nik and liz

Thoughts on The Endling (5.04)

• this is… dark….

• is she really going to leave the horses to die???

• tom lying to liz… ugh

• “what you’re doing is illegal!” “she’s right, it is” why do I love nik so much this season

• “something b and b”

• red is like in love with b&b lol

• I love dembe and red playing games together

• qi! I play that in words with friends a lot, lol

• samar’s ears bleeding noooooo

• that scene was cool tho

• who’s anna and why is she important

• what the fuck tom, don’t steal liz’s badge, bad idea

• cool break-in scene

• reminds me of cape may lol

• this sven dude looks like a cross between aram and tom

• the mailman? what does that mean?

• is that why they go to the (actual) post office?

• only seven in the world??? what blood type does she have???

• “navabi, ressler, get there” wasn’t there a post going around a while ago saying there could just be a soundbite of cooper saying that lol

• aaaand tom stole from liz >:(

• tom, stop telling liz she can’t be normal, ugh!!! you said you wanted normal!!! she wants normal!!! make up your damn mind!!!

• getting so many s1 tom/liz vibes

• oh god they’re gonna steal a heart from one of those abducted people? dark

• the suitcase! creepy skull sighting

• I don’t trust that pete guy

• “tigger and pooh” omg

• sick child theme again… still wondering if agnes is okay…

• dembe with the cat magazine 😻

• “how’s your ass?” “tight as a drum” 😶

• liz’s face asdfghjkl;

• liz covering for red… she might get in trouble later for lying

• red and nik… 👀

• if this is just gonna make nik side with tom over red… no thank you

• this is such a dark episode my god

• nik must be a fantastic surgeon to keep so many people alive in non-hospital settings

• “never call me again. either of you.” wow, dr. nik coming through with a backbone 👏

• ressler’s smile at the kid oh my g o d my heart 💓

• pete’s gonna kill nik, isn’t he, and then it’ll be nik’s funeral from the upcoming promo pics

• haha I knew this was gonna happen, red taking over the mailman’s operations

• red is gonna compete with b&b lmao

• i… sad. I liked nik.

• liz is learning but tom isn’t: ‘he’s a good man, it’s our fault we put him in these situations’ vs ‘he’s a big boy, he’ll figure it out’

episode summary: tom continues shoveling his own grave digging a deeper hole for himself. red falls in love with b&b and starts a rival business. dembe is one of those smart kids who can spell onomotapoeia. liz grapples to balance working with the fbi, helping red, and dealing with her hatred of telemarketers. cooper tells liz off but really just wants to be her dad. nik stands up for himself only to die five minutes later. aram makes a brief appearance, and ressler and navabi gueststar as badass hotties.

I never thought of Nik. Seriously. Liz finds out that Red shot Kate and she never even asks about Nik? 

Marvin sends Red caviar and has Red’s undying gratitude. Nik risks his skin (stupidly, but still) and Liz doesn’t remember he exists. Neither did I, but I wasn’t engaged to the man.

Red Knows Tom Has the Suitcase

I posted last episode that I thought Nik had ratted Tom out to Red. Watching this episode, I stand by that theory. To reiterate my earlier points about why’s Nik’s reversal is suspicious:

1) Nik looks out for himself. When we meet him, he doesn’t just do Red’s surgery to save a life, or to help Liz. He gets a half million dollars as payment.

2) The suitcase doesn’t present a direct threat to Liz or her child. Nik was fond enough of Liz to deceive Red in order to save her life and Agnes’, but this isn’t about saving her life. Tom said this was a mystery Kaplan was willing to die over, but not that it would kill Liz not to know. On the contrary, knowing the secret may in fact put Liz in danger. 

3) Nik nearly died the last time he helped Tom and Liz, and Kaplan actually did. He’s got good reason to fear repercussions from Red if he goes up against him again.

4) He’s got a fiancee to protect, and his loyalty to her must be greater than his loyalty to the woman who cheated on, then left him.

Bottom line: If Nik reversed his position, it’s because Red told him to.

Further proof lies in the way Red handles Kaplan’s associate. Red comes in, asks the man once who has the case, and shoots him immediately when he refuses to answer. If Red had no idea who had the case, he would have tried more ways to get the man to talk. Instead he shoots him dead, no trick, no torture, no blackmail, etc. 

I believe it’s like when Red asks Scottie who hired her. He knew, but he asked for the sake of confirmation that he doesn’t really need. Red killed the man so Tom won’t be able to get any more information from him, but Red screwed up and Tom got “Oleander.” It think going forward, that is the tidbit that will ultimately lead Tom to the truth, once the bones are compromised.   

