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Bucky Barnes x mutant!Reader

Summary: You were kidnapped by Hydra 10 years ago but now you’re free. You find yourself at the Avengers Tower while you recover and readjust to real life.

Warnings: language (moderate), SMUT

A/N: THIS CHAPTER CONTAINS SEXUAL SITUATIONS AND IS INTENDED ONLY FOR AUDIENCES OVER THE AGE OF 18!!! Feedback is always welcome, especially since this is my first smut. If you don’t want to be tagged in future fics please just let me know, promise I won’t be offended. Or if you do want be tagged and you’re not you can tell me that too! Hope everyone enjoys the new chapter! REQUESTS ARE OPEN!

You and Bucky had grown so close since your talk. Little by little you had started to tell him everything that had happened to you while with Hydra. But it was so much more than just sharing your traumatic stories, you had grown close physically too. You would wake each other in the middle of the night if either of you had a bad dream and hold the other in your arms until they fell back asleep. You would always sit next to each other on the couch or at dinner. Bucky would sit next to you with his arm around you just rubbing tiny patterns with his thumb into your shoulder or back as you watched movies. It became almost intimate the way you two interacted. It was so nice to have someone that just understood how you were feeling and where you were at mentally.

You woke up to Natasha and Wanda banging on your bedroom door, they had promised to take you shopping today. You groaned and felt the weight on the bed shift next to you as Bucky rolled over. Bucky had a nightmare last night and had come to your room for consoling, but you knew Nat and Wanda wouldn’t believe you if you told them nothing happened. 

“I’ll meet you guys in the living room in 10 minutes” You yelled at them through the door. Bucky groaned again trying to hide his head under a pillow. “Come on get up Buck, quit being fucking lazy.” You rolled off the bed and walked to your closet to get dressed.

“Well you’re not gonna be here so you really won’t know if I don’t get up or not.” He may have been tired but that doesn’t mean wasn’t still a sassy little shit.

“Fine, stay in bed, I don’t care.” You quickly threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, not caring if Bucky saw. The two of you stayed in each other’s rooms so often that being modest had kind of gone out the window. You looked over and saw him snuggling back into the bed and decided to just leave him be, after all he was right, it didn’t really matter if he got up.

You met up with Nat and Wanda in the living room, then the three of you quickly ran off to start your shopping. First stop was getting you some clothes that you actually wanted to wear.

“What about this? It’s super cute and would look great on you!” Wanda held up a tiny crop top to your chest in an attempt to see if it was the right size.

“Absolutely not, when on earth would something like that ever be practical?” You took the shirt, if you could call it that, from her hands and placed it back on the rack.

“You know Y/N, not everything you wear has to be practical. Live a little, I mean at least try it on. It’s not like you’re spending your own money on it, so if you buy it and never wear it, no big deal.” Nat snatched the top back off the rack and forced it into your arms. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, she was right, Tony was paying for your stuff since it’s not a like a dead woman can go out and get a credit card. You sighed in defeat and took your stack of clothes to the dressing room to try them on. You ended up finding quite a few things that you liked through out the day, as did the other girls. Nat ended up calling a car from the tower to come take some bags from you all so you could continue shopping in peace.

“You know what we need to do next?” Nat beamed at you with a sly grin plastered on her face.

“Fucking eat.” You tossed back.

“NOOOO, well yeah, but after that, we need to take you underwear shopping.” She was almost jumping up and down she was so excited and now Wanda had a stupid grin on her face too.

“I have underwear Nat, I don’t need anymore.” You knew that they thought you and Bucky were hooking up. So they probably thought they were being sneaky in trying to take you lingerie shopping.

“Yeah but you don’t have cute underwear, just that cheap stuff Pepper and I got you.” She grabbed you by the hand and started to drag you down the street. Yet again you sighed in defeat knowing you weren’t going to talk her out of this idea, plus you honestly wouldn’t mind some cuter underwear. You did manage to get her to stop for food before she forced you into the lingerie store.

Nat and Wanda immediately started grabbing things off the shelves and racks for you to try on. God they were like animals the way they tore threw the store grabbing stuff for you. Clearly they had been here many times before. 

