Just some fun modern AU’s to imagine your OTP in

• ‘I just whistled for and called for a taxi and you misheard and thought I wolf whistled at you and shouted “Sexy!” so now you’re very pissed and I’m very confused’ au

• ‘You just dissed one of your friends super bad and I burst out laughing (because damn that was clever) and now you all think I’m a creep’ au
• ‘A few assholes are giving you shit so I’m pretending to be your friend in hopes that the creeps will leave you alone’ au
• ‘You just dropped what you were doing in a crowded subway and shouted “STOP, WAIT A MINUTE” and I’m the only one who shouted “FILL MY CUP, PUT SOME LIQUOR IN IT” in return’ au
• ‘I’m a barista at Starbucks and I can never spell your name right, how about you write it down for me and also maybe give me your number?’ au
• ‘We both had our eyes set on the last Kit Kat bar in the convenience  store but you decided to be a decent person and let me have it but I’m a better person then you so I decided we should share it’ au
• ‘I’m forced to sit in your lap because this bus is ridiculously crowded anD CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SMELLING MY NECK, I KNOW I SMELL GOOD BUT YOU’RE STARTING TO FREAK ME OUT’ au
• ‘I just heard my neighbor slip and fall in the shower and now I have to go and check if they’re all right (I also might want to see them naked because hot damn they’re gorgeous but that’s not the point)’ au
• ‘You’re bilingual and I just witnessed you screaming bloody murder at your friend, constantly switching between four different languages while yelling, and now I’m both terrified and impressed with your powers’ au
• ‘You decided to learn a second language for extra credit and the one you choose to learn coincidentally turns out to be my mother language, how about I end your suffering and offer to teach it to you?’ au
• ‘Our teacher called on you during class today except you weren’t paying attention so you just responded with the most inhuman shriek ever, and now I can’t stop laughing’ au

Imagine person A from your OTP/shipp beeing in a hospital with all those machines on him, and then person B from your OTP/shipp comes to make a visit and the echocardiogram machine goes crazy with all the accelerated heart beats, making both of them laugh, but for different reasons. B is laughing because he never thought that A was THAT afected with his presence, and A is laughing all nervous becaus tHAT GODDAMN TRAITOR MACHINE SON OF A APPLE DENOUNCED HIM.

  • Nijimura:Oh my god, I'm so sick of this shit.
  • Nijimura:*points at Aomine* Fuck you.
  • Nijimura:*points at Kise* Fuck you.
  • Nijimura:*point at Midorima* Fuck you.
  • Nijimura:*points at Murasakibara* Fuck you.
  • Nijimura:*points at Akashi* Fuck you.
  • Nijimura:*points at Haizaki* Fuck me.
  • Nijimura:*points at Kuroko* ...You're ok, hi.

Angry Niji because look at what some bastards did to his baby!!!! He’s gonna kick some asses !! (imagining stories) 
Is he a wolf? or a vampire? i don’t know :-D 

Another entry for Lola’s art contest bc I don’t like the prev one orz
I tried painting, it’s a pain thing after all! ww