Birthday Sex

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Request: Omg that last imagine you wrote was amazing *fans self* if you’re taking requests, can you do an Elijah/reader where it’s her bday & he makes her cum repeatedly (vampire stamina woohoo) ;) ;-* thx so much I hope to read more of your sexy imagines in the future

Yes, I will be doing requests, but no ships. 

Your boyfriend of two years appears at the door. You nervously twiddle with your thumbs as he leans against the door frame. “So, Y/N.” he asks casually, suit impeccable and eyes shining. “Ready, birthday girl?”

Your lips quirk into a smile. “You can come in, bloodsucker.” you giggled.

He smirked, stepping over the doorframe and pushing you against the wall. “Loving the new house.” he complimented, staring at the white walls and bare rooms. You rolled your eyes, giggling loudly when he began sucking on your neck. You held back a moan, digging your hand into his shoulders.

“Elijah,” you warned. “Dinner.”

He rolled his eyes, “Of course, we must get to that wretched dinner before we really celebrate your birthday.” You went crimson, hiding your face in his chest.

“After you.” he grinned.


Rebekah was quickly at the door, greeting you. “Y/N! Happy Birthday!” she grinned, ushering you in. You coughed awkwardly, seeing Klaus at the head of the table, feeding off a scantily-clad waitress. He tossed her away, wiping his mouth.

“If it isn’t the birthday girl!” he cheered, eyes twinkling. “Elijah’s little pet human.”

Elijah stiffened next to you, pulling you behind him. “Nikalus, if you have something to say, by all means, say it.” he challenged.

You swallowed, you knew Klaus was unhappy about your relationship. It just didn’t bother you until now. Kol glanced back and forth, kicking his legs up on the table. Rebekah hissed, finally joining Klaus and Kol at the long table. “Put your feet on the table and I’ll chop them off.”

He rolled his eyes, standing up and striding towards you. “Y/N!” he threw his arms out, embracing you and kissing your hand with a smirk. “You look sexy as usual.”

Elijah sighed, “Let’s get this over with.”

You cracked a smile, “When you marry the man, you marry his family.” you joked. Your eyes widened at what you said. “I-I mean, not that we’re married. No, uh, we’re not! I mean, not that I don’t want to! Just-”

Elijah smiled widely, “I understand.” he laughed. “Shall we begin the evening?”


Klaus pushed his plate away. “So, when are you going to turn Y/N?”

You choked on your chicken, watching Elijah growl. “Niklaus, you worry about Caroline, or Cami, or Hayley- Or whoever captures your attention these days. I’ll worry about Y/N, hm?”

Klaus shrugged, “I mean, she’s gonna grow old one day, might as well turn her while she’s fresh.”

Elijah growled loudly, abruptly standing up. He left the room, using his vampire speed to whisk up the stairs. Rebekah frowned, “I could’ve sworn this dinner was for Y/N? If you wanted to bitch, you could’ve just sent an email, Nik.”

Kol coughed, “I have business to attend to, goodbye.” he smiled awkwardly and left.

You smiled at Klaus, “Lovely dinner.”


You found Elijah reading a magazine in his room. He looked up, folding the magazine. “I apologize for this evening. Niklaus, he’s just-”

You darted towards him, kissing him on the lips. He grinned against you, licking your bottom lip. His hands gripped your ass, holding you into him. Your mouth parted, moaning into his mouth when his tongue explored your mouth. You grinded into his lap, winding your hands around his neck. You broke away, pressing your forehead to his. “Elijah,” you breathed.

A cough interrupted the intimate moment. Kol stood at the doorway, hands shoved into his pockets. “Elijah, have you seen my magazine.” he smirked.

Elijah cocked his head to the side. “Yes, I’m afraid it was standing innocently on my bed this morning. Is it the one with detailed pictures?”

Kol smirked again. “Yes, the porn one.”

You gasped, still on Elijah’s lap. And found the magazine Elijah had been reading folded behind him. You flipped through it, dramatically gagging at the pictures of nude women spreading their legs and pushing up their breasts. “Gross!” you squealed, tossing it to Kol.

He saluted, “You can get back to whatever you were doing.”

Elijah slammed the door, pushing you onto the bed, “Well, happy birthday, Y/N.” he purred, removing his suit jacket. Your breathing spiked erratically.

He was going to slow, teasing you on purpose. You yanked his pants down, removing his boxers, and hissing when ran his tongue along your neck. You were panting, digging your fingers into his soft hair. He groaned, tearing through your clothes. You whimpered and clawed at his back when he dug his teeth into you. He slowly fed on you, watching you. Without warning he pulled his blood-stained mouth away from your neck. His hands tugged at your panties, throwing them to the floor. “Beautiful.” he murmured, dragging his hand along your slick core.

You moaned out, bucking your hips and begging for more. “Elijah! I want yo- Oh my gosh!” He had shoved two fingers into your hot, wet cunt. “Ah, fuck! Elijah!” you moaned out, bucking against him. He curled his fingers inside you, smirking when you screamed coming undone.