“Alright, that should be enough for now.” Nat stood in front of you triumphantly. 

You took your things and went to try them on. Thankfully most of the things they gave you were panties and bras so you did’t have to try them on to know if you liked them. You set aside a few lacy pairs of each and a few more practical cotton pairs that were still really cute, but now it was time to try on the lingerie sets. You had never worn lingerie before, back in the day when you wanted to hook up with someone it just happened, there wasn’t really a lot of foreplay or planning so it just wasn’t necessary. You kind of liked the idea though of setting out to tease someone or actually planning on hooking up with someone but lord have mercy it had been so long since you even tried to flirt, you wouldn’t even know where to start. After trying on a few pieces that were all way too complicated, you finally picked up a cute sheer, little dress with matching panties and it looked amazing on you. It made you feel something you hadn’t felt in a really long time, horny.

You had noticed a sex shop next door to the lingerie store. So when you came out of the dressing room you decided to ask Nat and Wanda to take you there next. It had been so long since you even thought about sex. You weren’t a virgin by any means, you had hooked up with quite a few men and women back in the day but it had been at least 10 years since any of that had happened. You walked up and down the aisles of the sex shop trying to figure out exactly what it was you wanted. You needed something that was going to work quick but not make a lot of noise. God, you’d be mortified if anyone heard you. 

Then like magic, Wanda appeared around a corner with a box in her hand. “Here, this is the one I use, it’s super quiet but works, amaaaaazingly, but don’t tell anyone.” She thrust the box at you to take before Nat could show up. You gladly took it, thankful that she had basically read your mind and saved you lots of time and probably some embarrassing questions.

You guys got back to the tower shortly after your little adventure at the sex shop. You wanted so badly to just stay in your room to masturbate but you knew the girls would never let you live it down so you put your stuff away and went back to the common area for a few hours. 

You were so distracted by the wetness pooling in your panties all evening that you must have been acting different because Bucky asked you at least three times if you were feeling okay. You kept telling him you were fine but he just wouldn’t seem to let it go. Finally enough time had passed since you got home that you could tell everyone you were tired and go to your room.

You immediately ripped off your clothes then dug through your shopping bags to find the nighty set that had gotten this all started in the first place. You put it on and stared at yourself in the mirror, you looked just as good now as you had in the store. While standing there in the mirror you reached up under the top and started massaging your breast, it was amazing as you felt your nipples harden under your own touch. You reached your other hand down your panties and started to rub circles on your clit. You were already so wet. 

After a few moments of playing with yourself in the mirror you finally grabbed your new toy out of the bag and put the batteries in. It had 10 speeds and 8 vibration patters, and you were planning on experiencing every combination. You laid down on the bed, turning it on, you pressed the head of it to your clit, using your own wetness as lube to make sure it slid in nice and easily. You started moaning and whimpering as it entered you. You kept it on a low setting to start, you didn’t want to overwhelm yourself and you also didn’t want your first session in 10 years to end too quickly.

Bucky waited a few minutes after you left before going to check on you. You had seemed so out of it since you got back from shopping. He was nervous that something had happened while you were out, maybe you saw something, or worse someone and you just didn’t want to talk about it in front of the others. He made his way towards your room. Once he got outside the door, he heard soft whimpering coming from inside. Worried that you were having a bad dream, he burst in without knocking.

“O-oh my god Bucky! What the fuck!” Your torso shot up off the bed when the door flew open, the toy still between your legs.

“Shit, shit, I’m so sorry Y/N. I thought, fuck, shit.” Bucky kept trying to look away from you but the see-through nighty that you were wearing and the toy you had clearly been fucking yourself with were making it really hard for him to do so. Thankfully he had closed the door behind him so you at least weren’t putting on a show for the whole tower to see. “Um, is that new?”

“What? Yes, um, jesus christ.” You flopped back on the bed, your face turning bright pink, not wanting to look Bucky in the face any longer.

“Okay, um, I’ll just go but can I tell you something first?” Unsure of how you would react Bucky started slowly walking towards you, thankful that you weren’t looking at him, because he didn’t want you to see the growing tent in his pants.

