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Hi! I was just checking out your blog and got intrigued by that ask where you mentioned something about Sho giving Ohno intimate looks. Can you please put up examples? Pretty please~ :3

I assume you found it through my sho-is-gay tag. =P lol

I’d love to give you examples. I found these all by browsing my “yama” tag and now I got all these feels. lol

gif credit: sukinatabemono

gif credit: i-hontou-ni

gif credit: omoshro

gif credit: sukinatabemono

gif credit: sunblades

gif credit: miyuki-arashi

gif credit:  sunsshy

Not necessarily one  with Sho looking at him, but still just as important:

gif credit: satoshilover

Bonus: Sho and Ohno just talking– and the way Sho talks to Ohno sounds super intimate. <3