, shins and knees. All of these items are light and comfortable and fit tight against my body without irritating my skin. Simple things like the app and correct clothing can make all the difference in continuing an active running life.

Recently on the Men’s Health Magazine Twitter page I watched a really great video about what a “runners high” means. Apparently, when exercising longer than 30 minutes and when your heart rate is beating at your age-adjusted 80%, two-mood modifiers are released throughout your brain. These two mood modifiers are feel-good chemicals called endorphins and anandamides. These chemicals spread throughout your central nervous system and make your body numb to how much your legs are burning or other discomforts when running long distances, creating a feeling of calmness and euphoria. I’ve experienced this “high” when pushing myself at a moderate tempo, after about the 6-mile mark, and appreciate the mental reward!

Next up: a half-marathon. Future goal: a full marathon!