“Make it quick Buck, I’m a little busy here.” You threw your hands over your face as you heard him moving towards you, trying so hard not to make eye contact. You peeked out between your fingers to see him standing above you. You scrunched your face, not really sure what he was doing.

“Can I?” He gestured to the toy still inside you. Flustered and confused as to where this was going you slowly nodded. “This part right here,” he pointed to the rabbit part of your toy. “Is supposed to press right here.” He pushed the toy further inside you, pressing the rabbit flush against your clit then turned up the speed. You inhaled sharply at the new sensation then let out a string of moans and curses.

“Oh my god Bucky, don’t stop,” you cried as you writhed around on your bed. Bucky was standing over you, expertly pleasuring you with the toy. You reached your hands back up to start playing with your breasts again. You heard a low grown come from Bucky as you continued to pull at and pinch your nipples. He started to thrust the toy faster and harder into you, he couldn’t wait to watch your orgasm wash over you. It didn’t take much longer before you were repeating his name like a prayer.

“I wanna taste you,” He looked at you for consent before he kneeled down at the end of your bed. Wide eyed, you looked at him and nodded. “I need you to say it baby, tell me you want it.”

“Yes, for the love of god Buck, do it, do whatever you want.” You groaned as you felt his fingers push inside you, replacing the toy that had just been there. He used his thumb to keep your clit stimulated as he watched you for another few seconds before shoving his face in your pussy. The moan he made after licking a wide stripe up your pussy vibrated through your whole body. You felt his tongue replace his thumb while he ate you out and fingered you at the same time. Between the pace his set, the expert way he tongued your clit and surprisingly pleasurable way his scruff felt on your thighs, your second orgasm came just as quickly as the first.

“Oh fuck Bucky, fuck, I need you inside me.” You were basically whining at him. If he was this good with his hands and mouth you couldn’t wait to see what he could do with his cock. He kissed his way up your torso, pulling your nighty up with him, he stopped at your breasts so he could lick and bite at your nipples. You arched your back at the sensation, running your fingers through this hair, yearning for him to touch you more. He continued on up your body, nipping at your neck and collar bone.

“Not tonight doll, another time, I promise.” His mouth roughly met yours in a heated kiss. You rolled your hips against him, grinding your still wet pussy on his clothed crotch as he laid between your legs. He groaned into your mouth, then reached his metal hand down between your legs, rubbing your clit again. “I’m serious, Y/N, we can’t do that tonight. I was not prepared for this, but if you’re not done, I’d be more than happy to keep doing what we were doing until you are. Does that sound good?” He had pushed his metal fingers inside you now and was pumping them furiously. A soft whine escaped your lips as you bucked your hips against his hand. The metal felt so cool and different against your hot skin, it was just a whirlwind of feelings and sensations that you would have never thought to pair but felt so right.

“But what about you?” You cried between the thrusts of his fingers as you started palming him through his jeans. “I want you to feel good too.” He started thrusting his fingers faster as your hand made it’s way down his pants, fingers wrapping gently around his thick cock as you slowly pumped it. As you felt your third orgasm bubble up inside, your hand started to get a firmer grasp around him and you tried to pump in time with his thrusts. You third time was just as strong as the last two as you felt the bubble inside you explode with ecstasy. 

After you were done riding out your orgasm, you flipped him over on to his back and made your way down his body. You pulled up his shirt so you could kiss and nip at his well toned chest and abs while you undid his pants. “Can I do this for you Buck?” You looked up at him with doe eyes, face hovering over his crotch. He nodded, honestly a little surprised that you were so insistent on returning a favor that didn’t need to be returned. He groaned and reached towards you, tangling his fingers into your hair as you pulled down his pants and boxers. You looked up at him again, your eyes locked as you expertly wrapped your mouth and hand around his cock. It may have been a while since you had done this but it was definitely not your first rodeo. You swirled your tongue around the tip of his cock as you bobbed your head up and down. You felt Bucky flop his torso down onto the bed as he let out a low growl in pleasure. You used your hand to pump his cock in time with your bobbing head as you hollowed your cheeks around him. You used your other hand to fondle his balls as you sped up your pace. He gripped your hair tighter and let out a loud string of fucks and shits and you knew that you had pushed him over the edge when you finally felt his cum hitting the back of your throat.

