nik ewing

anonymous asked:

So i saw your pictures with the band members of local natives (you are really pretty by the way) and i was wondering, what was the most memorable moment when meeting them?

Oh my gosh thank you! Well I met Kelcey before the show and he signed my poster and he shook my hand and the whole time he was talking to us i was just smiling at him like a loser but yeah he was amazing. Then when I went to take my picture with Nik my sister called me awkward and Nik was like “No you aren’t awkward don’t worry” and squeezed my shoulder a little, then when I met Taylor he came out after the show with this fluffy ass black sweater and people were commenting on it and right before i went to take the picture with him he was like “yeah its really soft” and i put my hand around his waist and i was just like “yeah wow this is soft” and i just couldn’t believed I said that out loud. But they were all so great. I am still freaking out about it and I really hope to see them live again sometime in the near future.