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01. If Ichimatsu was a Fortune Teller
OSOMATSU: What are you doing?
ICHIMATSU: I’m fortune-telling. What about you, Osomatsu-niisan?
OSOMATSU: I’m your customer. Eh? Ichimatsu-kun. From my memory, I don’t recall you being able to tell fortunes?
ICHIMATSU: Oh… well… If it’s an issue between doing it and not being able to do it, I can… I think.
OSOMATSU: You THINK? You THINK you can?!
ICHIMATSU: It’s not about whether you can do it or not, what’s more important is whether you actually do it or not. That’s what someone important once said.
OSOMATSU: Who is this important person?! As a customer, what matters is whether you get it right or not!
ICHIMATSU: If you think it’s right, then it’s right. If you think it’s wrong, then it’s wrong.
OSOMATSU: That’s really vague…
ICHIMATSU: Those who believe will be saved.
OSOMATSU: You’re looking even more and more suspicious.
ICHIMATSU: Fine then.

02. If Osomatsu was a Foretune Teller
ICHIMATSU: Oh, there he is. Osomatsu-niisan, hey– Who are you?
OSOMATSU: Whoaa! How many years has it been since someone last stepped in here!
ICHIMATSU: Are you… Osomatsu-niisan?
OSOMATSU: That voice! C-Could it be…? Choromatsu!
OSOMATSU: What, are you saying that you’re Todomatsu?
OSOMATSU: Your voice brings me back memories, Jyushimatsu.
ICHIMATSU: Including the atmosphere that I give off, you’re way off the mark.
OSOMATSU: I knew that you would come one day, Karamatsu.
ICHIMATSU: I’m gonna kill you.
OSOMATSU: Then who are you?
ICHIMATSU: Ichimatsu.
OSOMATSU: Oh, Ichimatsu.
ICHIMATSU: What’s this, Osomatsu-niisan? What’s going on with you?
OSOMATSU: I am not Osomatsu!
ICHIMATSU: You’re kind of shaggy-looking but you have the same face as me.
OSOMATSU: I am no longer Osomatsu!

OMG ok but here’s my two cents to the osomatsu fandom, i guess

I go on pixiv a lot, especially on おそ松(長男)tag and i tend to see a lot of comics where the jp fandom has a headcanon that if someone injured one of the sextuplets, oso (and by extension karamatsu too bc 長兄松) goes out to whoever the fuck messed with his little bro and proceeds to beat shit up. 

so i have this headcanon that  while he doesnt seem to give a shit about his brothers most of the time, oso is a good and caring big bro who’s actually the most terrifying when angry. not even ichi or choro are brave enough to face an angry osomatsu. oso is pretty happy go lucky all the time, quite chill, playful and light-hearted, so there aren’t many occassions where oso gets pretty damn furious. but there was this one time where tougou-san, aka that serial killer that held osomatsu hostage when he was a kid, came back and took the sextuplets while oso was out @ pachinko, and …… shit didnt end well. one can’t forget that oso is the strongest out of the matsubros, and when he gets serious…..

the brothers never forgot how terrifying an angry osomatsu is ever since that day, and aren’t dumb enough to test it out.

msillzie asked:

What is your opinion of Ichi's "Katamatsu-niisan" at the end of episode 16?


based on how Karamatsu shouts “OMAE” aka a very rude, agressive, and informal “YOU–”  at Ichimatsu, and the fact it was subbed as “YOU LITTE–” makes it seem like Ichimatsu is trying to incriminate Karamatsu, who in Osos eyes has suddenly become very incestuous towards his brothers @u@
This being Ichimatsu it’s very possible that’s exactly what his intent was! Especially because he does so in a meek whimpering tone as though he was a victim to his evil older brothers whims. *Insert dramatic flair*

However when I first saw it, I thought it was just Ichimatsu breaking down from stress–Like, “Karamatsu-niiisan…Just…Give it up p l e a s e.” It sounded pretty earnest to me and Ichimatsu is clearly not the best actor!

I like to imagine it to be the latter–mainly because I don’t want all the progress Ichi and Kara made this epsiode to be a waste and also that seems more funny to me eue

Whichever the case It was nice to hear Ichi call his older brother by his title–whether he meant it or not >u>

continued | @tsukkomimatsuno

 oh man, that was pretty hilarious. ichi was used to sneaking up on all of his brothers and messing with them, but it was a bit different now- after all, they all treated osomatsu differently. 

‘ nooooothing. ‘ he chimed, osomatsu’s voice was naturally loud and cheery, his own tired sound was almost impossible to do. ‘ just saying hi. ‘ 

tottymatsu asked:

Choromatsu-niisan! Have you ever cried while watching anime?

It’s hard to admit but I have… It was while watching a slice of life anime I highly recommend called Nyan Neko Sugar Girls.