You sat up and wiped your mouth, while Bucky just laid there still recovering from his orgasm. You chuckled silently at him, looks like you still have the magic touch when it comes to oral. You got up, went to the bathroom then brushed your teeth. When you came out Bucky was getting dressed. “What are you doing?” You arched an eyebrow at him.

“Well, I don’t want people to think anything weird about me leaving your room tomorrow.” You knew he was just trying to respect your privacy but it was silly.

“Bucky, you literally slept in my bed last night. No one is going to think anything of it and even if they do who cares.” You walked over and gave him a reassuring hug then pulled him back towards the bed. “Just stay here tonight, please.”

He didn’t try to fight you on the matter, just slipped his pants back off and climbed into his usual spot on your bed. You smiled contently at him as you slipped into bed next to him, curling up in his arms. You didn’t think the two of you had been loud enough for anyone else to hear you, except maybe Nat, who was in the room next to you. Shit, boy, were you going to hear about this from her tomorrow. Whatever, it was totally worth it and you were definitely hoping it would happen again.


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  • *the lab*
  • Sherlock: *sulking*
  • Molly: *working* It's all in your head, you know.
  • Sherlock: *frowns* No. He's got it in for me.
  • Molly: *chuckles* He's a cat.
  • John: *confused* What's the matter?
  • Molly: *rolls her eyes* Oh, Sherlock's declared war on Toby. He thinks he hates him. I've told you not to antagonise him.
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* And I've told you, when we're in bed, the only pussy I want to see is the one beneath your nightie.
  • John: *mortified* I swear to GOD.
  • Sherlock: Swear all you like; won't stop being true.
#15 for Happy



“Hurry up,” Happy rasped. You were standing in front of the mirror in your bedroom in your underwear surrounded by a strewn pile of clothes.

“But I have nothing to wear!” You complained. Happy frowned at you, looking pointedly at all the discarded clothing.

“Go naked,” He said flatly. You pouted at him.

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why does idfc remind u of venus in the 6th?

because I think venus in the sixth are prone to overthinking and ignoring their feelings, so I think they could also be super inclined to hiding their affections. I also think it’s one of the most misunderstood venus placements. The extent of their passion is so much more than you may think, their problem is they don’t know how to express it. 

this part of the lyrics explains it pretty well:

Cause I have hella feelings for you
I act like I don’t fucking care
Like they ain’t even there
Cause I have hella feelings for you
I act like I don’t fucking care
Cause I’m so fucking scared

I’m only a fool for you
And maybe you’re too good for me
I’m only a fool for you
But I don’t fucking care at all

they feel like they don’t deserve love from the person their affections lie on, which is part of why they don’t let them see how much they care. this is very venus in the 6th imo.

Tell me pretty lies
Look me in the face
Tell me that you love me
Even if it’s fake

6th house venus are also the kind of lovers that accept whatever others are willing to give, since it’s the house of service and all.  

You been out all night
I don’t know where you been
You slurring all your words
Not making any sense
But I don’t fucking care at all

their lover comes drunk home and they still take care of them and to certain degree let it pass. that’s the type of thing venus in the 6th and virgo venus do.

Whatever the Princess Wants

Bias: Himchan of BAP

Rating: M

Warning/Kinks: Sexual Content, Dirty Talk.

If you don’t like sexual content; don’t read this.

You checked the time on your phone screen as you unlocked your front door. 12:37 in the morning. You let out a loud hiss; it was much later than you intended to get home. When your front door was finally open, you kicked off your shoes and dropped your belongings by the door, not really caring where they landed.

You were honestly just happy to get those shoes off your feet. After getting yourself a quick drink of water, you decided to take a shower to soothe your sore muscles.

It was honestly the most amazing feeling to have the hot water on your skin. You relished in scrubbing your hair clean and the nice smell from your body wash sinking into your skin.

After spending a nice amount of time in there, you climbed out and dried off before pulling on a silk nightie. You walked out of the bathroom, letting all the steam from your shower out, and crossed the hall to your bedroom while humming softly.

