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“Harder. Messes are daunting, I slip on blood and trip over tools, the area needing surgery is usually larger than I am, as opposed to what should be if I was normal smaller areas. Everything is a mess.

As for field work? Well….the Medigun is literally impossible to move. The team has been relying on health packs and Engineer’s dispensers. I’ve been re-tasked with after fight injuries while I try and figure out everything.” 

Klaus Mikaelson: CHRISTMAS PART 1

Words count: 1360

Warning: None lots of pictures. I own nothing of the pics or the gifs. I don’t celebrate Christmas so all I know is from movies and YouTube vlogers.

Summer: It’s your first Christmas with the Mikaelson’s.


“NIK!” You shouted as you busted into your shared bedroom, excited. Klaus sat up quickly and looked around the room for the source of danger.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Nik asked you and you jumped onto the bed.

“It’s Christmas you silly.” You laughed and hugged him.

“y/n it’s 7 in the morning.” Nik groaned and pulled you down as he laid back down on the bed. He had his arms around you with his face in the crook of your neck.

“It’s almost 8 and everyone is already up.” You told him but cuddled him. “We’re all waiting for you to get up.”

“Can’t you all wait?” Nik mumbled.

“NO! Now get up.” You told him and kissed his cheek before pulling away from him. “Nik come on it’s our first Christmas together, so get up, please, for me.”

You pouted and gave him a sad look, Nik looked at you for a moment before he sighed.

“Fine you win this time, love.” Nik said and you let out a shriek and a smile broke into your face and you ran out of the room. Nik took notice of your Christmas jumper and pajama pants, your hair was pulled back into a messy bun. Nik smiled at how cute you looked. He decided to get out of bed before you came back and pulled him out of bed yourself.

Nik slowly got out of bed and got out of the bedroom, he looked down at the yard in the abattoir. You had demanded for it to be changed into a Christmassy living room, there was comfy sofas and a big Christmas tree that had gifts under it. The coffee table was full of food and snakes all Christmas themed. It was your first Christmas with the Mikaelson and it was the first time Nik saw you excited about something that much.

“Nik come down.” Rebekah called for her big brother. The yard was filled with Rebekah, Marcel, Kol, Davina, Finn, Sage, Elijah, Hayley, Hope, Cami and you. Marcel, Rebekah, Finn, Elijah and Cami were all dressed for the day but the rest of you were still in pajamas or Christmas jumpers.

“Coming little sister.” Nik said and got down to you all. Everyone was talking and eating and sitting around the living-room. You were sitting on the floor with your back against Elijah’s leg as he sat on the sofa. You were holding Hope while talking to Cami and Davina, Kol sitting next to Davina on the carpeted floor.

“Finally brother, we thought you’d never show up.” Kol said and smiled at his older brother.

“Well I couldn’t really say no to y/n.” Nik said and sat down next to you.

“No one say no to me.” You told him and laughed as Nik pulled you to him so you were leaning onto his chest, with Hope in your arms.

“That’s true.” Cami said and smiled.

“I believe it’s time to open gifts.” Elijah said, you smiled excited to see how everyone will react to your gifts.  

“Why not start from the youngest?” Hayley said.

“That’s cruel.” Marcel said and we laughed.

“Yeah, some of us are really old.” Sage said.

“My point exactly.” Hayley said.

“Hayley is right, Hope is first, then Davina and after her Hayley and then we’ll go on.” Cami said and you nodded.

“I agree with Hayley and Cami.” You said and everyone agreed.

“So Hayley and Klaus open Hope’s gifts.” Rebekah said, Nik and Hayley both moved to the tree Nik also took Hope from you, you moved so you were sitting next to Cami. They both got the big pile Hope got and started to open the gifts. Everyone had shoes a wrapping paper so you could tell who got what. Hope was the most spoiled kid ever, she got so many things, but you decided to get her funny clothes and couldn’t wait for everyone to see. Cami did know what you got Hope, as she was with you when you went Christmas shopping.

