nihon telenet


It took longer than I was expecting because of weird logistical headaches, but my copy of Megami Tensei for the PC-8801 finally arrived and what a beauty it is! Perhaps the most exciting part about the whole package is that in addition to a pretty beefy manual, it also comes with a mini art booklet full of concept art for the game! Mind, it’s not Kaneko work, seeing as these PC versions of the game were developed by Nihon Telenet, but it’s still pretty stunning work.

I’ll definitely get all of this stuff scanned for the Atlus Atlas in due time; no ETA since I’m going to have to be more delicate than usual scanning it all since this stuff is older than me, but it’ll be archived and available for download eventually. It’s too cool not to share with you all! Clearly a passion project for the development team, even if the game itself mostly turned out to be a dud.