Pushing your door open, you smiled at the sight of your boyfriend Himchan sleeping soundly on top of the blankets. His phone was in his hand making you think he probably fell asleep while he was playing around on it. Shaking your head, you prodded his side gently to wake him.

“Mm?” The man grunted as he opened his eyes.

“You’re taking up the whole bed, move over.” You whispered, giving a small smile when he scooted over with a whine.

“You woke me up for that?”

You climbed into the bed, answering “What was I supposed to do, lay on you?”

“I wouldn’t be opposed to that.” He answered with a small flash of his bunny smile.

There was short silence as you both got situated under the blankets and snuggled closer to each other. Himchan had his arms wrapped around you with your back pressed firmly against his chest. You could hear him take slow deep breaths, they slowly calmed you.

“You smell nice…” He whispered, his voice low in an effort to not break the comfortable atmosphere.

You were about to answer when you felt him press a series of soft kisses to your neck. The feeling sent shivers down your spine and made goosebumps rise on your skin. You couldn’t help but let a soft grunt escape your lips when you felt his tongue lave over your pulse point, his teeth nipping ever so softly. You could feel him grow harder in his sweatpants, the hardness pressing against the small of your back.

You felt your excitement grow when you felt his hand boldly cup your breast through your nightie. His hand was so warm, yet his touch caused you to shiver. He slowly slid his hand into your nightie, cupping your breast directly. The feeling of his fingers pinching your nipples caused you to let out a moan. 

His other hand drifted between your thighs, where he found you weren’t wearing panties. This discovery seemed to make him snap. Before you know it, you’re on your back and Himchan is between your thighs.

Your legs are thrown over his shoulders and you can feel his breath fanning over you. The sight of your juices seeping out of you made him groan. Ever so gently, he slid his tongue between your folds. Your taste was heaven to him and soon he was pinning your hips down as you writhed under his tongue.

His lips latched onto your clit, feeling it pulse under his tongue. The soft moans coming from him as he tasted you only added to your pleasure. Slowly, two of his fingers slid into you, giving you a pleasurable stretch as tongue continued to roll over your clit. His fingers continued to drive into your hole, your juices coating his hand, making delicious squelching noises come from you. He could feel the way your body trembled, your clit pulsed and your cunt tighten around is fingers.

“C’mon, I can feel you tighten up…cum baby.” The dirty words mixed with his deeper than usual voice, immediately sent you into orgasm. You could hear Himchan moaning, through the pounding in your ears and over your own loud cries of pleasure, as he lapped up every drop of cum you had to offer.

Spent, you lay there panting. Your body was coated in a light layer of sweat. You watched him as he licked his fingers clean, wanting every bit of cum off his skin to savor. Slowly, Himchan stripped himself of his clothes before climbing back onto the bed, between your still spread legs.

“Hope you’re ready for more Princess…”

Your hands tangled into the sheets and your mouth fell open in a silent moan as he slowly pushed into you. Himchan threw his head back and released a loud moan of his own.

“Still so tight. How many times have I fucked you and you still can barely take all of me. Fuck, babygirl.”

His hands gripped your hips as he pulled out and slammed back into you, making your body jolt up with the force. He kept up a rough and brutal pace, causing you to let out a series of broken whimpers and cries as he continued to drill into you. You were getting close, but his punishing thrusts weren’t enough to send you over. You were left hanging close to release but unable to get it.

“Himch-an…” You whined, grinding your hips down to meet his pace. You watched as he smirked down at you, fully aware of your problem.

“What baby?” He cooed to you, leaning closer to your face to press a soft kiss to your lips, which you were too fucked out to return.

“Please…” You whined, you needed to cum.

“Please what Princess?”

“Please let me cum, make me cum please.” Your vision was blurry with frustration.

With no hesitation, Himchan’s fingers immediately found your neglected clit. His fingers began to circle the sensitive nub, finally throwing you over to your orgasm.

“There it is, baby! Look at you, cumming so good for me. Good girl.” Himchan continued to praise you until he too met his own orgasm.

He buried his face into your neck as his movements stilled, releasing inside you while his cock pulsed. The moans he let our were husky and drawn out. You wished he had let you watch him because it was such a beautiful sight, but his moans against your skin were enough for you.

