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How the beginning of The Cursed Child should have gone
  • Hagrid: Yer gay Scorpius
  • Scorpius: I'm what??????
  • Hagrid: A Gay. And a thumpin' good one, I'd wager, once you've trained up a little
  • Scorpius: No you've made a mistake, i mean I can't be gay?!- I mean I'm just Scorpius, just Scorpius
  • Hagrid: Well just Scorpius yer fuckin gay

“Harder. Messes are daunting, I slip on blood and trip over tools, the area needing surgery is usually larger than I am, as opposed to what should be if I was normal smaller areas. Everything is a mess.

As for field work? Well….the Medigun is literally impossible to move. The team has been relying on health packs and Engineer’s dispensers. I’ve been re-tasked with after fight injuries while I try and figure out everything.” 

Kol Mikaelson Request Imagine: Make Me

(What Your Wearing)

You get out of your car and start walking towards the front door. It had been a while since the last time you had seen Nik.

“How do you plan to accomplish that brother?” You hear Elijah say

“With some help obviously.” Nik, says as you walk up to the front door and knock “I’ll be right back.” He says as you hear him walk up to the door, and hear the smile in his voice.

You instantly smile when he opens the door and see him. You and Nik have always been good friends. “It has been a while my friend Please come in.” he says as he takes a step back and walk in and you instantly hug him. 

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GODDAMN IT WHY DO YOU HAVE TO DRAW SO GOOD?? @acolyptic thanks for this aaahh gonna treasure it for lyfe bro <3 <3

ok so me and @anna-writes were talking about how nik, once he got used to laurent, would be the best bros with him, much to damen’s chagrin. bc nik was the sole keeper of his most embarrassing secrets as a child aND LAURENT IS NOW IN CAHOOTS WITH THIS MAN.

  • one time, after a hunt by the fire, damen would listen to laurent and nik talking about miscellaneous things like how life was in vere/akielos. but then all of a sudden the conversation took a turn for the worst and now, much to damens HORROR, they are talking about the atrocities he had done as a child
  • nik would be talking about that one time damen tried to talk up this statue in his mother’s gardens and how enamoured he was with it (in kings rising nik told damen ‘you want him. its natural. he looks like one of the statues nereus has in his garden’) how he wouldn’t fail in giving it flowers daily
  • ‘oh did he’
  • ‘do i need to worry about this statue of yours damianos. and this blonde obsession you have. did you think i wouldn’t notice?’
  • and damen would stop everything he was doing because?? laurent no. laurent u need to understand. this thing we have. i’ve never had it before. i love you ok. no one else
  • nik would just sigh
  • and laurent would just crack a grin and say ‘i was joking you fool’

Part I - Imagine being Elijah’s daughter and not liking Hayley

Requested by anon. This is Part II but they are not related.

gif credit: not mine.

Since you’re about to leave high school very soon, your father Elijah wants you to spend more time with your family.

“Dad,” you say. “It’s not like I’m leaving the city, the college isn’t that far. Beside, Aunt Freya and I can cast that spell makes you visit me anytime we want.”

“It really doesn’t matter, dear,” he says and kisses the top of your head. “We’re going to cook today.”

You can’t help your laughter.

“We? The Mikaelsons? You do realize you guys don’t need to cook our food. Uncle Nik is always willing to compel people for it.”

“Uncle Nik is still a teenager.” your father says and you two go to kitchen where your family is waiting for you.

“Uncle Nik knows how to treat himself.” Klaus says and you hit his shoulder.

“I want to do that, too.”

“You don’t need a compulsion gift for that, darling.” Auntie Bex says.  “You have your mother’s beauty and my attitude, anyone gives anything you want.”

“Don’t encourage her, Rebekah,” Elijah says and you go next to stand Hayley. You two have been getting along since your 11th grade ball.

“What do you think about me going to college?” you ask her. She slices potatoes and smiles.

“Do whatever Rebekah says, she knows more than I do.” she replies. “Now, wanna cut these potatoes or..?”

“I’m gonna check out what Aunt Freya’s doing, thanks.” you say and go to Freya. “Hey, what are we doing exactly?”

“We are,” she says and stops to look at you. “Giving you a peaceful memory.”

“Since you always witnessed our… what was your word, Elijah?” Klaus interrupts, “Oh, yes, savage life style, we want you to remember us like this.”

“Very kind of you, Uncle Nik, I’ll give you that.” you murmur.

“And of course if a boy bores you with his empty brain, you can always give us a call.”

“Thanks, dad, that’s really every girl’s dream. Come to my school and rip my boyfriend’s heart out, such a nice afternoon activity.”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Rebekah raises her hand. “Stop right there, young lady. Do you have a boyfriend and you didn’t tell us about him?”

“Wonderful.” you mumble to yourself.

Everyone in the kitchen stops and leers.

“What?” you hoot. “I beg your pardon, Auntie Bex but you are not the one to rebuke me. I mean you and Uncle Nik are the family’s most flirtatious members. And Hayley, don’t get me even started. And Aunt Freya isn’t silent elder sister that much, am I wrong?”

They all giggle but your father stands still.

“What’s your reason about me?” he asks calmly. You look at him and take a deep breath.

“You have every right to look at me like that.” you say. “I mean you are older than one thousand years and only had like three lovers or so. Plus you are my dad so yes, you can keep looking at me.”

He tries not to laugh at your comment but with Klaus’ loud laughter he joins him immediately.