As to Red’s behavior this episode, I think Red is controlling Tom as best he can. By involving Tom in the job, and getting him held hostage, he’s containing him, preventing him from further independent investigations.

Later when Red has Tom in the van, he allows the illusion to continue to see what information he can glean from an angry Tom. Sure enough Tom does imply he possesses evidence of Red’s duplicity, which is the confirmation Red wanted. With prompting from Red, Tom also unwittingly admits that he hasn’t told Liz anything about the suitcase yet and that she isn’t upset with Red. 

Red’s handling this situation in a very intelligent manner, given that killing Tom is nuclear option that would make Liz hate him. Leading Tom down a false trail is the only way manage the risk. I’m very curious as to what story Red will feed Tom and also how Tom will realize that he’s been had. 

I was up all night and this morning working on a fic chapter i wanted to finish (not TBL) and finally crashed this afternoon. I had literal stress dreams that I’d come back onto tumblr and found SO MANY angry posts about how Tom dying was all a big fakeout and how cheap a trick it was…. 

Imagine my utter joyous relief that the lying creep is really killed off! and Megan might get to have actual scenes again! and they won’t be able sacrifice anyone else to the Tom alter like Kate Kaplan and Nik and Liz’s complex profiler and powerful fugitive plots! Red’s characterization! everything the writer’s ‘economized’ on to try to make the tom plot central.

god speed to Ryan Eggold, who deserves to move on to bigger and better things as well. I mean, even he had to be bored of playing the same like three scenes on TBL in perpetuity. 

So….P6 is completely okay with Elizabeth and Nikolas keeping it secret that Jake Doe was supposedly Jason??? The fact that they believed him to be Jason but kept him from his mother, his nephew, his goddaughter and godson, his friends, his children—is completely okay?? Because patient six’s dumb, useless ass believes she might’ve subconsciously realized, “oh fuck!! This isn’t Jason!!” It’s okay that Robin was away from her family for quite awhile to bring Jason back to his family, but Nik and Liz hid who he was?? It’s okay that Nik shot Hayden to keep her from telling about Jason/Jake??? Just…what the fuck?? Lets add that Nik used the excuse of, “Emily would understand!!” No she wouldn’t understand ya’ll keeping her brother away from his wife, his kids, his nephew, his godchildren, or their mother.

Thoughts on Greyson Blaise (5.02)

• cool opening, totally like a heist movie

• blaise is kinda hot

• liz wants to have her questions answered and tom wants sex lol

• … please don’t put us through another k2 wedding, I can’t take it

• yeah okay now liz wants sex

• this totally reminds me of boat sex part II when he proposed and she was like… idk bout that

• liz looks great in that red shirt wowie ❤

• yassssss dembe

• off topic, but that promo for blindspot is pretty cool (even though I haven’t watched much of the show)

• nice selfie samar

• dang I love her dress

• party crashers! 🎉

• omg ressler looks so good

• I love the red + ress banter

• nik is like ‘not you again’ @ tom

• “it’s liz!!! please!!!” ugh

• HAHAHA RED “it’s harold’s money”

• “I’m sad for her, that sucks” lol nik

• nik’s like…. y r u carrying bones tom…. who did you kill this time…. bad tom…

• “dying wish of a good woman” yeah uhhh idk about that

• “I get it” do u tho tom… do u really… you get out of everything because liz loves you and red loves her

• omg dembe ily this cooking + prayer scene is e v e r y t h i n g

• “do you not like parties?” haha

• red and ress, yess


• lolll, the samar/ress banter. brotp!

• samar just gets straight to business

• damnnn, nice place

• liz’s smile is beautiful 💞

• that italian couple is so funny

• omg samar

• red and ress! “donald”

• this painting guy is funny too

• the opera music yesss

• I love this staircase scene

• “where’s ressler?” - me, at all times

• I love seeing tom take on different personas, I actually think it’s really fun to watch

• “banging a guy named PHIL!” ok I laughed

• “finally!” @ ressler - also me, at all times

• ressler’s looked so good in all these shirts this ep wtf, I feel #blessed

• what r u trying to do, red? idgi

• “150 bottles of wine” wow

• “…yes” “cool!” I LOVE


• “the alert word is pumpkin” 🎃

• red is so good at this

• red’s like treating liz to the necklace, lol

• “is that really a picasso in the back seat?”

• this whole scene was really cool, red convincing the staff that he was in charge 👌

• what’s the coin for tho

• wtf is going on with this suitcase ⁉

• nik cares about liz a crazy amount to keep doing all this stuff for her….. that’s a little suspect..…

• celebrating tom’s return lol

• “I remember telling you not to go”

• “nothing ventured, nothing gained” - but you might die!