You both laid there together, panting and recovering from your highs. He slowly fell to the side next to you. His hand softly rubbed your tummy in soothing circles until your breathing calmed down.

He took a quick glance at the clock, “2:17…” He sighed, “Let’s take a shower and then go back to sleep.”

“Can we at least sleep in tomorrow?” You asked softly.

“Whatever the Princess wants.”

It’s been so long since I actually wrote a full fic…well as full a fic as I usually write. Nice to do this again!

Mon Chaton

Pairing: Lafayette x Fem!Reader

Warnings: light angst and implied smut. Mentions of shortbread cookies

Setting: Modern, very fluffy at the end

Prompt: “btw, can I make a Lafayette x reader request? I’m simply a thirsty Laf ho who would die if you did a thing for him” @wendigosgonewild thank you for sending in a request!

Summary: Laf is ignoring the reader and she is worried, so she calls the rest of hamilsquad to help her, angst and then bOOM fluff

Words: 1,036

Ships and requests are open!!!!! Please leave suggestions in my inbox!



Laf opened the door and threw his bag on the floor. He only acknowledged your loving hellos with a low grunt. He slouched on the couch and turned on the TV. You sat down beside him.

“Laffy, is everything okay?”

“Yes, mon amour. I just had a very hard day at work.”

“Well… I know what we could do to fix that…”

You reached under the blanket and-

“No, (Y/N). Please not now. I just want rest.”

You could see something was definitely up. He never refused sex, even when he had a “stressful day at work.” You decided not to think much of it, he would probably tell you later.

20 minutes into watching television, he got up and went for the bedroom. “I’m taking a nap.” He muttered. He never took naps… You decided to text Alexander to see if he knew what was up.

To: Al my Pal

Hey, do you know what’s going on with Lafayette? He barely looked at me when he got home today, he’s moping around, and he’s taking a nap. He never takes naps.

From: Al my Pal

I’m sure he’s fine, (Y/N). Maybe he just needs rest.

To: Al my Pal

But he refused to have sex. Let me repeat,  Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier de La Fayette refused to have sex with his girlfriend of three years.

From: Al my Pal

Okay. He must be pretty down in the dumps. I’ll be right over with the guys.

~~Magically fast forwards 30 minutes later~~

From: Al my Pal

Hey, we are waiting outside the door, and we don’t want to knock just in case we’ll wake up Lafayette.

You opened the door to Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, and Hercules Mulligan, your three best friends. You motioned them to come inside, and pointed to the door.


~~Magically rewinds 31 minutes earlier to Lafayette’s POV~~

Okay. I finally got her away. I have tried to convince her boss to let me take her on a vacation for a solid month, and he finally caved in earlier that day. I pulled out my laptop and sat on my bed. Let’s see… Google… Southwest… Book a flight… flight for two to France… God she will love this. *imaginary fist bump*Arrival and Departure… Confirm. Now to confirm the shipping for the engagement ring-

Knock knock knock

“Mon chaton, I’m trying to rest. I promise we can talk later but for now please let me s-” Herc poked his head through.


“Mon ami! What are you doing here?” Alexander and John poke their heads in as well. I motioned for them to come inside and to sit on the bed.

I whispered in the lowest voice I can manage. “Okay guys, you have to swearnot to tell (Y/N) anything. Swear?”

They all nodded and Alex crossed his heart. I showed them the computer screen. All three of them got huge smiles on their faces and started to congratulate me. “Proposing to her in France?? She will be head over heels!” John squealed. I asked them to leave the apartment so I could show (Y/N). I closed the jewelers tab and I called for her.

~~Reader’s POV~~

“(Y/N), could you please come in here? It’s important..” Your mind was racing. He sounded crestfallen. You have never heard him like this. Was he breaking up with you? Did you do something wrong? You tried to read your friends faces as you were walking past them, but they avoided your eyes.

“Sit.” he patted the bed next to him and put his computer aside. You could throw up right then and there. He looked so worried. You just wanted to hold him and console him..

“I’m going to get straight to the point because you deserve nothing but the truth.” He looked down at his hands that you were holding. “I have to go back to France.”