“Do you love it when I fuck you?” he murmured against her neck. “Do you love being my little slut?”

Your breaths came out in pants. “Do you want to sit on my face?” he purred.

You grinned, lowering yourself onto him, hissing when he kitten licked your clit. He sucked harshly at the sensitive bud of nerves. You tangled your fingers into his soft hair, pulling at it everytime he licked. Without warning he shoved his tongue inside you, groaning when you pulled at his hair to control yourself. It was too much for you, the pleasure. You rode his tongue, swiveling your hips to gain the most from the mind-blowing pleasure.

His tongue didn’t stop moving until you came, screaming and moaning for Elijah. He greedily took everything you gave him. You climbed off his face, staring at the mess you made. “Sorry.” you blushed, hiding your face in his chest.

He cocked his head, climbing over you and positioning his member at your cunt. “I’m not done, Y/N. What kind of birthday sex would this be without my big cock filling you up?”

You moaned when he teased your slit, running his cock along you. “I want your big cock filling me up, and making me cum. I want it, Elijah! I want it!”

“As you wish, birthday girl.” he shoved himself into you, hissing when you clenched around him. “You’re such a dirty slut, so hungry for my huge cock.” he shouted, thrusting into you over and over.

“Yes, yes! I’m so hungry for your thick cock! Pound into me! Destroy my pussy!”

“Do you like my original cock?!” his hands were holding your hips down roughly, sure to leave a bruise. “Do you like my big, original cock pounding into your cunt, you little slut?”

“Yes, I love it! I love it!”

You bucked your hips against his, swiveling your hips again to get the most out of your orgasm. He shot his hot seed into you, moaning as he did so. He smirked at you, pulling you into his chest as he laid beside you. “Round two?” he grinned.

“I’m tired.” you pouted.

“Well, that won’t be a problem.”

A Jealous Klaus is a Dangerous Klaus

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Tittle: Jealous Klaus is a Dangerous Klaus

Pairing: Niklaus x Reader

Requested: Yep

Rating: M for Mature

Warning: Smut, spanking, rough sex, unprotected sex cause vamps, daddy kink

A/n: So Niklaus in this will have two sides, a gentle and loving one and his usual self. I did this because I feel like with someone that he truly loves Niklaus will be a kind gentle vamp with her and her only.

  “Oh come on Niklaus please.” I cried, hugging the satin sheet around my body as I moved towards where the angered vampire was standing. He had his back to me as he stared out the window. I knew my wanting to go to the party the Salvatore brothers were hosting, angered him, he hated Damon and Stefan, but I had promised Elena I would attend. Over the centuries that I have been alive I have only ever had Rebekah as a friend, and now I had Elena. I was determined to keep it that way.

  “Y/n I have said no.” Niklaus grumbled, the muscles in his back tensing as I wrapped my around him from behind, my head falling onto him.

  “Klaus, my love, I will be perfectly safe with you being there. Plus Damon and Stefan are really not as horrid as you believe. They are actually quite pleasant, and well Damon reminds me of you in a way. Both of you have a hard, murderous exterior, but a kind and loving center.” I hummed, smiling as I pressed a kiss to the middle of his shoulder blades.

  “All the more reasons to have you stay behind. If a Salvatore brother reminds me of you then you are certainly not going.” Klaus snapped, his eyes softening ever so much as he turned to me. “I can not lose you.”

  “Oh my sweet Klaus, you will never. Have the past three centuries not proved that? I will always be yours, and I will always be your wife. My heart is yours.” I whispered, smiling as I leaned up to press a sweet kiss to his lips.

  “Good, I still don’t like you going, but I know that look, you are planning on going anyway. Always willing to meet my wrath.” He mumbles, rolling his eyes as I giggled.

  “The rest of the world may view as a monster and are terrified of you, but I am not one of them. I know that no matter how mad you are, you will never harm me.”

  “One of these days I am going to prove you wrong about that.”

  “You have been saying that for as long as I have loved Niklaus, so please do not be insulted when I assure you that I know that is an empty threat.” Nik glowered at my words, his mouth falling into a shocked o as I slipped out his grasp, making my way slowly to our large walk in closest. “What does one wear to a party with teenagers? I suppose a evening dress would be to much?”

  “That it would. Most girls where a simple dress, your black one will do nicely.” He sighed from his spot in the middle of the room.

 “Oh perfect.” I sang, humming to myself as I slipped on the soft black cotton over my head. I let my head fall to the side before pulling out a small jean jacket Rebekah had insisted I get, and pulled on. Once I was happy with my outfit, I slipped on a pair of black high heeled boots and ran from the closest, squealing when I was instantly pulled against Klaus’s chest. Before I could question anything, he placed his lips on mine in a heated and passionate kiss.

  “Remember you are a married women.” He breathed out against my lips. I hummed, my eyes fluttering shut as he kissed me again. I melted into him, loving the soft side that was showing. It was a side I hardly ever saw, and when I did, I relished in it.

