this is a sneak peek of the little gift i’ve made for len’s birthday~ i wish i could play more with the design for this one but it’s hard when you barely have time to breathe D: i hope you’ll like it anyway and that i won’t end up getting killed by your mom eheheh 8D all the best once again! ♥

Guys guys orange juice body shots~! (Kidding...or not?)

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Big bro party at little bro’s! <3

wisiaden said: Woohoo. Welcome back. *huggles* I miss you so much dearie.

Thank youu<3. Missed you too!

supercomicgirl said: PARTY!!! WOHOO!!!! We missed you!

Let’s make in unforgettable in the best way! <3 Missed you too, totally.


 thestreetsatnight said: *snuggle party!?!* welcome back darling!

Yes, my favourite! But that one will be private, sorry not sorry guys. *snuggles* Thank you.<3 

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all of my feels for this fic, i swear TT^TT

makes me wanna draw

one day i will make you proper fanart bro

mark my words

till then just


*makes little hearts and kitties around the words* There marked. Though don’t worry about it, big bro.♥ Make that fanart inappropriate please. 


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Oh my god, Wintry.

How do you even write? It’s so…ugh…an addicted Tim.

You wrote it so beautifully and wonderfully.

I really love the lines about the sugar. Just like sugar…it’s so strong. And the nosebleeds.

And this line, this freaking line right here!

–) and Jason presses another set of footprints on Tim’s floor walking back, away to the window.

It kills me so much. I mean, really? The fact that nobody visits Tim or something, that he isn’t home enough for it to keep the dust away? How empty and sad is his home? D;

I also love this line about the queen, about how he isn’t there to shrink or grow big. Alice~

Wintry, this is wonderful. D;

How do you write?

Omg it wasn’t meant to be that heartbreaking I promise. The line was more about going back the same way he came in? Aaand I think Tim went downhill really fast? And he still visist the Manor so. He does see people, he just rarely lets them see his place?

But thank you so so SO much. I really tried to make it good.
Love love Robin!

I made a videogame! It’s very short, and silly, and Jason/Damian. You can download it in the link uwu hope you enjoy!

Edit: mac version

Edit 2: since somebody asked, here’s the music (one of the songs doesn’t appear in the mac version, sorry)

Have some screencaps!

nightyan and mommaursa helped me beta, thank youuu <3