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(conversations that happen when nikandros and laurent wrestle) LAURENT: careful i'm a bit sore because... NIKANDROS: *looks into the camera like the office* LAURENT: excuse me, i find it very inappropriate that you would make an assumption that i was talking about my sex life. i'll have you know that i spent the afternoon riding. NIKANDROS: *flushing because he got King Shamed* yes, sorry Exalted.

(part 2) later damen shows up and fails to be subtle while making references to his own sex life with laurent (as he does) NIKANDROS: i thought you said you spent all day riding yesterday! LAURENT: *clinging to damen and smirking bc he’s a shithead* yeah riding his DICK. NIKANDROS: *nopes out of akielos*

LMAOOOOO, honestly can we get a little snippet of them wrestling, i can’t believe we didn’t get to see laurent’s reaction to damen gifting him a horse and also see him wrestling nik @ pacat pls. 

Also now that i’m pretty sure that a very smug damen watches over their sessions i bet every time laurent verbally owns nikandros, (with laurent pretty much beneath him in a chokehold but u know at least he got the last word in so is he really losing?) you can hear damen’s fucking laugh in the background like OMFG!! u just got owned bro,,,,, and then as nik’s chokehold gets a bit tighter…. Damen: hey HEY!!! that’s my husband right there, he’s sensitive :( :(. Anyway LET NIKANDROS REST 2K17


Another Reitdiephaven visit. This is a blend of two images. One base expose, one for the highlights and reflection in the water. Edited in Photoshop, Lightroom and Nik Software. Post processing inspired by Mike Kelley and Elia Locardi (fstoppers tuto’s). Next week I’ll edit some again. Shot enough through golden and blue hour.

HQBB - drawing for neuralbridge’s fic horizon aurora

whenhorsesfly  asked:

I had just found your blog. Was wondering if y'all had made a Spotify playlist with the songs you post? If not, would it be something y'all would be open to?

hello! currently, we do not have a spotify playlist but it would be lovely if someone made one! there is a (nearly) up to date song list that you can use if you, or anyone else, wants to make one! thanks!



30 DAYS OF KBRITCHIE » day 5 | favourite aerial ethereal relationships

“I like your sister,” I tell him first. “She’s sweet.” He’s taken aback, like no one has ever called Katya sweet before. “She’s still figuring things out,” he says.“I get it,” I breathe. She’s trying to find herself.

Timo licks his bottom lip and laughs. “You want me to be single, John?” This took a turn. I stare between them, my eyes pinging back and forth with intrigue. John puts the beer to his lips. “I’m out of your league, Timo.”  “If you say so.“

Luka’s gaze lands on Nikolai, and that regret floods his features again. “Don’t break up with him because of me, okay?” The panic in his tone actually freezes my muscles. I swallow a rock. “I won’t,” I assure him. He nods a couple times, trying to believe me.

Posts now have an Artist Name tag!

hello lovelies, I went through all the old posts and added a tag of the artist’s names to each one (as in, a song by Pillar has the tag “Pillar”). all posts from now on will also be tagged with the artist’s name, making it easier to blacklist artists you don’t like or are triggered by, that way everyone has a fairer shot at finding songs that help them! 


Nik reads Manga Mania (#1, July 1993)

I’m currently re-reading Manga Mania, one of the major childhood influences that turned me into… whatever the hell it is you see before you today. I didn’t run into it until about half-way through its 46-issue run*, and it’s interesting to see past perspectives on the anime and manga industry. Plus, there should be some good comics in here.

A little bit of history before we start: Manga Mania was launched by Dark Horse International, as the famous comics publisher was at the time one of the UK’s major manga importers. The rise of anime and manga in the UK during the early 1990s was tied to the popularity of titles like Akira and Robotech with the sci-fi crowd, and the notion of comics and animation that was “not for kids”  caught on (leading to the odd sensationalist headline, of course). Sex and violence sold well to what one Manga Entertainment executive described as the “beer and curry crowd”, so you’ll encounter more of that than today’s “kawaii uguu~” stereotypes.

On the cover, despite the contemporary popularity of Akira, they’ve gone for the wide appeal of Godzilla. Smart choice. There was a free badge on the front, but I don’t gots it.

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