  “How could I forget, I have loved for over a thousand years Niklaus.”

  “And I you.” He said softly, his hand cupped my face as he pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Hurry back to me.”


   “I’m not going to lie, I never thought Klaus would let you out of the house.” Elena screamed over the music, her body pressed tightly to my side as she reached up to my ear.

  “How many times must I assure you this Elena, Niklaus is not the monster you all pain him out to be.” I chuckled, rolling my eyes as she raised an eyebrow at me.

  “Sure sure, look I hate to do this, but I need to check on Bonnie, will you be okay by yourself for a bit?”

  “Of course.” I assured her with a smile, waving her off towards the witch was standing, her gaze wide as she watched Elena and I.

  “I will see you soon, I promise I won’t be to long.” Elena promised, smiling at me before she ran off towards her friend. The moment she was alone, I let out a soft sigh and looked around, smiling to myself when I noticed Stefan smiling at me from across the room. Quickly I made my way towards him, giggling when he instantly broke into a wide grin.

  “Stefan.” I said happily, my smile growing when I gave him a quick hug.

  “If it isn’t the only member of the Original gang.” He laughed, smiling at me as I rolled my eyes at him.

 “What will it take to prove to you that they are not as bad you believe that they are?” I huffed.

  “Nothing, to me they are awful bunch. They are going to need to prove that they are what you say.”

  “You are impossible! Honestly why would I be with Niklaus, married to him, if I was not sure there was a good man under his angry side?”

  “I’m sure they could find a way. Now lets drop this subject. I want to tell you about what I caught Damon doing this morning.” He gave me a wicked grin before he jumped into the story.


  My wife was trusting, the most trusting person I know. It was one of the things I loved most about her, it was also one of the things I hated. Her trusting nature meant that she sought out the good in everyone, and more often that not, it ended in her being in danger. It was because of that, that I was had I followed her to the damn party. I started to grumble to myself as I made my way into the party, glaring at the pair of teenagers making out in the middle of the doorway. I was just about to tell them to break it up, when Y/n laughed reached me over the blaring music. Instantly my attention turned to my wife, a jealous rage ripping through me when I saw her.

  She stood in the middle of a group of drunken teenagers, with none other than Stefan Salvatore. The two were close to another, Y/n face lit up with laughter as Stefan told her some story about his brother. I growled low in my throat, not taking my eyes off of her as I made my way towards her. Before I could take more than two steps she turned her head towards me, sighing when she noticed my facial expression. She muttered something to Stefan before she ran towards me, using her vampire speed to reach me within seconds.

  “I thought you were staying at home.” She sighed, her gaze soft as she reached up to brush her finger tips along my cheek.

  “I was planning on it, but I thought it was to risky to leave you alone. Turns out I was right. You have barely been here for all of an half an hour and already he is flirting with you.” I growled. Before she could say a word I scooped her into my gaze, running back to the house.

  What was suppose to be a 20 minute walked turned into a two minute run thanks to the vamp speed, and I wasted no time in running into our a bedroom. Without missing a beat I set her down, capturing her lips with mine as I pushed up against the wall. My hands moved over her quickly, ripping her jacket off and throwing it to the side.

  “You are mine.” I growled as I pulled away from her lips. I smirked as her breaths started to come in pants, a low moan echoing in the back of her throat as my lips attached to her neck. I grazed my teeth over her skin, the act earning a salutary moan from my wife.

  “Oh Niklaus.” She breathed out, her hands digging into my shoulder as I nipped her neck. “I am yours, always. Stefan is a little boy compared to you.”

  “He is.” I muttered, smirking against her skin as I ripped her dress in two, letting the fabric fall to her feet. Once was she was free of her dress I stepped back, my eyes wandering over her as I took her in. She was left in nothing but a baby blue lace bra and matching pantie set. Her breasts were raising and falling quickly as she watched me, her eyes wide with desire. Her hair was a wind blown mess, but still managed to frame her face. “I don’t like you with Stefan, you are to happy with him, it’s to natural. I am going to have to remind you of who you belong to.” I growled. She let out a whimper, the sound causing my cock to twitch in my pants.

  “How are you going to do that?” She asked, biting her bottom lip as she smirked at me. “Daddy.” She purred the last word, a gasp leaving him lips when I moved us to the bed, bending her over the bed. Quickly, faster than she could wrap her head around it, I pulled a silk rope out from under the mattress, wrapping one end of it tightly around her wrists, bounding them together. I let my hands run over back, my finger tops barely touching her. Her back arched as she let out a moan.

  “Like this.” I purred, smirking at the surprised gasp that left her lips when I ripped off her bra and underwear, throwing the shredded fabric to the side. Keeping a smirk on my face, I pulled the silk rope that was wrapped around my hands, causing her back to arch again. I knew she was about to answer when I let my hand fall onto  her back side with a loud slap.