“Okay, who go these?” Hayley asked holding your gifts, they were wrapped separately but held together with a string.

“I did.” “y/n did.” You and Cami said at the same time after sharing a look.

“Ookay.” Hayley said suspension of you two. Hayley opened the first one. She giggled and showed everyone what you got.

“I have a feeling this is how she’ll be when she get older.” Kol said and Sage nodded.

“Only if Niklaus raised her alone.” Finn said and you raised a hand and said “I agree.”

“I thought you loved me.” Nik said faking hurt.

“No, Elijah just compelled me to.”

“Burn.” Marcel said and high fived you.

“Okay next two, one for me to open and one for Klaus.” Hayley said and gave one to Klaus and they both opened them at the same time. They both laughed at the quotes on the baby romper.

“I want to see.” Rebekah said and she took the rompers and showed everyone and again laughter filled the room.

“I wish you were here every Christmas.” Kol said as he calmed down from his laughter.

“Well I think you could count me in from now on.” You told him and smiled.

“I told you getting them was a good idea.” Cami said and you nodded. Davina then opened her gifts, you and nick got her a gold and diamond earrings and necklace. Davina slowly opened the black velvet box.

“Oh my god.” She said her eyes going wide. “Guys this is too much.”

“Davina nothing is too much for you, plus with how much these guys hold balls and all these stuff it’s good to have something to wear.” You told her and gave her a hug. You could tell that Kol appreciated what you got her and what you said, as Davina was still feeling like an outcast between you all.

It was then Hayley’s turn, she got some creative things, you decided to get her a bubble bath gift box and a painting of a wolf that you knew she’d love.

“y/n thank you so much, these are amazing.” Hayley gave you a hug. “And I’ll be using the bubble bath kit as soon as I can, I’m in need of one.”

“No worries, I’m glad you liked them.” You told her. After Hayley finished it was your turn. You felt so spoiled with all the things you got.







You save Nik for the last you knew he was nervous. You locked eyes with Nik as you held the big box in your hand, you winked at him as you slowly pulled one end of the bow.

“Y/N! Just bloody open it.” Rebekah said and you smirked.

“I will.” You said and opened it faster. It was a beautiful ball gown, you saw in a shop once but wasn’t too sure if it will look good on you. You smiled and looked up at Nik. You silently pulled him closer and gave him a hug, you pulled back silently and kissed his lips slowly, and pulled back. “Thank you, I love it.”

“I’ll give you the rest later.” Nik said and you gave him a confused look but nodded. Everyone then opened his gift, you got Nik a handmade wooden watch with his initials in the back and cuffslinks with hopes initials and a picture of her inside of it.

After everyone was done opening their gifts, you all drifted into your own conversations. You were taking to sage and Finn when you felt a hand sneak around your waist and you were suddenly pulled back into a muscular chest. You smiled and leaned back into your boyfriend.

“Excuse me, but I’m going to steal y/n for a moment.” Nik told Finn and Sage who gave Nik a knowing look that caused you to frown.

“Sure, enjoy.” Sage said and sent you a wink, before you could question her you were suddenly in the big balcony in your bedroom, this is where you and Nik had your first kiss.

“What was that all about” You asked Nik.

“You’ll find out soon enough.”

a list of things that I hope I never recover from:

-“Stop my mouth. I don’t know what I’m saying.”
-them stealing moments to be together in the palace at ios 💞
-Laurent not even leaving Damen’s side long enough to change out of blood soaked clothes even when Damen was SLEEPING
-Laurent blushing
-Damen planning to take Laurent to the library because he knows that bookish youth is still inside him
-“When the walls went up, it was with Damen inside them.”
-Laurent pledging his undying love and devotion for Damen to the statue of his mom. I hope this scene is the last thing I see before I die.
-Laurent telling Damen about how he used to speak to Auguste at his grave and that he’ll take Damen there. stab my HEART
-Laurent tenderly washing the scars on Damen’s back (who allowed THAT)
-mention of poor dejected islander
-Laurent blushing
-Damen considering fucking Laurent on the marble floor by the bath bc same
-“Of what was happening between us.” get THAT out of my FACE
-Laurent dumping freezing water on Damen because he is PLAYFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-every time Laurent laughed, I cried
-Nik teaching Laurent how to wrestle because they’re ATTEMPTING! FRIENDSHIP! WHERE IS THIS WRESTLING FIC
-Damen calling Laurent out for being the sweetest motherfucker
-honestly every mention of Laurent’s nipples
-Laurent making SOUNDS
-“In small ways, the cultures were mixing.”
-Laurent saying he probably won’t be able to walk the next day 🙌🏼😏
-“You were watching the road.”

ok so me and @anna-writes were talking about how nik, once he got used to laurent, would be the best bros with him, much to damen’s chagrin. bc nik was the sole keeper of his most embarrassing secrets as a child aND LAURENT IS NOW IN CAHOOTS WITH THIS MAN.

  • one time, after a hunt by the fire, damen would listen to laurent and nik talking about miscellaneous things like how life was in vere/akielos. but then all of a sudden the conversation took a turn for the worst and now, much to damens HORROR, they are talking about the atrocities he had done as a child
  • nik would be talking about that one time damen tried to talk up this statue in his mother’s gardens and how enamoured he was with it (in kings rising nik told damen ‘you want him. its natural. he looks like one of the statues nereus has in his garden’) how he wouldn’t fail in giving it flowers daily
  • ‘oh did he’
  • ‘do i need to worry about this statue of yours damianos. and this blonde obsession you have. did you think i wouldn’t notice?’
  • and damen would stop everything he was doing because?? laurent no. laurent u need to understand. this thing we have. i’ve never had it before. i love you ok. no one else
  • nik would just sigh
  • and laurent would just crack a grin and say ‘i was joking you fool’

Third Part To The ‘Hidden Hybrid’ Imagine Collection (Fem!Reader Hybrid X Mikaelson Family)

Part One              Part Two      Part Four  


“This is stupid.” You said to Rebekah who nodded.


“Well if you hadn’t attacked Elijah, Niklaus wouldn’t be teaching you in such a… undignified way.” Rebekah sighed.

“All I did was try and dislodge Elijah from second in command.” You said bitterly.

“And in this family rank is not important.” Rebekah schooled you.

You huffed and moved to the side when Klaus and Elijah jumped out to attack you only to collide into each other.

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The Original sister

Imagine: Being a Mikaelson sibling, Klaus daggering you long ago because you were crazy, being released after Kol and Rebekah beg to have you back, forgiving Klaus because he’s your brother and you still love him.

The warmth of unexpected sunlight made you shiver. How long had you been asleep? Your arms reached out, looking for something to hold onto as the hunger pains and cravings kicked your senses into overdrive. The carved wooden sides of your coffin made you jump, how could you be so surprised? 

 It all started in that club Niklaus and Rebekah had brought you to. New York in 1925 was crawling with attractive men, a soldier had come your way, offered to buy you a drink and you had taken him out back to feed from him. Despite nearly killing him, he was sweet and you were going to heal him when he awoke. But everything was dark after that, spending forever in darkness or in a deep sleep, not able to awaken until you’re rescued.

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Rumors - part 11

Part 1  Part 2   Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8 Part 9  Part 10  

When we wake up, we go down stairs, while we were entering the living room Kol was behind me and he put his hands around me and kissed my cheek and I laugh. We didn’t see that someone is in the room.

   - You two had a wild night; “Klaus told us”.

   - Omg; I said and walked out of the room taking the wine with me so a can pour it in the glass and mix it with blood so Kol and I can drink.

   - You didn’t need to mention that you heard us; “Kol said to Klaus”.

   - Sorry, but I couldn’t resist; “Klaus told smiling”.

