nik and liz

I never thought of Nik. Seriously. Liz finds out that Red shot Kate and she never even asks about Nik? 

Marvin sends Red caviar and has Red’s undying gratitude. Nik risks his skin (stupidly, but still) and Liz doesn’t remember he exists. Neither did I, but I wasn’t engaged to the man.

For: Everyone?

(Seriously, Charlie, Nik, Liz, Erin? and Ezra if you’re up for it just post. :D)

Anna walked into the pub once she’d begun to see the streets of the small town begin to trickle with more and more teenagers who had made their descent from the castle for their free day. She had no idea how busy the pub would get or if the person she was hoping to see would even show there. She’d heard stories that suggested it was one of the hot spots in Hogsmeade for the students to hang out and even as she was lead to her seat by a friendly barmaid the students were making their way in for a late breakfast or possibly an early lunch.

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They keep saying that spencer is a cousin yo jake. But only … he’s not. Not by blood or anything. Jake’s parents: Liz and Jason. Spencer’s parents: nik and Courtney. Now both they all have slept together but other than that, no relation. Jason is nothing to nik or Courtney except courtneys ex. And nik and Liz’s kids were almost step siblings. I guess they mean they are close like family? Only she never before said spencer was a cousin to Cameron. Am I missing something?


Robin: I can’t get into the specifics. I really wish I could, but… let me just tell you this, okay? If you did know exactly why I was going, not only would you support me, but you would be thrilled.
Elizabeth: I can’t imagine being thrilled about losing you again. I guess you believe in this.
Robin: I do. And I need you to believe that I have a very good reason for leaving. And I know that it doesn’t make sense now, but I just need you to trust me on this, okay? As my friend.
Elizabeth: I can trust you.


Elizabeth: You really don’t need to defend my honor like that. I’m a big girl.
Jason: Yeah, no doubt, but that guy’s a jackass.
Elizabeth: Mm-hmm. He is. You’re a pretty good judge of character. However, my friend Lucas has a thing for him, so there must be another side to him that we’re all just blind to.


Ric: I know this is a lot to take in – you know, my being back and everything I’ve said. Just, you know, think it over. But I hope that you do feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Elizabeth: Ric, I dreamed of this.
Ric: I never stopped.


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Looks like Liz is giving birth on set today in episode 3.18. This pic was posted on Twitter. I blew it up on my phone to try to get a closer look. From the upper right corner - looks like the Mr. Solomon ep is a two parter.

From what I can make out, scene is a nightclub. Present are Red, Liz, Dembe, Tom, Mr. Kaplan and Dr. Nik, and Baz.

Scene opens - ambulance takes off. Rear loading dock, ambulance drops off some medical supplies. Nik gets the ??? on Liz as ?? Red talks to Cooper. Red summons? Dembe. Liz gets an epidural.

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