  “Oh.” She gasped, her bottom moving back to meet my next thrust, this time I aimed a little lower. As my hand slapped her ass, the tips of my fingers slapped against her core, a cry of pleasure leaving her lips.

  “I’m doing this because you made me jealous. You talked me into letting you go to a party I was uncomfortable with you going too.” I explained, smirking as she moved back to meet my slap again. “I am going to spank you thirteen times, I want you to count. If you be a good girl, I will reward you.” I purred, groaning when she instantly nodded. I raised my hand again, let it slap against her ass and core again. This time I held my hand to her, pushing my fingers in between her folds.

  “One.” She panted, a moan worthy of a porno movie escaping her lips. I smiled and repeated the motion, each time my beautiful girl counting each of her spankings. One she reached thirteen I started to massage the now pink skin, moving my hand down slowly so it slipped in between her folds. Instantly I let out a groan. She was dripping. “Oh god baby, who are you so wet for you?”

  “You daddy, I am wet for you.”

  “Good girl princess.” I hummed, smiling as I quickly removed my pants, I kicked them to the side, and quickly pulled my shirt over my head, tossing it to the side. “Daddy is going to take you like this.” I hummed, letting out a groan as my harden member slipped between her soaking wet folds and into her center.

  “Oh yes.” She moaned, throwing her head back as I started to thrust quickly into her. I ran the rope free hand, up her ass to grip her hips, holding her against me as I continued to thrust quickly into her.

  “Oh my darling, you feel so good. Over a thousand years and you still feel so good.” I moaned, letting my fingers dig into her hips as I started to pick up my pace.

  “Oh fuck Niklaus yes.” She moaned.

  “Princess I am going to cum.” I groaned, crying out as she moved her hips back to meet my thrusts. “Fuck.” I groaned, throwing my head back as I came undone, Y/n following quickly behind me.

  “Good dammit Klaus, maybe I should flirt with Stefan more.”

  “So you admit that you were flirting with him.” I growled, my hand wrapping around her hair as I pulled her back, my lips attaching to her neck. “Perhaps you need another lesson of who you belong to you if you are still thinking of flirting with another man.”

I’ll Protect You.

– requested.–

“ We’re just going to keep you here until Klaus decides to make the right decision.” The blurry figure said to me.

“ He won’t give you anything.” Bitterly, I spit the blood from my mouth.

“ Don’t be too sure of that dear.” 

What I said and did had obviously angered him.

I fumble with the ropes that are tied around my wrists, feeling the knot slowly come lose.

“ And what is the right decision?” I try to stall the man so I can have more time to untie the ropes.

“ We want her. We want the child.” The man sits in the chair across from me and cracks his knuckles.

“ You won’t touch Hope, I can promise you that. Even if it is the last thing I promise.” The thought of him touching Hope, angers me immensely. 

He gets up and sends a slap across my cheek. He then goes behind me and see’s me fiddling with the ropes in my hands.  

He grinds his teeth and pulls on the ends so they tighten beyond belief making me bite my cheeks in pain. 

“ You little bitch.” He sends a big shove into chair, sending me to the floor. I land on my shoulder harshly.

Oh god I can’t move it without a sharp pain going through my whole body.

“ That will be the last thing you promise.” He spits in my face and turns to the wall behind him.

“ I wouldn’t be to sure of that one.” A pissed off British accent says from behind the man, making him turn on his heel.

Klaus puts one hand on the mans throat sending him up the wall, choking him.

“ Did you, a pathetic human worth nothing, think that I would be blackmailed?” Klaus raises an eyebrow, seeing this almost comically.

“ That would be correct yes.” He swallows hard and looks nervously at Klaus.

“ And you thought I would co-operate when you captured someone I love very much?” He nods his head in my direction where I am now being held by Elijah, who is trying to nurse my wounds.

The man just nods his head and looks down.

“ Shame.” Klaus says sarcastically and then snaps the man’s neck, killing him instantly.

He walks quickly over to me, and Elijah hands me to him.

“ Hello love. I’m sorry we couldn’t find you sooner. Little weasel had witches cover his tracks and Davina wasn’t in the mood to co-operate as usual.” He lets out an annoyed sigh and tries to help me up.

I scream out in pain at the feeling in my shoulder. 

“ WHOA, whoa whoa. Tell me where it hurts.” Klaus tries to comfort me and sets me down gently.

“ My shoulder, he shoved me to the floor and I fell on my shoulder.” 

He bits into his wrist and holds it up to my face, blood dripping from his wrist.

I bring my mouth to his wrist and feel the war, blood drip down my throat. 

I feel no relief. My wounds are still there. 

“ The witch placed a hex on (Y/N) and our blood won’t work. She just has to heal naturally.”

My eyes slowly blink open to find Klaus laying next to me. He had an angered look on his face, gazing at his phone.

His fingered rapidly tapped all over the screen, obviously texting someone angrily. 

“ If you have to go somewhere I’ll be fine here.” I mumble out still in my sleepy haze, letting Klaus know that I was awake.