When I walked into the kitchen I saw Rebekah and before she saw me I wanted to turn around and walk away, because if Klaus heard us then so did she.

   - Good morning Y/N; “Rebekah said before I could get away”.

   - Oh, good morning; “I said to her walking back into the kitchen”.

   - So I wanted to ask you where did you leave last night while I was sleeping, but now I know; “She said to me smiling”.

   - I couldn’t sleep on the couch so I..; before I could say something she told me; So you went to Kol’s room I know, I hope you two had a good night; “She said to me smiling”.

   - Hahah yeah, okay I won’t pretend, that was the best night of my life, but I believe you don’t want to know the details; “I told her”.

   - Oh God no, spare me that part; “She said while we were entering the living room”.

After a while Klaus got a call and rushed out of the house not telling us where is he going.

When Klaus came home I saw that he has Elena.

   - What are you doing with her? “I asked him”.

   - I need her blood to make more hybrid so I’ll drain all of her blood; He told me and explained to me how Elena’s life is linked to Alaric, if she die, he dies too.

I was in a room with Elena watching her, she came to consciousness and slowly bring her head up, then she saw me.

   - Where am I? “She asked looking around”.

   - I think that you already know answer to that question; “I said”.

She wanted to move but felt pain and looked at her arm.

   - Moving only makes it hurt more; “I said”.

   - What are you doing to me? “She asked afraid”.

   - I’m just looking at you, Klaus want’s to drain all of your blood; “I said”.

   - Help me, please; “She said almost crying”.

   - And why would I do that? “I said wanting to walk out of the room”.

   - So you’ll just leave me to bleed; “She said trying again to free herself”.

   - Yes, but don’t worry you won’t even feel as the last drop of blood is drawn from your body, you’ll simply fall asleep; “I said”.

   - You people are insane; “She said as loud as she could”.

When Klaus heard her he came in the room;

   - I hear she is awake; “He said”.

   - Yep, I’m going to go now; “I said”.

   - Feel free to go, love; “Klaus said while he was sitting on the couch and reading a book”.

Rebekah was waiting me outside of the house so we can go shopping. She was driving and we chatted mindlessly about random subjects. When we came where the shopping center was we found parking place and stepped out of the car. I dragged Rebekah into my favorite shop and she found some dress and went in the dressing room. 

   - When she got out she asked me; So, what do you think?

   - I looked at her saying; Maybe you should try this; and showed her two dresses that I was holding in my hands.

   - Women in the 21st century dress like prostitutes;Rebekah said looking at the dress she was wearing”.

   - Hahah, not all of them; “I said with a laugh”.

Rebekah took the dresses I showed her and went back in the dressing room. I was looking through clothes and one dress caught my eye.

   - Bekah, what do you think about this dress? “I asked Rebekah while she was looking at herself in the mirror”.

   - I think I want to try it on; “She said”.

   - Um, no, no this one is mine; “I said smiling and gong into the dressing room”.

When I walked out she looked at me and said; Wow, you look beautiful.

   - Thanks, you think this will turn heads? “I said running my hands down the material”.

   - You mean Kol’s head; She said smiling and adding; It definitely will, but if someone else do that I don’t think it will end well for them.

   - Haha yeah, right; “I said smiling”.

When we finished choosing clothes we want Rebekah paid for it and then Rebekah dragged me to the shop that has shoes. But before we entered the shop we heard a familiar voice;

   - Girls you didn’t call me to go shopping with you; “Kol said behind us”.

   - I didn’t know all of sudden you are interested in spend 3 hours shopping; “Rebekah said”.

   - Well I’m; “Kol said as he put his hand around my shoulder”.

   - Rebekah smiled looking at us and asked; How did you find us?

   - I told him where are we going; “I said”.

When we came into the shop Kol looked around and said; A lot of people are looking at you two.

   - So what? “Rebekah asked”.

   - Maybe I should just kill them; “Kol said”.

   - What? No, you can’t do that; “I said looking at Kol”.