You heard your heart crack into two. You tore your hands away from him. “I should have told you long ago. I’ve known for a month. I leave this Sunday.” You didn’t stop the hot tears rolling from your eyes. Everything burned. Everything ached. To see the love of your life go thousands upon thousands of miles away? You hugged him as tight as you could, trying to memorize every curve of his muscle and every crevice of his toned stomach. You pulled away and he was smiling. Smiling? How could he be smiling? He pulled out his computer and showed you the flight information.

“And you’re coming with me.”

“W-wh-” He shoved the computer into your hands and pointed at the location. It read, Paris, France. Arrival, this Sunday. Departure, two weeks after that. He opened another tab that read, Honeymoon suite. Exquisite view of the city of Paris. Overall Cost for the suite… 20,000 American dollars??

“Laf.. h-how are we going to afford this?”

“I’ve been saving up for 2 years. The first year of us dating, I remember you telling me about how much you wanted to see France. You had a glimmer in your eyes when I taught you my native tongue, and French cuisine. Remember that straight month where you baked Punitions (shortbread cookies) and Apple Croustade non-stop? I’ve always wanted to show you where I grew up… and now I finally have the chance.”

Tears were still falling from your face. Half happy, half shaken. You were still in the state of sadness and shock from the thought of him being stationed in France. You buried your face in his chest and let your arms fall around his back.

“Ma reine, I’m so sorry I scared you.” He stroked your hair as he cursed himself in whispers. “I won’t let go of you until you’re only crying tears of joy.” You sat there for 10 more minutes until you were actually crying tears of joy. You talked about all the things you would do, all the places he would take you until it began to get dark out.

“Now… how about I take you up on that offer, Mon amour?”


“Well… I know what we could do to fix that…”

He was definitely teaching you French that night.


Lol translation he was moaning french all night

I hope you liked this one!


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rfa+v+saeran reaction to kpopstar!mc with like super amazing vocals or dancing skills? Thank you!!

heyoooo, long time no seen c’: I just went to EXOrDIUM in Mexico three days ago coffcoff.


  • Is there something you can’t do?
  • Becomes #1 fanboy over night
  • Yes, he watched all you music videos and variety shows all night
  • I bet at some point you’ve caught him trying to learn the dance to one of your songs. 
  • 137000+ photos of you, all merch, he’s just soo obsessed with you.
  • Don’t fall for them, MC” *sniff*


  • Aaah, seriously? I knew I had seen you before!
  • He’s super hyped about singing with you
  • He loves that other guys like you because they can’t have you and he likes to show you off
  • But he gets really REAAALLY jealous when other kpop idols approach you.
  • His worst nightmare is you being a guest in Lipstick Prince! 
  • Low key hates Kim Heechul lol.
  • #1 fan, supports you 100%, encourage you to try everything.


  • I don’t think he’s heard much of you (or kpop in general).
  • But supports you 100% in everything!
  • He’s always checking on you, you and your group have the best bodywards in all Korea and the best equipment. 
  • Lowkey (not really) will finance promotions, concerts, livestages, wardrobe, makeup. 
  • Someone is gonna die if you get injured or treated badly. 


  • Oh god, mom Jaehee activated
  • Super supportive little bean
  • You’ll become her obsession, (Zen who?)
  • She knows how to fangirl
  • You’ve also caught her trying to dance to one of your songs. 
  • She’s insecure about you being awesome and cute and all and she just being “plain”. 
  • At some point you’ve made you make up artists do her makeup n all 


  • He knew. HeKnowsEverything
  • He know aaall the songs and dances. 
  • Background checks everyone around you 
  • But looves you being so talented and all. 
  • He has even thought about becoming a trainee at your company
  • If only I wasn’t me I would be the best idol ever! Like G-Dragon! my group’s name would be GOD, oh that already exists…
1004 (Angel)
1004 (Angel)

[SONG] Lyric ENG-SPA | B.A.P - ANGEL 1004

Album: 1st Album First Sensibility / Artist: B.A.P
Release: 140203

[Lyric ENG]

You’re like an angel, who has left me and gone somewhere
I need you

I don’t know how I’m living
After you left me, I’m going crazy
Every day, every night
I can’t even sleep
I’m all alone, drinking away, cry

So I miss you (I think of you) and I need you (every day)
I can still hear your voice
Come back to me (I don’t have anyone) Come back to my side (but you)
You’re like an angel

The reason I live is you
I don’t think I can see you anymore, I think I’m really dying
The person to love me is you
Shine on me in the darkness

Look at me now
Come to me now
(Come back to me, how am I supposed to live?)
Look at me now
Come to me now
(How am I supposed to live without you every day?)