“ Good morning love. We’re fine, it’s just Kol being an insufferable idiot as usual.” Klaus rolls his eyes and sets his phone on the bedside table.

He wraps an arm around my shoulder and pulls me into his warm body.

“ How’s your shoulder love?” He presses a kiss to the top of my head.

I attempt to roll my shoulder and still feel pain, making me hiss. Though the pain had gone done considerably, as had the swelling.

“ Still hurts but i’ll be okay.” I give him a weak smile and look up into his eyes.

“ I should never had let you out of my sight. This is all my fault and i’m so sorry love.” He looks to his legs in shame.

I use one hand to pull his face to look towards me.

“ Babe this was not your fault. He was a bloody lunatic who wanted Hope and I would never let anything happen to her. Or you for that matter.” 

He squints his eyes and gives me a smile, looking at me with a mix of confusion and joy.

“ What’s that look for?” I rest my head on his shoulder, still looking at him. 

“ It’s just… nevermind.” He shakes his head, red tinting his cheeks.

“ Come on babe! Just tell me!” I use my hand to shake his chest slightly.

“ It’s just. After everything with Hayley, Hope, our families many foes; I never thought I would find someone who would want to be with me.” He looks deeply into my eyes, making me feel like warm pudding inside.

“ Oooh someone is feeling extra cheesy today?” I poke him as a joke.

“ Oh shut up.” He laughs, embarrassed at his previous statement.

“ Nik those things are what I love most about you, well maybe not your enemies.” We both let out a small laugh, “ I love how you are with Hope and would never get in the way of that. And Hayley? Hey everyone has a past. You thought you wouldn’t find someone and niether did I, but look where we are now.”

I give him a sweet smile, savoring the moment.

Nik never likes to talk about his feelings and where we are going with this relationship is going, so when he does I take advantage of it.

He leans down and pulls me in in for a sweet kiss. It’s like every bone in my body gets chills and are shaken to their core when we kiss. His light scruff brushes gently against my skin, making me wrap a hand through his hair pulling him closer.

Or at least that’s what I thought I would do, until my shoulder promptly reminded I couldn’t do shit.

I hiss in pain making Klaus pull away and look at me in alarm.

“ Did I hurt you? Are you okay?” He looks over my shoulder and scoots away from me, as if to not hurt me again.

“ Don’t be dramatic babe. I just got a bit too, um excited, and forgot about my shoulder.” My cheeks tint pink as I try to explain it.

“ Glad I make you excited love.” His famous smirk falls onto his face making me want him near me.

I pat a place next to me where he had previously sat.

“ OH shut up and get your cute ass over here.”

– I hope you all enjoyed! sorry this one is a bit short! i’ve been helping my friend deal with home problems and i have been getting ready for school (FML). Anyways, requests and ships are open! thanks for reading and i love you all! :) –

Twilight Imagine: Drive Away

Request 8: Hi I love your imagines on twilight and I was wondering if I could request one on how the readers a hybrid (werewolf/vampire) like Nikalus from TVD and she moves to forks only to meet the Cullen’s one day at school so she flashes her fangs and eyes at them when no ones looking and it takes them by surprise so when schools over the corner her in the parking lot asking ‘what is she’ and she replies with some badass mystery comment like 'your worst nightmare’ and uses her hybrid speed to run off

The cafeteria line was long. Looking forward at the back of the line was a blur because of all the people. They grouped together at some parts to talk among friends and the chatter fogged together into an unrecognizable sound to one’s ears. I sat there, waiting for the line to move. Despite the fact that I will just throw out the food anyway because of what I am. As I slowed neared to the front, I put my plate of food beside the cashier. She looked at what I brought and pressed the appropriate buttons, “Good day, (Y/N).” I simply nodded and handed her my student card which is scanned and went over to the Cullen’s table.

The Cullen’s are shocked by my gesture. They didn’t know me at all, but I knew of them. I pick up a few fries and hold it close to my face, “It’s a shame that we get food just to blend it yet waste it every day.” Edward was staring intensively at me; probably trying to pick my brain apart. The other Cullen’s have similar faces as they try and decipher who I am. A mystery they cannot quite capture in their camera lens. The bell echoed and rings in everyone’s miserable ears as they realized the only time of the day they enjoy is over.

I get up from my seat with the Cullen’s clan, “I guess I’ll catch you later. Try not to catch any animals while I’m gone.” I wink and head into the crowded hallways filled with people buzzing to get to their class on time. As I sit in my seat and listen to a lecture I heard multiple times before, I picture what is going on in the heads of the Cullen’s. I smirk as they probably are as clueless little puppies.

Like clock work I go over to the parking lot. I press the keys to my car without even noticing when the Cullen’s walk up to me, “Back for more?”

“What are you,” Emmett demands.

“Your worst nightmare,” I flash my teeth and open the car door to drive away.


requested by anon

You placed a hand on your slightly rounder stomach. You were maybe two months pregnant now and you hadn’t told Klaus. You were going to tell him today though, as soon as he walked through the door.

