In about 8 days I’m gonna be heading out to Japan for 15 days! My friend Wasil (who is a big gay baby) is joining me for the last 10 days, too! 

I’m gonna have wifi the entire trip so I’m gonna be posting pictures and blogging about the trip while I go…because I know I will be waaaay too lazy to do it all once I get home haha. Digital art and stuff will be on hold until I get back in April though haha. 

ANYWAYS I’m gonna be tagging all my Japan blogging (photos/blogging/terrible selfies) as: #nihonsangatsu in case you want to track or block it haha.


I went to a Mister Doughnut while at the mall today! *u* I really wanted to go there after seeing things online and it did not disappoint. Also my melon soda count has begun at 1 *u* LOL 

I also included a picture of a vending machine I thought looked nice while I was taking a walk after dinner just to round out the photoset LOL

What up Buddies! I’m off to Japan for 15 days! I’ll have wifi throughout so I’m gonna be posting pictures and blogging about the trip as I go along. If you don’t wanna see my Japan blogging or if you WANT to track my Japan blogging everything will be tagged as: #nihonsangatsu

ALSO just so this blog doesn’t turn into a travel blog for 15 days I set up a Q to post once a day until I get back. It’ll alternate between a reblog and a dumb doodle so there’s still gonna be some new art happening while I’m out!


Man there’s so many things and places I want to do and go see but I’ve basically been walking these past like 8 days and my feet are tired as hell LOL I only have like less than a week left in Japan now though so I’ll have time to cut my feet off and die after that LOL

Also after 6 days striaght of being given nothing but coffee to drink every morning I think I can finally tolerate it as a drink LOL (tolerate is the key word though I dunno if I would eagerly choose it…) 

Ghibli museum is tomorrow though so I’m pretty dang excited for that


I went to the Asuka Historical Museum today. There were a lot of those stone hugging statues although I’m not sure why LOL 

There was one area that had a city on the floor and I wondered if this was how it felt like to be a giant LOL