We beat up the Beastie Boys at Max’s Kansas City. They were sitting there telling us how they hated their parents and how much they loved the Nihilistics. Then Mommy and Daddy came with catered food and hot chocolate from some deli. When Mommy and Daddy left, we beat them up and took their dinner.
—  Ron Rancid of the Nihilistics via the NYHC book

Name: Lyza

Age: 18

Gender: Androgynous (still she/her is preferred)

Orientation: Asexual Heteroromantic

Interests: Philosophy, Psychology, Brain Teasers, American Oldies (Music & Movies)

Looking for: Friends, Conversations, Deep Conversations

About me: I am an Agnostic Atheist. Gradually, I may be transforming into a Nihilist so I seek for deep conversations about life (I don’t seek for it to be poetic, I just love it when it makes me feel and think). I love to sketch (mainly surrealism). I don’t play video games but I love checkers, card games, and brain teasers. I watch anime and read books but I don’t have time to fully immerse myself and join a fandom or something like that. I’m more of the “listener” during conversations so I seek for Patricks and Sams (Perks of Being a Wallflower. It’s a metaphor, people to fill me with their uniqueness and fun because I definitely haven’t lived much being cooped up in my room. Only child. Strict Parents. Depressing really.) Anyway, hi there!


i feel really really good about this blog??? like . i feel comfortable here and i really like how i write here. idk if it’s just the character or the ~aesthetic~ i set out to have at the beginning but i’m so glad i rebooted and i’m so glad i stuck with claire because… she’s not even TIRING for me to write (like SOME angry nihilist murder polices i know *eyezooms @ rustin spencer*) because she’s so restrained and that makes my WRITING restrained and like. contrary to how he may seem rust is pretty fuckin footloose and fancy free with his emotions and hes so……. flowery and metaphor-heavy to write that sometimes its just. augh.

like. claire is about elegance and simplicity and thats how i try to write her and im really happy with how it’s coming across. i have SO many messages in my inbox where people are complimenting me and this blog and i really should reply to them but its so encouraging to see and it really bolsters this super positive feeling i have abt my portrayal and !! 

idk what this is im just. ok. i love this blog im so proud of myself

Student Nihilist, 1883, Ilya Repin

“The Nihilist, that strange martyr who has no faith, who goes to the stake without enthusiasm, and dies for what he does not believe in, is a purely literary product. He was invented by Turgenev, and completed by Dostoevsky. Robespierre came out of the pages of Rousseau as surely as the People’s Palace rose out of the debris of a novel. Literature always anticipates life. It does not copy it, but moulds it to its purpose. The nineteenth century, as we know it, is largely an invention of Balzac. Our Luciens de Rubempré, our Rastignacs, and De Marsays made their first appearance on the stage of the Comédie Humaine. We are merely carrying out, with footnotes and unnecessary additions, the whim or fancy or creative vision of a great novelist.” Oscar Wilde in The Decay of Lying

Mismatched protagonist duos, anime edition - go!

She’s a bubbly, pink-haired schoolgirl who’s secretly a magical princess from space! He’s a broodingly mysterious white-haired pretty-boy whose cursed blood carries a terrible power! Together… they fight crime!

(I like to imagine that every time he goes off on one of his grandly nihilistic rants, she interrupts him with a well-placed whack upside the head with her sparkly princess wand.)