   - You think I can’t do it, darling? “He asked smiling”.

   - I mean, I know you can, but you can’t do it; “I said”.

   - Then maybe just that guy; “Kol said and looked at the guy who was looking at me”.

   - There is no need for that; “I said and kissed Kol”.

   - Kol is jealous and I though I’ve seen everything; “Rebekah said smiling”.

   - I’m not jealous, I’m just hungry; “Kol said”.

   - Sure you are; “Rebekah said sarcastically”.

Rebekah and I were looking at some high heels when I saw that Kol wasn’t behind us anymore.

   - Where is Kol? “I asked Rebekah”.

When we turn around to look he was talking with that guy and when he got back I asked; What did you do?

   - I just compelled him to find someone single to look at; “Kol said”.

   - I’m not jealous, I’m just hungry; “Rebekah mimicked while she was looking at high heels, what Kol said couple of minutes ago”.

   - Shut up, Bekah; “Kol said”.

I smile and turn around spotting some high heels.

   - Omg, these are perfect match for the dress; “I said showing Rebekah the high heels”.

   - Yes they are; “She said”.

   - What dress are we talking about? “Kol asked wondering”.

   - You’ll see it, one day; “I said smiling”.

After some time when we finished shopping we got back to the car and put the bags in it and hopped into the front seats, Kol sitting behind us.

While we were shopping Stefan and Damon came to rescue Elena but nobody was home except Klaus. They came into the room where Klaus was and Damon grabbed Klaus’ arms and Stefan puts his hand into Klaus’ chest, Bonnie felt the connection again and started chanting. Klaus’ heartbeat begins slowing down and he begins to desiccate. Klaus has been completely neutralized and Stefan takes his hand out of his chest and lays Klaus down on the floor.

When we came home Klaus and Elena were nowhere to be found. After a while we heard what Stefan and Damon did to Klaus.

   - We need to call Elijah; “Rebekah said and get to call him”.

   - So if Elijah doesn’t come in terms with them I’ll kill Elena and finish this once and for all; “I said looking at Kol who was angry as much as I was”.

   - Darling, it will be my pleasure to help you with that; “Kol said smiling at me”.

   - Hey, so Elijah will be here as soon as he can, so until he comes he said that it’s better we do nothing; “Rebekah said while she was coming into the room”.

When Elijah came he went straight to Elena’s house to convince them for helping to take that stake away from Alaric and if they return Klaus’ body to us, Elena will be in no harm and Elena said; We have a deal.

Elijah called us to tell what the plan is, so the three of us get ready to go and meet Damon in the storage room so we can take Klaus’ body.

   - When we came there Rebekah said; Damon! Where are you?

We search for Damon and Rebekah grows impatient so she yells; Damon, this isn’t funny.

Alaric pulls out the white oak stake and begins to walk towards Rebekah’s voice.

When we didn’t heard Damon we split in two so Rebekah was alone and Kol was with me. While Alaric was searching Rebekah, Damon grabbed her and because we didn’t know that Alaric was here he found us instead of Rebekah. We were surprised when we saw him in front of us, Alaric vamp speed and push me away and I fall to the ground. Kol goes after him and starts fighting with Alaric.

While Alaric was trying to kill us Damon and Rebekah were taking Klaus’ casket to the car, but Alaric comes from nowhere throwing me on Damon and slams Rebekah’s head against her car. Kol came to help me. Alaric opened the casket where Klaus is and stab him with the white oak stake.

   - I heard Rebekah screaming; NOOO! Damon grabbed her and she continues to scream and cry.

   - As I said; Omg; I started to cry and I put my hand on my mouth, Kol was behind me holding me tight.

   - Alaric turns to us and says; Next!

We vamp speed out of there while Damon stayed to distract Alaric.

Elijah was waiting for us in the woods, when we came there I said in tears; I can’t believe he is dead.

   - There was nothing we could do to stop it; “Rebekah said still in tears”.