He came home much sooner than you thought, “Love, I’m back.” You rounded the corner, finding yourself growing evermore worried, “What’s wrong? Has something happened?”

“I’m pregnant, Niklaus.” You said quickly, hands on your stomach.

“You…” He looked stunned, “We’re having a baby?”

You nodded, “We’re having a baby.”

The grin on his face made all of your worries disappear. He rushed over to you, capturing your lips in a loving kiss. He pulled back, hands on your stomach, “I love you and our baby so much, (y/n)…”

That Piece of Information Didn't Come up in Conversation - Elijah Mikaelson

You slipped the last book into its place in the bookshelf and rearranged the magazines on the coffee table. Your brother was coming from out of town and you wanted everything to be perfect for his arrival. You took the jug of peach ice tea out of the fridge and put it in two tall glasses with a wedge of lemon and two ice cubes each. You put some pop tarts in the toaster, once they were done you slid them onto a plate and went into the garden and waited for his arrival.

 A few moments later you saw the familiar rainbow flash and there was your brother. 

 “Thor! I told you that you had to land towards the pool, now I have to live with this pattern in the wrong place until your next visit.” You shouted from the decking

 “It is nice to see you too Y/N. Mother gave me the ingredients for fathers elixir and some extra for you to replenish your store” Thor said while walking over to you. 

You hugged him.

“I’ve missed you Thor” 

“We have all missed you in Asgard. Are those pop tarts I see?” 

“Yes they are, and peach ice tea” 

Thor took a pop tart and ate it in two bites before chugging his ice tea. 

“We need this on Asgard” 

You laughed. 

“Let’s go inside so I can make fathers elixir and you can leave before Elijah comes home” 

“You still haven’t told him?” Thor asked surprised

“No Thor, I can’t exactly say ‘Hey Elijah, I know we’ve been dating forever and all but I just thought I should tell you I’m a Norse goddess.’ He’d run for the mountains” 

“But Lady Jane-” 

“Please, don’t bring her up. You know how much I despise her” 

“It was an accident” 

“Accident or not, she should know how to treat a goddess, especially if she wants me to make father agree to your betrothal” 

“Y/N you-” 

“Thor please shut up before I throw this knife at you” 

Thor stopped speaking and walked into the living room. 

“Once you are done with the elixir, call me” his voice boomed out. 

You added your ingredients into a cauldron you had from Asgard (or as Elijah was told ’ a Norwegian soup pot’) stirring after the 3rd, 5th and 7th addition before chanting a spell over the now boiling contents. The elixir turned from a blue colour to green, then clear and finally settled on a sparkly gold. You poured it into the little-stoppered bottles and then encased them in an intricate box. There were some remaining ingredients in the sack Thor had bought you so you popped a floorboard and took out your chest of potion ingredients, it was a gift from Loki. Each ingredient had its own space so you put them in the correct place before placing the box in the sack and returning to Thor. 

“There should be enough for, until your next visit, mjölnir off my coffee table please” 

Thor took mjölnir off and put it on the floor. 

“You should visit you know, Loki has been asking for you” 

“How long has it been?” 

“What do you mean?” 

“How long has he been in there?” 

“Y/N, you know we can’t release him early. He needs his punishment. He has his own cell with luxuries from the castle. Mother brings him books every so often” 

“I just wish that he didn’t do it. I wish he was the Loki who I grew up with” 

Thor laughed. 

“Do you remember that time you, Loki and I were playing on the grounds and you turned him into a pig.” Thor began laughing uncontrollably. 

“And. The. Cook”

“Yes, yes. The cook thought Loki was one of the pigs for the banquet so he began chasing him with a cleaver until I managed to turn him back” 

Thor was now crying with laughter, soon you began to laugh too until both of you were on the floor laughing for no apparent reason. A minute or two later you were still laughing until the door banged open and a worried Elijah burst through. 

“Y/N something’s happen-” Elijah said bursting into the living room.

All three of you looked at each other. 

“Elijah, meet my brother Thor. Thor, meet Elijah” 

Thor waved. 

“Well, I must be going now. Heimdall, the Bifrost please” he said running out of the back door, mjölnir and elixir in tow. 

“Uhm, I guess I have some explaining to do” 

“So you are the goddess of light. Daughter of Frigga and Odin, Thor and Loki are you, brothers. You are the same Goddess my father would pray to when we were children when he needed darkness for hunting” 

“Erm, yeah. I guess” Elijah closed his eyes and slumped into the sofa. 

“Please don’t be mad. I came to midg- earth to get away from-” 

“I’m not mad! This is amazing” Elijah said smiling at you. 

“You saw me growing up, you can remind me of my childhood.” 