Yes, they were right. It’s the best memory you’ve got since Elijah found you in his front door fifteen years ago.

captainceranna  asked:

How did Lizzie feel when seeing Nik for the first time? How did Nik feel seeing Lizzie? How did they morn Phillipa? IM FEELING ANGSTY LIZ AND IM TAKING YOU WITH ME

YOU ARE GOING TO KILL ME! But OMG I love this moment in their relationship and ngl i want to write a fic about it. 

Lissie is completely frozen the moment she sees his face. It’s so much older, and so terribly scarred, but she knows in an instant it’s her little Nikky.
Her first instinct is actually to run away from him. At that point, she knows Philippa is dead and the thought of facing him literally makes her blood go icy, but he speaks to her, calls her “sister”, and she falters, hugging him and crying like a damn baby. 

Niklaus is so damn happy to see Lissie. After missing her for over a decade in a half, is elder sister is actually standing before him. The damned Herald of Andraste! He remembers her as the confident, outspoken girl from his childhood, and believes she is no different. Yet, when he calls for her, and she falls into him, hugging him so tightly and crying so hard, he realizes that… maybe she wasn’t as strong as he thought. 

When he learns about Philippa’s fate, he falters. They don’t speak for days, and it kills both of them. He’s wanted for so long to be with his sister again, but not at the loss of another. 
Lissie feels completely responsible for Philippa’s death. She thinks Nik hates her letting it happen, and when he finds about about it, it almost seems to be true. But once Haven is attacked, they reconcile for a short time in an attempt to save it. 
But after Lissie nearly dies and they arrive at Skyhold, they go to confront one another and attempt to heal over Philippa’s death together. It is then that they truly bond again and become closer than ever before.

The landlord AU

So, me and @hidden-but were messing with the prompt  ‘Please sign this petition to make our selfish dick of a landlord lower the rent and refurbish the lobby! What do you mean you ARE the landlord? Fuck.’ AU (link)

And it turned to something VERY LONG. What we created:

- okay, so Damen and Nik live together in an apartment - but the rent is so HIGH and still lobby looks SHABBY AS HELL

- Damen is pissed, so he makes a petition to change things. He doesn’t want to move out, because a really amazing blonde guy lives next door and Damen is trying to flirt with him everytime they meet in elevator.

- So, Laurent is the landlord, right? WRONG. Auguste is the landlord.

- When Damen shows the petition to Auguste, Auguste is like:  so, you’re the guy that’s been trying to flirt with my bby brother in the elevator? Well, good luck with that bro. also, let me see how many signatures that little petition of yours has?  cue *Nikandros facepalming in the background*

- Nik: “Damianos, I told you this was a stupid idea”.   Auguste: "Damianos? So you ARE the asshole who slammed the helmed in my face at the annual high school exhibition (american) football match. Having wires in you jaw is not fun mate”     

- Laurent *appears on the top of the stairs* *DEATHGLARE tm* 

-  Nikandros: *facepalms harder*

- Damen: gets a boner from the deathglare .  Nik is like: Damen, look at your life! look at your choices!

- later that day: *Laurent is reading a book on a roof, because of course he is* Damen: “ahem, sorry for hitting your brother in the face…and calling him a jerk …the lobby still needs fixing though” Laurent *facepalms internally* *deathglare intensifies* “I am reading here, in case you didn’t notice”

- then, it turns out Auguste does want to fix the lobby and shit, but he doesn’t have any money, because he uses them all on lawyers for the battle against his uncle

-  Damen *upon finding out*: hey Nik, isn’t  your whatever Makedon a cop or smth

- private investigators Makedon and Loyse enter

- Loyse decided to become a PI after her son mysteriously died and she divorced her good for nothing husband

-  Makedon is reluctant at first, then he meets up with Laurent and and he hears from auguste why they are battling with regent - he is filled WITH RAGE AND PURPOSE

-  also, Loyse  finds out it’s somehow connected to their previous case of a teen suicide they couldn’t untangle - the death of her son. She is even MORE PISSED THAN MAKEDON.

- our group makes a plan

-  Auguste sets up a meeting with uncle to talk stuff … while the PIs sneak in to the Uncles house to get EVIDENCE

- Damen finds out exactly what Uncle did during the meeting and punches him in the face.

-  PIs are meanwhile sneaking in to the house of the uncle - someone needs to flirt with a guard to get in - Makedon is on the job! THE FLIRT IS SUCCESFUL

- yeah, but now Damen is in trouble because uncle can charge him with assault - Damen ends up in custody, Laurent spends two hours arguing laws with the officers, but they let Damen go eventually.

-  Uncle goes to the police station to say stuff about how Damen attacked him.

- BUt Makedon and Loyse got there before him and they have DVDs which were hidden in his house. Lot of footage. Aimeric is on one of them. Cops are pissed. Everybody is pissed.

- Uncle is under arrest. A cop says to Damen: "Under the circumstances, i think we can let you go, sir, i would do more than punch this guy”

-  Damen’s classmate from high school has a friend who is dating the second in command of Parthas Law, the bestest law company in the country. Uncle stays in jail FOREVER

-  Auguste finally has money to repair the lobby. Nik is impressed.

-  Damen starts making VERY APPARENT heart eyes at Laurent. Nik goes back to facepalming.

-  Laurent sighs but he goes like: “okay, i guess we can go on one (1) date”

-  Auguste hands Nik a beer. All is well.


┈ ♚ 𝓡.𝓜

Rebekah was sick and tired of this. All she wanted was to find someone
to be her husband and have her happily ever after. But every time she got
close to a new suitor he was being scared off. She stormed off into the
woods to find Nik practicing his swordsman skills where there father wouldn’t
see. “Nik! How dare you scare off Eric! He was going to be my happily ever
after and you ruined it. Why do you keep taking away my happiness?”