I didn’t know you would really leave me
You were like an angel
Why am I such a good-for-nothing?

Oh no, you have turned away from me
I’m a fool who has lost you
I’m like a beggar
I can’t do anything without you

So I miss you (I think of you) and I need you (every day)
My wasted self is so pitiful
Hug me (I don’t have anyone) Embrace me (but you)
You’re like an angel

The reason I live is you
I don’t think I can see you anymore, I think I’m really dying
The person to love me is you
Shine on me in the darkness

It’s like I’m so out of it
I’m so blank every day
After you left, I’ve become ruined
Come back to me, I only had you

Hurry and save me
Stop, please don’t go far from me (don’t leave)
Never let you go

I want to find you
Where, where, where am I going?
To the place where you are
A better day, a better day, a better day
You’re like an angel

The reason I live is you
I don’t think I can see you anymore, I think I’m really dying
The person to love me is you
Shine on me in the darkness

Look at me now
Come to me now
(Come back to me, how am I supposed to live?)
Look at me now
Come to me now
(How am I supposed to live without you every day?)

[Lyric SPA]

Eres como un ángel que me ha abandonado en algún lugar. 
Te necesito. 

No sé cómo estoy viviendo, 
después de que te fuiste. Me estoy volviendo loco. 
Todos los días, todas las noches. 
No puedo dormir. 
Estoy solo con mi alcohol …. * Llora * 

Te echo de menos (pienso en ti) y te necesito (Todos los días). 
Todavía oigo tu voz. 
Vuelve a mí (Sólo tú a mí) que junto a mí (Te tengo). 
Eres como un ángel

La razón por la que sigo viviendo es por tí. 
Yo no creo que pueda verte nunca más, me siento morir. 
La persona que me puede amar esa eres tú. 
Brillas sobre mí en esta oscuridad. 

Mírame ahora 
Has venido a mí ahora 
(Regresa de nuevo a mí, ¿cómo puedo vivir?) 
Mírame ahora 
Has venido a mí ahora 
(¿cómo puedo vivir sin ti todos los días?) 

No sabía que tú realmente me dejarías, 
tú eras como un ángel. 
¿por qué estoy tan mal? 

Oh no ahora me estás haciendo caso omiso 
Soy un tonto que usted perdió. 
Me veo como un mendigo. 
Yo no puedo hacer nada sin ti .

Siento que estoy perdiendo la razón,
después de que me dejaste, estoy arruinado. 
- Vuelve, tan solo te tuviera -

Date prisa y salvame
Detente, por favor, quédate a mi lado, 
no vayas muy lejos,
nunca te dejare ir. 

Quiero encontrarte 
hacia donde donde donde donde debo ir 
en donde está ese lugar… 
Un mejor día ….
Eres como un ángel. 

| Eng: kpoplyrics Spa: lisjiyong

i could never {sheith fansong preview}
i could never {sheith fansong preview}

saw you all starry eyed
glimmering and shining in the night
held back my tears to say goodbye
to you
lost you all weary eyed
searching for you all day and night
i know they have secrets they lied

i could never let you go
never let you go
never let you go oh
you give me so much hope
give me so much hope
give me so much hope oh
if you fall i will fall with you
just hold me close
dont ever let go

Fight w Bad Pony
  • you were upset because he keeps getting an attitude
    • And steals stuff for you
    • “I Dont want you stealing for me. Its wrong”
    • “fine then I wont get you anything at all anymore
  • He storms off bc he knows you’re right
  • He’ll talk to Soda about everything 
    • and Soda tells him to go back
    • so he comes back and you talk all night
    • I promise I wont steal anymore
  • the next day he brings you a necklace that he actually bought