As it’s been a while since Endless Forms Most Beautiful came out and the hype has died away, I finally gave it a listen start to finish. I can’t help but feel…bored. I don’t want to say it’s Floor, because I love her vocals (she is quite talented, I don’t deny it). And I enjoyed everything else like the instruments. But the way the songs were sung didn’t wow me. Which is a shame since usually Floor’s voice has some effect on me.



Power Metal

  1. Can’t wait to see how fast this gets reposted :)
  2. I can’t wait to see how many people complain about inaccuracies :)
  3. Specifically the fact that there are ‘symphonic’ or ‘gothic’ metal bands in here but you know what suck my ass it’s not the worst thing to happen in these guides trust me
  4. I am NOT LINKING this one to the other two because they happened a long time ago and I Am Embarassed.
  5. I hope this makes some people happy :)

symphonic metal // listen here

1 Sirenia - Meridian // 2 Kamelot - March of Mesphito // 3 Delain - Here Come The Vultures // 4 Epica - The Second Stone // 5 Lacuna Coil - Fragile // 6 Diabulus in Musica - Shadow of the Throne // 7 ReVamp - Wild Card // 8 Nightwish - Romanticide // 9 Stream of Passion - Lost // 10 Within Temptation - Our Solemn Hour // 11 After Forever - Cry With A Smile // 12 Xandria - A Prophecy of Worlds To Fall