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So basically anyone who’s not yet read “Driving Lord Vader” by ffnet user frodogenic is missing the essentials of life and should go do so now.

Brief summary: in a universe in which a redeemed Vader is reconciled with his family 25 years after rotj, he is faced with a new challenge: grandfathering.
Due to an unforeseeable set of circumstances involving shady business ventures, boot camp, Jedi missions and intergalactic war, every single member of the family is unavailable to take sixteen year old Anakin Solo to do his Pilot’s License test. Everyone, that is, except Lord Vader. Between Leia’s Raised Eyebrows, an Anakin who is sporting his Dad’s old spacer jacket and an expression that screams “let the ground open up and swallow me whole”, a family convention via holocomm, and overly-law-abiding License Instructors, the afternoon is …. Eventful, to say the least.


Ancient Universe by Eric Gail
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This is one of my first Milky Way Panos taken at an undisclosed location that we hiked into at Midnight. No Sirens and got away clean. The photo Ninja stikes again. Waaaaaaaaaa!!!! LOL Hope you like it, if you do please mark it as a fav or by all means leave a comment. Thanks for taking the time to take a look at my photos, and as always, your views, comments, faves, and support are greatly appreciated!! Have a great week ahead my friends :)


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So yeah I have seen fics or other tropes where Anakin is a terrible drinker like the biggest light weight of the light weight THE KING OF THE - ok, I just stop right here. But hear me out. What if Anakin’s not affected by alcohol at all because of the high midi-chlorian count. So yeah he can drink and drink, but these little bitches just detoxicate him right away. So he can’t get drunk.

One day Anakin goes to the bar because he’s SO DONE after another mission with Obi-Wan which went sort of ok, if you could say that almost dying while landing is ok. And kinda fuck uping the whole ‘diplomatic’ part is ok. BUT IT WORKED OUT SO WHAT’S YOUR PROBLEM, OBI-WAN. So yeah Anakin never ever really drunk to get wasted, but he wants now. Because he’s done, tired, passive aggressive angry still and WHY CAN’T OBI-WAN BE PLEASED WITH MY ACTIONS FFS.

(note: yeahhhh Anakin has a crush on Obi-Wan which he acknowledged sort of recently but still fights with himself on the terms of NO IT CAN’T BE LIKE IT’S OBI-WAN HOW COULD I but he’s so perfect oh force the ideal image of the Jedi THAT’S WHY IT WON’T WORK SKYWALKER SKY WALK YOUR ASS OUT OF THIS DUMB FEELING. he really can’t. also he and padmé split off cause it just didn’t work out with the young love and all? but they’re like bff. I LOVE PADMÉ OK?)

Anakin walks into the bar and it’s really a stupid joke the universe’s playing on him, cause he orders something strong, drinks and waits. But nothing happens. So he’s baffled and orders another. And another one. And again. AND AGAIN NOTHING HAPPENS. The barman is finding the whole situation kinda funny though. He offers Anakin some sort of a secret recipe that surely knocks everyone out, so, boy, be prepared. Also after all that drinks and not passing out he drew a crowd of some random people all around the bar who even started to take bets when will Anakin finally pass out OR WON’T HE AT ALL? Spoiler: no, he won’t. Also the bar owner will give him one hell of a discount, because he respects people who can handle their liquor. Or not liquor who cares.

Now listen what a coincidence but Obi-Wan’s also in this bar. But he’s sited somewhere at the tables. So when the crowd at the actual bar stand gets bigger and louder he starts to wonder what the hell is happening in here. Note: well Obi-Wan can get drunk and he pretty much is now. Also because of the mission and because of Anakin. Because eh how did it happen my ex apprentice is hot? And the Chosen One? Hello, Force, please send help? The Force is helping in a really strange manner.

Basically Anakin and Obi-Wan are two idiots in love. Anakin thinks that Obi-Wan won’t want him, cause he’s a disaster rather than a Jedi. And Obi-Wan still thinks Anakin has some sort of things with Padmé. And now they’re at the bar. AND FORCEDAMNIT ANAKIN CAN’T EVEN DRINK HIS PROBLEMS AWAY.

Long story short Obi-Wan finally approaches the bar stand. Sees Anakin. Is really surprised. Anakin sees Obi-Wan. He’s in casual clothes wtf? And sort of awaits for the lecture on how drinking is bad.
But instead?
Drunk as hell Obi-Wan is like YOLO and sits next to Anakin and starts?
Flirting really badly??? Some sort of “come here often, don’t you?”

That’s awkward.

Also because Obi-Wan’s hand is on Anakin’s thigh somehow minutes later. It really wasn’t that hot in here, right?
I think Obi-Wan’s clouded mind thinks it’s some kind of a dream. I remind you he is really drunk.

See how the tables have turned. Anakin is kinda worried like he likes the situation? But he can see how drunk Obi-Wan is and won’t he regret all that? After? He tries the “You can’t do this, Obi-Wan, that’s against the Code???”.
But Obi-Wan is “How bout I do anyway?”.

Anakin manages to lure Obi-Wan back at the Temple with sorta agreeing to you know where the flirting part is going. But he plans to just put Obi-Wan into the bed and make him sleep. And pray that he won’t remember anything.

To get Obi-Wan into his apartment is one thing. To get Obi-Wan off of himself is another. Because he’s really clingy. And still sort of strong, right? They end up on the bed and Obi-Wan won’t let go of Anakin. And Anakin really starts to panakin. But then notices that Obi-Wan fell asleep. But still won’t let go. Anakin is doomed.

Morning is awkward. REALLY AWKWARD. Because Obi-Wan remembers some parts, but not everything. And Anakin is in his bed??? DID THEY DO ANYTHING? DID HE DO ANYTHING TO ANAKIN???

But they’ll work everything out. They always do. IF THEY TALK LIKE ADULTS FFS. Happy end.