All future Nippon Ichi games will be PS4 and Vita exclusives

The current generation consoles have only been out for a couple of years, but Japanese game producer and developer Nippon Ichi is ready to put all its eggs in one basket. In an interview with 4Gamer (via Gematsu), company president Sohei Niikawa has stated that all future games produced by the…

anonymous asked:

there WON'T be any more DLC for disgaea 5 and there is NO dlc for the disgaea pc because the pc port is from the psp port just telling you this

Yes, I just read that the PC port of Disgaea 1 would have content from the PSP port on its Steam Page. As far as I know about D5, Mr. Niikawa from Disgaea Night hasn’t said anything about there would not be anymore DLC content for D5 (unless you have a source to show me).

My overall thoughts about Disgaea Night

I had a frigging blast at Disgaea Night last night. It was the most fun I ever had at a game-themed event, especially in a room filled with Disgaea fans. My face was feeling hot and red when I got to meet Souhei Niikawa, Takehisa Matsuda, Sarah Emi Bridcutt and Tenpei Sato in person before the event for the first time. I was that super excited.

This is the first time NIS has done a talk event and I would really love to see NIS do more of these events in Japan, or even better: North America (preferably Canada). It was carried out well. Singing with Tenpei Sato was awesome and the bingo session was fun. The bingo card had Disgaea characters’ names on them. You answer trivia questions on screen. If you answer one correctly, you get to pick which character you want on your bingo card.

I quickly jumped out of my seat to get Raspberyl on my bingo card when a question about which class unit it is came up (It was Eryengi, gi), to get the Japanese Limited Edition of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness.

For improvements, I would like to see a Q&A panel in the next event. I thought the talk event would have a Q&A panel, but I was slightly disappointed. However for hosting this event for the first time, NIS did a great job. Though, I would prefer to hear more info about upcoming developments of the Disgaea series instead of knowing what their favorite parts of the games are. Food is great and it was hilarious to see Mr. Niikawa and Ms. Bridcutt eating the “horse weiner” dish in the event.

If you happen to be in Japan when they host another Disgaea Night, go to it. You will have fun and it’s an unforgettable experience. The experience will be even better if you know how to speak Japanese. Also, it’s a custom for fans to give gifts and souvenirs to the guests, so bring something for them to show your appreciation!

Things I want to ask at Disgaea Night

-Future D5 DLC content
-Release of more NIS games for Steam
-DLC for Disgaea PC
-Makai Wars?…maybe

Other things that I want:
Take a photo with Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Tenpei Sato, Souhei Niikawa and the director of Disgasa 5.