I’ll Protect You.

– requested.–

“ We’re just going to keep you here until Klaus decides to make the right decision.” The blurry figure said to me.

“ He won’t give you anything.” Bitterly, I spit the blood from my mouth.

“ Don’t be too sure of that dear.” 

What I said and did had obviously angered him.

I fumble with the ropes that are tied around my wrists, feeling the knot slowly come lose.

“ And what is the right decision?” I try to stall the man so I can have more time to untie the ropes.

“ We want her. We want the child.” The man sits in the chair across from me and cracks his knuckles.

“ You won’t touch Hope, I can promise you that. Even if it is the last thing I promise.” The thought of him touching Hope, angers me immensely. 

He gets up and sends a slap across my cheek. He then goes behind me and see’s me fiddling with the ropes in my hands.  

He grinds his teeth and pulls on the ends so they tighten beyond belief making me bite my cheeks in pain. 

“ You little bitch.” He sends a big shove into chair, sending me to the floor. I land on my shoulder harshly.

Oh god I can’t move it without a sharp pain going through my whole body.

“ That will be the last thing you promise.” He spits in my face and turns to the wall behind him.

“ I wouldn’t be to sure of that one.” A pissed off British accent says from behind the man, making him turn on his heel.

Klaus puts one hand on the mans throat sending him up the wall, choking him.

“ Did you, a pathetic human worth nothing, think that I would be blackmailed?” Klaus raises an eyebrow, seeing this almost comically.

“ That would be correct yes.” He swallows hard and looks nervously at Klaus.

“ And you thought I would co-operate when you captured someone I love very much?” He nods his head in my direction where I am now being held by Elijah, who is trying to nurse my wounds.

The man just nods his head and looks down.

“ Shame.” Klaus says sarcastically and then snaps the man’s neck, killing him instantly.

He walks quickly over to me, and Elijah hands me to him.

“ Hello love. I’m sorry we couldn’t find you sooner. Little weasel had witches cover his tracks and Davina wasn’t in the mood to co-operate as usual.” He lets out an annoyed sigh and tries to help me up.

I scream out in pain at the feeling in my shoulder. 

“ WHOA, whoa whoa. Tell me where it hurts.” Klaus tries to comfort me and sets me down gently.

“ My shoulder, he shoved me to the floor and I fell on my shoulder.” 

He bits into his wrist and holds it up to my face, blood dripping from his wrist.

I bring my mouth to his wrist and feel the war, blood drip down my throat. 

I feel no relief. My wounds are still there. 

“ The witch placed a hex on (Y/N) and our blood won’t work. She just has to heal naturally.”

My eyes slowly blink open to find Klaus laying next to me. He had an angered look on his face, gazing at his phone.

His fingered rapidly tapped all over the screen, obviously texting someone angrily. 

“ If you have to go somewhere I’ll be fine here.” I mumble out still in my sleepy haze, letting Klaus know that I was awake.

“ Good morning love. We’re fine, it’s just Kol being an insufferable idiot as usual.” Klaus rolls his eyes and sets his phone on the bedside table.

He wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me into his warm body.

“ How’s your shoulder love?” He presses a kiss to the top of my head.

I attempt to roll my shoulder and still feel pain, making me hiss. Though the pain had gone done considerably, as had the swelling.

“ Still hurts but i’ll be okay.” I give him a weak smile and look up into his eyes.

“ I should never had let you out of my sight. This is all my fault and i’m so sorry love.” He looks to his legs in shame.

I use one hand to pull his face to look towards me.

“ Babe this was not your fault. He was a bloody lunatic who wanted Hope and I would never let anything happen to her. Or you for that matter.” 

He squints his eyes and gives me a smile, looking at me with a mix of confusion and joy.

“ What’s that look for?” I rest my head on his shoulder, still looking at him. 

“ It’s just… nevermind.” He shakes his head, red tinting his cheeks.

“ Come on babe! Just tell me!” I use my hand to shake his chest slightly.

“ It’s just. After everything with Hayley, Hope, our families many foes; I never thought I would find someone who would want to be with me.” He looks deeply into my eyes, making me feel like warm pudding inside.

“ Oooh someone is feeling extra cheesy today?” I poke him as a joke.

“ Oh shut up.” He laughs, embarrassed at his previous statement.

“ Nik those things are what I love most about you, well maybe not your enemies.” We both let out a small laugh, “ I love how you are with Hope and would never get in the way of that. And Hayley? Hey everyone has a past. You thought you wouldn’t find someone and niether did I, but look where we are now.”

I give him a sweet smile, savoring the moment.

Nik never likes to talk about his feelings and where we are going with this relationship is going, so when he does I take advantage of it.

He leans down and pulls me in in for a sweet kiss. It’s like every bone in my body gets chills and are shaken to their core when we kiss. His light scruff brushes gently against my skin, making me wrap a hand through his hair pulling him closer.

Or at least that’s what I thought I would do, until my shoulder promptly reminded I couldn’t do shit.

I hiss in pain making Klaus pull away and look at me in alarm.

“ Did I hurt you? Are you okay?” He looks over my shoulder and scoots away from me, as if to not hurt me again.

“ Don’t be dramatic babe. I just got a bit too, um excited, and forgot about my shoulder.” My cheeks tint pink as I try to explain it.

“ Glad I make you excited love.” His famous smirk falls onto his face making me want him near me.

I pat a place next to me where he had previously sat.

“ OH shut up and get your cute ass over here.”

– I hope you all enjoyed! sorry this one is a bit short! i’ve been helping my friend deal with home problems and i have been getting ready for school (FML). Anyways, requests and ships are open! thanks for reading and i love you all! :) –


fandomnationwhore  asked:

Hi I love your imagines on twilight and i was wondering if I could request one on how the readers a hybrid (werewolf/vampire) like Nikalus from TVD and she moves to forks only to meet the Cullen's one day at school so she flashes her fangs and eyes at them when no ones looking and it takes them by surprise so when schools over the corner her in the parking lot asking 'what is she' and she replies with some badass mystery comment like 'your worst nightmare' and uses her hybrid speed to run off

That sounds super cool! I love the request. I just want to put a little disclaimer here: I haven’t actually seen TVD so as a result there may be wrong information in the imagine I write. It will be completely unintentional and if that happens, I’m really sorry! However, you can expect this imagine to be up next Tuesday :) Thank you for requesting.

TVD/The Originals men 😍😍😍😍

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Great T-shirt though and I’m happy that I ended up with two!! I hope you guys make more awesome shirts for us wolves! ^.^
~Nikalus MacKerlin