so alexander hamilton is the coolest cat in this pet store, basically. bro was the son of this badass french huguenot lady who took literally no man’s shit and she ran her own store which was a pretty big deal ya know? and then he had his dad who was the fourth son of this scottish lord who was SO BAD at being a person, like SO BAD, and also some people think that he wasn’t alex’s dad because of later lack of communication and his sexist slanders against alex’s mom ja feel, ja feel. and alex basically read ALL THE FUCKING TIME as a kid, he was the motherfucking princess belle of the caribbean and he went through some shit, like he and his mom got really sick and she died while he lived etc etc, and he and his little bro bounced around after that until his bro got taken in by some kind of craftsman or something idk and alex became a clerk. and then this hurricane fucking ripped through their island and alex wrote a letter describing it to his dad who was living in who the fuck knows where at this point and it was so fucking lyrical that people were like MAN THIS SHIT CRAY and literally set up a collection so that alex could head over to america and get educated all proper like and spread rainbows and shit to the people of the caribbean. so he heads up to america and is basically like THERE ARE NO CATS IN AMERICA~*~ (and this is where that vague ass shit about his birth year comes into play, like he said he was 2 years younger than he really was because he was technically ~*~too old~*~ to be started college ya know ya know) and starts going to school in new york and cuddles with his roommate and is bros with this irishman named, and i shit you not, hercules mulligan (who later became a SPY IN THE US GOVERNMENT LIKE WHERE ARE MY MINISERIES ABOUT THIS SHIT HBO) and he starts getting into politics and speaking to these crowds of new yorkers and people are like HOLY SHIT LOOK AT THIS KID TIS BUT A COLLEGE STUDENT~~~ and he starts writing all these elegant as fuck rebuttals to the royalists in the papers and getting a name for himself even though the letters are on anon because you can’t just go against a bnf when you’re a newbie you know? and then the president of king’s college—who was this giant fucking royalist, like literally the most dramatic fucker this side of wherever degrassi’s being filmed these days, bro actually wrote “all my worthwhile possessions have been destroyed in that damned rebellion” or whatever in his will—gets these mobs after him and alex stalls them long enough for him to get away because this fucker puts personal liberties ahead of LITERALLY EVERYTHING ELSE, LIKE HE COULD DETEST EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR BUT IF YOU TAUGHT HIM LATIN HE’D TOTES ARGUE A MOB AWAY FROM YOUR BEDROOM DOOR BECAUSE HE KNOWS HOW MUCH HE OWES TO OTHER PEOPLE (which he did. like a lot. bro gets good at talking down mobs to let people escape.). and then the revolution starts a-stirrin’ and his bros are literally winning the best dressed awards left and right and he finds himself at camp with washington and bro is so fucking savvy that washington makes him his right hand man despite his age and lack of experience and tendency to flirt with anything that breathes and loves/depends/values him so much that he won’t even let him fight???? and hamilton pouts for like fucking MONTHS ON THE END because he’s a CHILD and tries to fight even when HE’S SICK WITH A FEVER BECAUSE FREEDOM RUNS THROUGH HIS BLOOD YOU GUYS. but yeah idk he was also pretty instrumental in getting the french support for the revolution—he got the marquis de lafayette over here (and this bro literally has a street named after him in my town fun fact y’all) who in turn got the french armies to get their cute lil butts over here—and the marquis and laurens and him became the golden trio and literally wrote letters to each other being like HEY HEY I LOVE YOU DID YOU KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU YOUR THE FLOWERS THAT BLOOM IN MY HEART BECAUSE I LOVE YOU because they’re all sentimental fuckers. and this is WAY TOO LONG so i’ll end with this lil golden nugget: a.hamz is basically the american dream personified??? the ultimate outside who became so fucking instrumental in THE FOUNDING OF A NEW COUNTRY THAT THE ERA IS DEFINED BY WHETHER YOU WERE ALEXANDER HAMILTON OR NOT (fuck a jefferson tbh. who was—i think this was part deux of your question—this giant racist, misogynistic dick who didn’t believe that woc had working brains and didn’t understand the fucking fundamentals of government and i hate him) and he loved SO MUCH and SO PASSIONATELY (“and ALL FOR LOVE is my motto” like wow shut up take your fucking golden heart elsewhere man ain’t nobody got time for your sentimental shit) (y’all need to read shit about him and his wife because that shit is so sweet you’ll get like fifteen cavities from one sentence) that he’s literally like this golden feather on the eagle of america? like idk man a.hamz is pretty fucking sweet. also martha washington had this cat that humped everybody’s legs and she named it after him because of the uncanny resemblance to alex so ya know


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2, 3, an 4

2: Zodiac sign Aries

3: 3 Fears Butterflies, not going to Comic-Con, and the rhino from ‘James and the giant peach’

4: 3 things I love Girls, Batman, and pleasuring girls in their “area”

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TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it~ (But no pressure! It’s not an obligation and you don’t have to either answer or tag others if you don’t feel like it. )

Thank you so much!!! :D (off I go to tag more people~~)

Okay, 5 random facts… I’m 5’2”, my favorite food is fried chicken, I really really wish I had the art skills to draw people, I want to be a video game designer, and I’m an archer (although I’m really lazy and hardly ever practice -_-).

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HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! (I wish I could make you something like you did for me but I... don't have that type of talent LOL.)

/whispers but you are talent. you is kind, you is smart, you is talENT. (i am not drunk just fyi and this is both good and sad) the fact that you still follow me after all this time still amazes me tbh lol but thanks boo <3

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TAG. YOU’RE IT. The rules are to state 5 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten favorite blogs and tell them they are it~ (But no pressure! It’s not an obligation and you don’t have to either answer or tag others if you don’t feel like it. )

Five facts about myself? This is a difficult question, I can never answer these first day of class. Okay, uhm:

  • I have a really unhealthy obsession with a lot of things. (Harry Potter, Adventure Time, The Walking Dead, Regular Show..too many obsessions, so little life. Haha)
  • I love to draw, but I wish I had more time to actually do it.
  • I also like to sing, although I am not necessarily great at that either.
  • If you’re funny and or play an instrument you’re probably a keeper. Just to get that out there too. Haha