• liz’s face is like… something’s going on here that I don’t quite get 👀

I liked this episode! It was entertaining. I’m not crazy about the idea of another k2 wedding (I mean, really???), but if Tom has to be around, I’m glad I’m actually finding his storyline this season interesting. I’m also sort of annoyed at the way they’re handling the father/daughter bit between Red and Liz. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE seeing Liz smile and be happy around Red, but I think the writers could’ve done something more interesting than the “am I a good person if I have ‘criminal tendencies’ in my blood?” conflict that’s going on in Liz right now. It’s falling flat for me. But overall, minor complaints, and I enjoyed the episode. Already looking forward to the next one - ELEPHANTS! ❤🐘

If Liz’s memory of that last day before she got blood all over her brain holds up, then these are the things she should remember -

Red told Liz he had a lead on Nik’s death. Liz wonders if that’s connected to who’s holding Tom. She wonders if Tom took a job he didn’t tell her about. 

She discovers the identities of Lena and Pete. Liz knows Pete was wanted for questioning in the murder of Nik. So Liz thinks Tom was investigating Nik’s death. Which, I guess in a way he was.

They find the bodies. Liz is terrified now. 

Tom calls her up sounding all ominous and shady.

Do not tell anyone that we spoke or that you even know I’m okay…. I need to see you alone, all right? Have Rosa take Agnes, go to the house, and make sure that nobody follows you….I figured it out, the whole thing. Why Nik was killed, all of it….Just go to the house. Meet me there, and when it’s safe, babe, I’m gonna explain everything.

So she thinks Tom has figured out why Nik was killed. Who these people are, what’s going on. 

She shows up at the apartment. Tom is tied up, bad guys everywhere. 

Ian says, ‘you must be the wife.’ So she’d get the impression that she’s not the object of his focus. She’s just ‘the wife’ of the focus. Ian asks her name.

Guy walks out with Tom’s duffel bag saying he found it in the kid’s room. ‘It’s all here.’

So Liz would know this guy was after something. Something Tom apparently had. Something he took from these guys. Maybe evidence or something.

Garvey knows Tom won’t stop. In the short time he’s known him, Tom has already double-crossed two people. Red, because Ian thinks Tom just couldn’t help himself and had to id the bones, and himself by running off with the suitcase right away. 

I like to think I’m the kind of man who’d politely ask you to stop this, to let this end here, but I can tell you’re the kind of guy who won’t get the message and stop. So we’re gonna need to make sure you stop.

Ian knifes him. (Ian so has Tom pegged)

Liz gets knocked onto the floor. At this point her head is buzzing. Ian asking Tom to call Reddington is super echoey and faint. But it seems she heard it.

Ian says he’s asking Tom one more time, so this is probably what Liz will think Tom was being tortured for earlier. She might even think that Tom is bravely refusing to betray Reddington. 

Tom says he won’t call.

Ian is going to kill Tom. He just said as much. I’m not sure what leverage he thinks he has with him at this point. Maybe if Tom calls Red he won’t kill Liz? But Tom just saw this guy kill Lena, so I don’t know why he’d believe Ian would grant mercy. 

At this point they’re dead. Maybe Tom can fight them off for a few minutes, but they’re dead. Ian will kill them either way. 

Tom didn’t know Red would be on his way to his house or he wouldn’t have bothered telling Liz to meet him there. So he should have at least done what he did earlier, call Red up and hint at the situation, tell him where they were. 

Tom refuses. So Ian stabs him some more for good measure, just for the fun of it, says they got what they came for - ‘the bag’ - and tells his guys to finish ‘em off and clean the place up. It’s no biggie. He’ll find some other way to contact Reddington. 

And the rest is violence. 

So. What will Liz likely be thinking? 

Probably that while tracking down what happened to Nik, Tom got himself mixed up with Nik’s killers. Killers who showed up in their apartment to retrieve a black duffel bag. Killers who want Tom to call Reddington. 

Liz’s suspicion earlier this season is that someone killed Nik because of his association with her or Red or both. 

Red response - I suppose it’s possible Nik was killed by someone with a connection to me, but I have no idea who or what that connection might be.

This should confirm that suspicion. Nik’s killers asking for Reddington. 

So she’ll probably assume that this is some kind of a war between Ian and Red, and that while investigating, Tom got caught in the crossfire. 

For: Everyone?

(Seriously, Charlie, Nik, Liz, Erin? and Ezra if you’re up for it just post. :D)

Anna walked into the pub once she’d begun to see the streets of the small town begin to trickle with more and more teenagers who had made their descent from the castle for their free day. She had no idea how busy the pub would get or if the person she was hoping to see would even show there. She’d heard stories that suggested it was one of the hot spots in Hogsmeade for the students to hang out and even as she was lead to her seat by a friendly barmaid the students were making their way in for a late breakfast or possibly an early lunch.

