nik plays games

Dragus:  “You, me….Daniella’s observatory?”

Evi:  “I love the way you think.”

Nikolai:  “Where mama and daddy go?”

Anastasia:  “Just play game, Nik, just play game.”

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Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

Original Imagine: Imagine Klaus having angry sex with you after an argument

Author: Sammi

Reader Gender:  Female

Word Count:  1,140

Content Warning: smut, slight cursing

Note:I wrote this at a friends request so its not very good cause well I don’t think of Klaus that way but I hope you all like it anyway

You’ve had stupid arguments with Klaus but they always seemed to keep happening. “Come on love, I let you drive there. I only drove us back because we needed to hurry home.” You rolled your eyes at his stupid logic. “I can drive just fine Nik and the only reason you wanted to rush home was to get back home before Elijah and Sam got home and took over.” You simply shook your head and started walking away only for Klaus to appear in front of you.

          “Damn it Klaus can’t you just let me be pissed with you.” He simply smirked. “Now my love if I did that nothing fun would ever happen.” Within a blink of an eye Klaus had you pinned to the wall and his mouth hot on yours. Your rage quickly turned to lust as you kissed back quickly pushing Klaus against the wall and ripping his shirt in two. “God I hate you sometimes,” you said before quickly kissing him roughly. Klaus pushed you back against the wall taking his shirt off and mostly tearing off your shirt.

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