Halfway genderbent Romea/Romeo + Juliet rockabilly!AU ♥ kinda dedicated to uranchan  and since they’re clever girls nobody dies XD or do they?

and I’m still awfully slow when it comes to digital sketches; I don’t even know… :/ also; I really want to sketch Romea, before she decided that parading as a boy would be a good idea…maybe later; now back to work, yay

This is what happens when I’m chilling, listening to mogwai and sketching. The original inspiration was this, but I think I got carried away XD; But wouldn’t this be like unbelievably cool? Facing off some huge enemy, teaming up, Tony making some magic enhancing armour for Loki and of course  tweaking it “a bit”, so it fits Loki’s style (and later he would be pissed about how good it actually looked) and asdfghjklasdfghjkl

Right, I’m off. So little time, so many things to draw… XD 

I literally have no excuse for drawing this; my sister was listening to this all day on repeat; then I’ve watched the A bit of Fry and Laurie, where they mix up all their trousers, then I’ve wanted to sketch Stiles…so there you go; Stiles in confetti trousers, raving with skeletons!

I have a strange urge to animate this and put it over “Spooky Scary Skeletons” XDDD