tbh Ritsu is probably like…… aggressively supportive of Teru and Mob’s relationship. Like, sure he was iffy about Teruki at first, but he makes Mob happy and he’d very obviously jump into danger for Mob so he’s aight in Ritsu’s books.

but….. he’s probably so frustrated with them. The whole of Spice City knows they like each other yet somehow Mob and Teru dance around each other. The mutual pinning is so strong and Ritsu fucking can’t believe Mob doesnt see it just open your fucking eyes niisan teruki is in love with you its not unrequited oh my god

Enjoying the view of a peaceful world.

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Protecting the Hokage. Or, fighting beside him

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Nakamura Yuuichi, Irino Miyu, & Kamiya Hiroshi

In “Careless Feeling,” Osomatsu is trying to recruit everyone to get ramen. Choromatsu and Todomatsu want to sleep, so they work their little brother magic to get Karamatsu to stay.

J: Karamatsu-niisan, come with us! It’ll be fun!
K: Eh? Ah… nnn… yeah, I’ll go.
O: Yes!
T: Ahhh— hang on! Wait a minute, Charisma-niisan~!
C: Charisma-niisan~!
K: Ch-ch-ch- chari— chari—!! Charis… charisma-niisan… ehhhhhh??
T: Who’s going to sing us a lullaby if Chari-nii leaves?
C: That’s right! I can’t sleep without Chari-nii’s lullaby!
T: Can’t sleeeep!


Thanks for the nice comments @na-sama-niisan & yeah to both Iruma would be great as Souda’s kid !
She does look like Sonia yet i’m fine with her being a single mom (of Kaede), mostly because I don’t wish to make a choice with the Gundam-Sonia-Souda situation. I like this trio so I don’t feel like isolating one of them.

When people think that Karamatsu is a perfect niisan and Osomatsu is a Big Brother Bully, completely disregarding the fact that Oso has given wise advice to his younger brothers many times, while Kara himself doesn’t do much.

When people think that Osomatsu is a perfect niisan and Karamatsu is a useless brother, completely disregarding the fact that Oso has been an ass to his younger brothers many times, and that Kara has had his Good Big Bro moments.

When people acknowledge that in general Osomatsu is more present as a big brother than Karamatsu, but that doesn’t mean Kara isn’t capable of stepping up when he must.

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Sasuke Uchiha.

- Likes animals?? Literally pets most animals he sees.
- Doesn’t follow the rules just because. Challenges authorities.
- Risked his life and chances of accomplishing his goals to save his precious person.
- Deep voice™
- All he ever wanted was justice.
- Was willing to sacrifice himself so no one would go through what he went through.
- Loves tomatoes… my heart.
- So intelligent and resourceful? Appreciate him.
- Graceful and elegant. 

 - Uses his opponent’s hands to complete the hand motions for a jutsu. 

 - Helped Konoha and the other villages during the war, he didn’t owe them anything. But he helped them nonetheless. (and saved their asses, too).

 - Best style award. No one had better outfits. 

- Trained for days restlessly to strengthen his katon no jutsu when he was a little boy.

 - Loved his brother. 

 - Loved his mom so much. 

 - “What I’m calling for, what I’m bringing forth, that is, REVOLUTION!”

- His story and ambitions were swept under the rug, I’m still heartbroken. Deserved better. 

 - His small little “heh” when he chuckles. 

- Will end you with one arm.

- Hair style icon. Name a more iconic hairstyle than his duckbutt, I’ll wait.

- Not here only for shipping material, a complex, beautiful character that stuck to his morals even as he was inches away from death.

- Not to be dramatic or anything but if it hadn’t been for him team seven would have probably died in part one.

- Had to rewatch his brother (and favorite person) murdering his family approximately half a million times throughout his life and y'all still have the nerve to call him “dramatic emo”. Leak your address I just want to talk.

- Went through everything I’ve mentioned and more through the first seventeen years of his life. Had to grow up a lot faster than anyone else.

- Defended Naruto when Sakura tried to say he was lucky for not having parents. Went to look for him because he was worried that he didn’t show up for breakfast. Spent the night training with Naruto and semi carried him home afterwards.

- Have you heard him saying Niisan.

- I love him.

Osomatsu-san PS Vita game translation - Karamatsu 05 - Stand by the Second Son

Jyushimatsu: Yuuuum! More oden, please! 

Chibita: Ok. 

Osomatsu: Yep, oden tastes great again today. I’m glad we came all this way to eat it. 

Choromatsu: Chibita, hot sake, please. Oden does go well with it, doesn’t it? 

Chibita: ….You jerks, you brought enough money to pay for everything this time, didn’t you? 

Karamatsu: Heh… money? There is no meaning in attaching a price to the fantastic cosmos known as oden. 

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