Kol hugged me and Elijah walks towards Rebekah and embrace her.

While hugging her Elijah said; Only Tyler is dead the rest of them survived, how is that possible if Niklaus turned their bloodline.

   - It wasn’t any of us, I’m sure of it; Rebekah said adding; It was Nik.

   - Then how are they still alive? “Elijah asked”.

When we came home and I was alone in my room changing into new clothes, Rebekah came and asked me; So are you up for some killing?

   - What do you think? So who do we kill? “I asked her”.

   - Rebekah smirked at me and said; Elena.

   - And don’t forget Alaric, when she dies he will die too; “I said to her smiling”.

We went outside without telling anything to Elijah and Kol.

While we were waiting for car to come to the Wickery bridge Rebekah called Stefan and told him what we have in plan to do, that’s the only way to stop Alaric and for us to survive.

Car was coming closer to us and Elena saw two figures and Matt swerves to avoid us and sends the car flying over the guardrail and into the water.

   - Just like that; I said and I looked at Rebekah adding; And I didn’t even need to get my hands dirty.

When we came home it was around 1 AM Elijah asked us; Where did you two been for the past 2 hours?

   - It’s better if we don’t tell you, you won’t like the answer; “I told him”.

   - We killed Elena; “Rebekah told him without hesitation”.

   - Why? “Elijah asked”.

   - You know that was only way we can be free of Alaric, that’s why; “Rebekah told him and walked away”.

   - Elijah looked at me and told me; And you participated in that?

   - Of course I did, one human life mean nothing to me if I can save you guys, we already lost Klaus; “I told him, tears were coming into my eyes”.

   - Whats going on here? “Kol asked entering the room”.

   - Your girlfriend and Rebekah killed innocent Elena; “Elijah told him”.

   - She was hardly innocent; “I said”.

   - So no more threats of that Alaric guy? “Kol asked looking at me”.

   - That’s right; “I said to him smiling”.

   - Well I think we need to celebrate that; “Kol said and went to get glasses and champagne”.

I came after him in the kitchen and kissed him while he was pouring the champagne in the glasses.

   - Rebekah came after me and said; I heard we are celebrating killing Alaric.

   - Yes we are; “Kol said and give her a glass”.

After a while Kol and I went to his room bringing one bottle of wine with us.

   - It’s so different without Klaus, even if I wasn’t with him for a long time and now when I finally started to get used to him again, he is gone; “I said to Kol while I was standing in front of the mirror with a glass of wine”.

   - I know, who will now be the guy that tell you that you can’t help because it’s dangerous; “He said to me trying to cheer me up”.

   - Haha, well I believe it will be you; “I said turning to face him and smiling”.

   - Probably sometimes, but I would rather kill people or whatever with you then leave you out of it; “He said coming closer to me”.

   - That’s good to hear; “I said”.

I felt his hands on my waist and when I looked at mirror he was standing behind me, our eyes meet in the reflection and I lean my head behind so we can kiss.

After that Kol took me in his arms to carry me to the bed and then he throws me onto the bed I laugh at that. He lay down next to me and we were just cuddling in the bed for some time he was holding me tight like I would leave if he let go of me.

   - Did I tell you how much I like you? “He asked me”.

   - I believe you didn’t; “I said while my head was on his chest and I felt my cheeks blushing”.

   - Well I never liked someone like this before; He said smiling and he touched my cheeks, probably because he saw they are blushing more and more on every word he say.

   - Feeling is mutual, I never felt this way either; “I said turning on side to look at him”.

As I looked at him, I found his eyes staring deeply into mine. He swiftly leaned in and kissed me deeply:

We broke the kiss with a smile and looked deep into each other’s eyes; I felt myself melting. Then he pull me into his chest and wrap his arms around me, laying kisses into my hair. I drawn patterns on his shoulder and chest. When I fall asleep Kol was  watching me for a while and run his fingertips along mine arm and side.

Part 12  Part 13  

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