“I saw a lot more that your childhood. I saw you when you were a vampire throughout the ages. Every now and then when your father was a threat, I’d call in favours and give you and your siblings time to get away” 

“I always wondered how we got so lucky. So why did you come here of all places? Mother told us stories of Asgard, home of the Gods” 

“Well, I needed a change of scenery and I wanted a certain brown haired Original vampire. Oh, Odin! I sound like such a stalker. It was just that-”

Elijah chuckled. 

“It’s sweet, in a stalker-ish way. Can you show me?”


“Your magic” 

You smiled. 

“It’s could get in trouble for this.”

You took Elijah’s hand and led him outside. You took a deep breath and closed your eyes and began chanting, you felt the magic run through your veins and into the tips of your fingers. Your chanting got faster and faster until you let it go, the sky changed from its beautiful blue with a shining sun, to pitch black with the moon and millions of stars. 

“Wow, this is almost as beautiful as you” 

You giggled and changed it back. 

“So what happened? You burst into the living room all frantic” 

“Ah, yes. You know my Aunt Dahlia? Well, she is back. And she wants Klaus’ daughter.” 

“I told mother that giving mortals some of out power was a silly idea, she just didn’t listen” 

“Since I didn’t know about your power I was here to keep you safe, but I guess now you are an advantage” 

You and Elijah spent the rest of the day trying to find ways to vanquish Dahlia. The both of you had joint forces with Rebekah. The three of you searched through books to find out how they could kill her. 

“I’m so stupid!” You yelled. 

“I’m should’ve remembered. Every witch has a weakness! Dahlia’s weakness is made up of three things. The soil from her homeland, the body of her oppressors and the blood of the thing that she loves the most.” 

“So we need Viking soil, Viking ashes and my blood,” Freya said. 

“Yes. Someone should collect those things. Without them she is indestructible. Elijah, I need to speak to you”

You both left the room. 

“We need the ashes of your father and the blood of your mother. Freya is not the things she loves the most” 

“Nikalus will be able to get my father’s ashes as well as the soil. But my mother is a different thing. She is dead and we don’t have any vials of her blood.” 

“Leave that to me. Meet me at the cemetery at midnight and I’ll be ready. You must make sure that hope is safe.”

Elijah nodded. 

“Be safe” 

“I will,“  you said pecking him on his lips

He recaptured your lips for a slow deep kiss. 

“I love you” He whispered gazing into your eyes.

“I love you too” you whispered back.

Elijah whooshed off and you made your way to the cemetery.

There was an altar in the centre of the mausoleum, you placed a wooden coffin on top and laid out your tools. You quartered the coffin. In one-quarter you placed mud, in one-quarter a bowl of water, in the third a lit oil lamp and in the last, wind captured from the windiest day in all of your existence. You removed the lid from Esther’s ashes and began to mutter the spell. You called on the four elements to give you power as the ashes from rose from the pot and into the coffin. The candles in the room burnt bright, the wind picked up fiercely. It was working. Rain began pattering on the roof of the mausoleum. Louder and louder until you could hear nothing. It all stopped with a gasp. The gasp of Esther’s first breath of air. 

“Don’t be scared. I am Y/N of Asgard. I am here to save your children.” 

Esther got up out of the coffin and took the dress you held in your hands. Her eyes widened after what you said registered in her mind.

She bowed to you out of respect.

“I am here to vanquish your sister. To do this, I need-” 

“The blood of the thing she loves the most.”

“Yes, so you’ll know that this may mean that you will have to die again.”

“If it means that I can be reunited with my sister, I will do anything”

Everyone was gathered at the compound. You had linked the soil and Mikael’s ashes to a dagger. 

“The dagger must go through Esther first then Dahlia or it won’t work” 

“We all need to go to the abandoned train track depot, that’s where she’ll be waiting. I will turn that into an area where no magical being can leave. Once your mother is in the right place, I will send the dagger from the roof, where the magic doesn’t apply.”

Everyone murmured in agreement and left. 

Dahlia had fallen into the trap. She, alongside Klaus, Rebekah and Elijah was in the circle, Esther was standing there also you couldn’t hear anything from where you were, but you looked on waiting. You could see something wooden with silver lines on it, it was the White Oak Stake. Seconds later it exploded into dust which was being forced into their lungs. Elijah was writhing in pain. You felt helpless. You wanted to help so bad, but you knew that if you did your cover would be blown and the plan would fail. 

Esther and Dahlia were locked in an embrace. You took your chance and directed the dagger towards Esther. Dahlia could see it coming and tried to move away from her, but she kept her grip. The dagger went smoothly through Esther and into Dahlia. They both dropped.

You used your magic to get off the roof and onto the floor. You ran to the circle and broke it before pulling all of the white oak dust out of the air until it formed a mountain in your hands, you threw it up into the air calling on the wind to drive it further away from where you were. 

Once you got to Elijah, you helped him sit up and offered your arm for him to drink from, but he declined.

“You saved my family Y/N. For that I will be forever in your debt” Klaus said. 

You smiled. 

