nik raicevic


Something like an earthquake happened at the offices of The Sixth Ear blog when a large collection… of none other than Nik “Pascal” Raicevic’s original artwork, popped up on eBay recently. A massive collection of works that included the cover art for his Sixth Ear, Magnetic Web and Zero Gravity LP’s. The work spanned from the late 60’s to the mid 80’s. The original listing never completed and was closed early. A few weeks later the collection popped up again in Arizona minus the artwork for the above mentioned LP’s but with some new unseen works. The works vary between Sci-Fi cover evocations (often from the viewpoint from inside a spaceship) to what can only be described as the representation of the fallout of drug addiction. Many of the sold works have fallen into the lucky hands of some of today’s most revered electronic and noise mavericks. Unfortunately, we at the Sixth Ear blog were too slow on the take and we missed out. It is our hope that someday there will be a proper collection of photographs and essays disseminating Raicevic’s unique genius.


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