niila calgary


Todays little family gathering. Thought it was time to update the last group shot… One small one is still missing (Zoe), but I hope she’ll get here within the next weeks.

From left to right:

  • Meanae Craven [r] - FeePle65 Siean
  • Asuka Thurlin - Dollmore Ipsae Monahan
  • Cally (on top of Niila’s head) - Cuartodoll Darkhorn
  • Niila Calgary - Ringdoll Kay
  • Valentin Dupont (red head) - Zaoll Luv/Fantasydoll hybrid
  • Anakin Dupont - Soom Dia
  • Duncan Rathês [r] - Soom Phonolus/Idealian hybrid
  • Phillippa - Dollchateau Ada