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I’ll probably always be salty about Nik telling Liz that Emily would understand why they kept her brother from his family and vice versa. There is no way Emily would’ve understood. She’d have been pissed at Nik and Liz keeping Jason or who they thought to be Jason away from everyone he loved–especially their mother, tbh, since poor Monica had lost all of her children.

Tom: What do you mean, you don’t want to trace the link?
Liz: You don’t think he’s thought of that?

Tom: Liz, I think you’re being naive.
Liz: I know you think that. And I’m asking you to trust me.

Nik: Liz is an FBI agent. Why can’t she have the Bureau ID them?
Tom: Because she doesn’t know about them… If I tell her now, she will tell Reddington. 

“I’m not gonna fight with you about this, Liz! I did what I thought was best!”

“And nobody is sorrier than me that it didn’t work!”

“Oh, no. I know someone who’s sorrier. Our daughter… who now, because of you, is God knows where.”


Ric: I know this is a lot to take in – you know, my being back and everything I’ve said. Just, you know, think it over. But I hope that you do feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Elizabeth: Ric, I dreamed of this.
Ric: I never stopped.


Robin: I can’t get into the specifics. I really wish I could, but… let me just tell you this, okay? If you did know exactly why I was going, not only would you support me, but you would be thrilled.
Elizabeth: I can’t imagine being thrilled about losing you again. I guess you believe in this.
Robin: I do. And I need you to believe that I have a very good reason for leaving. And I know that it doesn’t make sense now, but I just need you to trust me on this, okay? As my friend.
Elizabeth: I can trust you.

Thoughts on Miss Rebecca Thrall (5.03)

• this police plot is creepy

• her shoes are cool but the red/green on them makes me think of christmas lol

• the ice machine not working #relatable

• red’s legs in that shot are straight up porn jfc and i’m not even normally attracted to him

• i’ve never had pickle bites before but they sound good

• who’s that coming for red?

• oh ok, question answered: RIVERA WANTS YOU

• lol nik, “for liz. that worked out well last time.”

• haha, “you two should get along.” (cuz you’re both CRIMINALS)

• “cool fake name” lol @ mr christopher/jacob/tom hargrave/phelps/keen

• killer cops for hire… CREEPY

• samar looks goood

• so does liz

• so does ress

• K E E N L E R

• their whispering is killing me omgg

• “he’s dirty” POOR RESS

• red’s good at waiting for people in warehouses lmao

• this gang of wannabe cowboys haha

• ugh prescott go away

• liz knows something’s up with ress!!! maybe we will get some keenler out of this storyline!!!

• “indentured servant” noooo :(

• how’s he supposed to repay his debt? like when would prescott decide, okay that’s enough? genuinely curious here bc I feel like the answer is never, but prescott still said ‘once you repay your debt’



• I mean… it sucks for ress… but the keenler tho (✿ ♥‿♥)

• glen you’re lying lmao

• “are you dickin’ with me?” classic jellybean

• I like her sunglasses

• I still have no idea what she’s up to though

• smokey and hawkins are so funny


• “I believe I said walrus”

• “put down the fork” *pulls out a gun* well that escalated quickly


• “I need collateral” *red looks at tom* BYE I died laughing

• E L E P H A N T S ❤🐘

• “they don’t make men like that anymore” “thank the lord” hawkins is so funny


• everyone’s like “red, wtf, shut up about the birds”

• oh shit

• tom, don’t be a smartass

• ressler telling the truth to liz… omg

• “one dirty cop to another” ouch

• ressler’s story… this hurts…

• plus a mention of his father!!!

• interesting tom/red conversation

• I bet thrall’s gonna try to kill the cop

• lol called it

• “if I wanted to get rid of you, i’d put the bullet in your head myself”

• so IF red does kill/try to kill tom (which i’m still not entirely sold on), it’s because he’s no longer good for liz/puts her in danger/has really reeeeaallllly fucked up this time

• “I make friends easily” tru

• liz is like “cool story babe! sounds fun!” and tom’s like… “??? no, I almost went to jail ⁉⁉”

• p sure red knows tom is hiding something

• this red/ress convo is e v e r y t h i n g

• such a contrast between the red/tom convo

• ressler is gonna have to turn to red at some point this season, and I can’t wait for it

• my heart hurts for ressler

• ♫ three guys, sitting under romantic lighting, drinking some beer cuz they’re NOT gay! ♫ ( … to any of you who understand that reference lmao)