I noticed there was some kind of ‘Yuuichi’s Day’ trend going on today, and it turns out some artists on pixiv wanted to dedicate the day 3/15 to him as his room number is 315. (REALLY, THIS FANDOM FINDS ANY EXCUSE TO DRAW THEIR BIAS…. BUT DO I EVEN NEED A REASON TO DRAW NII-SAN)

This week has been too good to me

Here’s sample page I did for another Inazuma Eleven GO Anthology, ’Vivid Breeze’.

It was sold at Seishun Cup 8 recently, and I think it might be selling at an event in Taiwan…? I know most of my followers are from the english fandom, so I’m sad some of you probably won’t be able to get a copy of the book…that’s why I’d like to share this page with you all! ☆

To be honest, this is the only page that has the most ‘detail’ in art (WHICH ISN’T A LOT TO BEGIN WITH SO YOU CAN IMAGINE HOW BORING THE OTHER PAGES ARE…)




I drew this at work because I couldn’t contain my happiness over the news of Inazuma Go season 2.

I’m not sure what’s going on with Yuuichi’s fringe to be honest, but it’s just so endearing how much his hair resembles Gouenjis ha ha.

I initially wanted to do a bunch of 1st-years-centric 4koma gags for this anthology contribution, but then I just realized I have about 2 weeks and a bit to have everything done, SO NOW IT’S JUST GOING TO BE MY ULTIMATE BIAS ALL THE WAY HA HA HA

P.S. Sorry I haven’t answered asks for a week, I’m just recovering from a cold, so they’ll be on their way once I find time between these deadlines!