“I would do anything for Elijah" 

"Enough of this mushy stuff. I just can’t believe you’re a goddess we used to pray to as children.” Rebekah said, shocked

“Yes, I too was surprised at that piece of information, did you know Thor, the lightning god was in our home. He is Y/N’s brother.”

“Elijah, you’re embarrassing me!”

Elijah got up and wrapped an arm around your waist. The three of you began to walk home.

“She used to stalk us” He informed her matter of factly.

You rolled your eyes and smiled. The Mikaelsons were your family away from family. You felt a lot better now that Elijah knew your secret, in fact, it brought you closer together.

Virginia 1864

“Charlotte please go tell Marcel to come down here.” Elijah ordered.
I did as I was told walking up to the big ivory doors. He was sitting in the rocking chair my father built for him.
“Uh.. Marcel master Elijah wants to speak to you.”
He looked up, motioning for me to come near. I was hesitant afraid I would get into trouble.
“Look.” He said.
There he layed, a older man covered in his own blood. I stood there shock I didn’t know what to say. Marcel continued to stare up at me blankly.
“I have to go.” I whispered.
Desperately trying to leave. But he latched onto my wrist pulling me closer to him.
“Don’t tell Elijah. I’ll be down there in a moment.” He let go, signaling for me to leave.
“Well, where is he?” Eljiah asked.
Now his younger brother Nikalus was in the living room. He sat on the sofa glaring at me.
“He asked you a question, your supposed to answer.” Klaus snapped.
“Nikalus please.” Elijah replied.
“It was your choice to keep her brother, I simply wanted her as food.”
“Stop it brother, now is not the time for one of your little tantrums.”
Niklaus got up from his seat, making it to Elijah in what look like seconds. I’ve never seen this before, yes I knew what they did. But I never seen anything other than them drinking human blood.
“What are you going to do?” Klaus threatened.
“Where’s Marcel?” Elijah asked once more.
Again I couldn’t respond.
“SEE! She’s useless! Ever since we got her she’s been nothing but trouble!” Klaus shouted.
“That’s it if your not going to deal with her I WILL!”
Klaus gripped my hair in his fists causing me to fall to my knees.
“Let her go.” Elijah sternly said.
Klaus smirked, kneeling down to my kneck. I could feel his hot breath against my skin. I was prettified I didn’t want to die. Especially like this, to the hands of a monster.
“Klaus let her go.” He said once more.
He let go, marching up to his brother.
“I’m warning –”
Klaus was caught off by the hard thump from his brother slamming against the wall.
“I’m warning YOU! Touch her again and that’ll be the last thing you’ll ever do.”
Elijah had Klaus by his throat.
“Marcel, he.. He killed a man.” I whispered.
They eyes immediately set on me.
“What did you say?”
At that very moment Marcel came walking down the hall and into the room. He looked at the two brothers smiling.
“Wow, can you too be in the same room for three minutes without wanting to rip each others throats out?” He asked.
Elijah let go of his brother slowly walking towards Marcel.
“Why is there blood on your hands?”
He looked down, frowning in response.
“About that.. I got a little hungry.”
“Well at least we raised one right.” Klaus laughed.

Elijah Mikaelson Fanfiction, “Blood Lust” Part One

Part One //

Elijah x Reader

Words: 1,015

Being a vampire was just as exciting as it was scary. And learning how to be one was both challenging and fun. It was difficult to master self control around human blood. My thirst often outweighed my courtesy. It’s not like I wanted to hurt people. But the lust for blood vampires experience was a difficult one to tame. So it was a good thing I had Elijah as a teacher. 

The fun part about learning how to be a vampire was that Elijah taught me how to fight and compel. Elijah was not only a good teacher, but a very talented fighter. I never felt humiliated whenever he bested me. I never felt weak. Instead, I felt like he was making me a better fighter. And he was. Every since I became a vampire, Elijah and I grew closer and closer together. But our feelings for each other has never been acknowledged. It was no secret that there some chemistry between us. And I knew that even as a human, Elijah wasn’t one to admit his feelings very easily. 

It was Monday, which meant I was suppose to meet up with Elijah at 1:00 for fighting lessons. Before I left, I snatched a pony tail holder off the counter and put my hair up. After checking myself over in the mirror real quick, I decided that I was ready. 

Elijah was already there. He wasn’t wearing his usual attire, a suit and tie. Instead he was wearing a all black flannel shirt. He looked just as handsome though. He flashed me a smile when he noticed me come in. 

Keep reading

fandomnationwhore  asked:

Hey its me again lol i feel like im stalking your page 😂 but yeah I was wondering if I could make a request of the reader being a different type of vampire maybe a hybrid like Nikalus in the vampire diaries and she moves to forks and like She has the abilies of a siren and somehow ends up attracting nearly every vampire and wolf to her (the pack, Cullen family and every vampire who was in Breaking Dawn Park 2 for the fight)

So I had the idea for this one whilst writing it to keep the mystery of you- adding the fun! What could you possibly be doing there? Well that’s up to you.