Beyonce is so fucking smart. She played the game and her role as the sweet, acceptable light skinned nigress til she got the whites in the palm of her hand and then showed the whole world who she really is. She’s gotten to a place in her career where she knows that even if people don’t like her or what she has to say, they’re not gonna be able to ignore it or her because every move she makes is breaking news. Playing the game is something all black people have to do since we live in a white world but Beyonce did it so so so well.

I love a girl with no product in her hair
Know to roll up the tree and blow it in the air
Skin is black with a bad attitude
And If she is pro-black “I am not mad at you”
She gimme the look while she’s reading her book
Morrison, Hurston, Butler, hooks
CD player Coltrane on deck Miles next
Keep a nigga in check she at the MET, MoMA
The moment I see her we are vexed
We are blessed
We can agree, indeed, we have sex
We got next, we digress, my Nigress
We got next, we digress, my Nigress
My queen
—  Morrison Hurston Butler hooks - THEESatisfaction

anonymous asked:

Do you like Scandal anymore?

No. Let me explain. I came for the innovative and the historical first in this generation with a polished, educated, black female lead, not the usual stereotyped characterization. No, I was not looking for a magical nigress (rubbish concept if there ever was one), but a multi-dimensional person. What I mean by this is, a flawed, yet compelling human being and her universe (work, love, and life in general). Over the span of three seasons she has become, because of a headwriter’s personal agenda, a bi-polar, nonsensical twit. I have been watching her devolving simply to prop up unworthy tertiary characters whom the more I see, the more I loathe and recognize their lack of skills, further pulling me away from the show.

The savvy political drama I was expecting with just a hint of sex appeal, has turned into a turgid soap opera with very little politics, and really shitty characterizations. The story telling and lack of continuity leaves much to be desired on a weekly basis. You see the showrunner has committed the most cardinal of sins.

She knows nothing about characters and their motivations. In fact, it seems not a major concern of hers. She would rather write what she deems - SHOCKING AND INTERESTING (perhaps to a perverse ameoba with no home training) in order to do that, she uses the actors as props to her “MINDBLOWING” situations and not the other way around.

See a gifted story teller begins with character - what makes them tick and out of that the story is told and through the story, we learn about who and or what is the compunction of the character. Shonda Rhimes, being mediocre, has this backwards and hence the devolution of the series. Ah yes, and there is another point that is salient.

All GREAT memorable stories is a juxtaposition of GOOD and EVIL, they are the cardinal points of all GREAT stories. That is what pulls us in, as well as LOVE. She exists in a miasma of grey and yes, the world is mainly grey, but for someone to care about a story, there has to be that thing that you will not pass, you will not do, the thing striven for. She nullifies this at ever turn. She has no moral compass and that is essential.

Without a moral compass you think it just ducky to have a best friend choked the shit out of another character and think that is just shits and giggles - effectively severing the bond. Without a moral compass, you think it ducky that a man can throw a woman across a room, crack her skull and use her as a personal shield and yet no recourse, no thought yes let’s try to force a relationship down a fandom’s throat and ill affect the ratings because I feel like it. What? Yes, all of this done to the lead, the protagonist in the story.  I could go on but I won’t.

The lack of continuity is also exceptionally bothersome. The show has become very much about nothing, just wash rinse and repeat and the greatest crime committed is to story telling and history deferred in the lack of appropriate use of the BLACK female lead. So much on a subtle level could have been done here. Questions asked through script, without the wailing and gnashing of teeth…just put out there allowing for rather interesting discourse. Yes, I am severely disappointed. I expected  intelligent entertainment.

Even the tertiary characters I once found compelling (Cyrus, Sally, Quinn, Harrison, Holling etc.) have become shades of their former selves.

Now back to your question. It is no longer must watch television. Other shows have taken its place. It is something now that I do not set up the bowl of popcorn and screwdriver to watch with hubby on the couch and glare when anyone makes a sound in the room. It is something I catch up on MAYBE on the weekend and the only two entities that make me do that are Olivia and Fitz and they currently annoy the shit out of me by the pubertal writing ascribed to them. They are adults, intelligent adults and yet, this cretin has them acting like teens and all because she hasn’t the spine to move them forward as a couple.

My original purpose for watching is almost gone. Olivia, a most intelligent woman is spiraling into a waste of space who regurgitates lines with no follow through not 15 minutes later into the show.

Yes I am disappointed in the turn this little show that could is moving towards. If it doesn’t change it is toast. I want it to succeed, so I watch with very little hope that it will eventually, under different leadership, turn a corner and find its greatness.

I am here for the lead and her paramour and nothing else…and even that, given a little more time will be insufficient.

Aren’t you sorry you asked? LOL