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anyone find out if nightwing is into guys? cause hot damn, i live in metropolis but i'd move to gotham and risk the murder rate to date him.

My official recommendation is that you should just move to Gotham City anyway because we are far better than Boy Scout City (and the murder rate is exaggerated, anyway, we aren’t really that bad)

But apparently yes, he is? tbh I’ve been struggling to think of anyone in the Batfam who’s 100% known to be straight (like, even Batman is apparently bi?). I know Nightwing’s dated girls in the past (OG Batgirl and Starfire spring to mind), but then he also apparently had a low-key thing with Kid Flash, and dude, anyone who dresses in a costume that tight around the butt has gotta be at least a little bit gay (not complaining about it, though, we all know his butt’s great)

So please, by all means risk the (not really that high we promise) murder rate and move over here!

American Ninja Warrior

May have been binge watching this and yeah the Batfamily would rock it.

-  It started when Tim and Duke where watching it.

- They said that they could totally do better.

- Dick walks in with Damain and now they want to see for sure if they can.

- Cue making their own course in the basement. 

- Barbara was able to figure out all the logistics to make it. Then made it even harder.

- They copy the hardest course they can find.

- Cass “Is this suppose to be hard, looks easy.”

- Jason votes to make it harder they throw balls at each other while doing it.

- So everyone is there. Alfred agrees to keep time.

- Bruce refuses to take part but secretly watches them from the batcomputer.

- Kate goes first

- Dick does it with tons of flips. Jason yells it’s not a trapeze. You win by time not talent.

- Damian goes pretty quick to no one surprises.

- Stephanie almost made it until Harper got her with a ball.

- She got Harper back though so its even.

- Tim and Damian where the worse about throwing the balls.

- Luke was the best at dodging the balls.

- Jason totally uses his height for advantage.

- Cass won to the surprise of no one.

- Course may have stayed as a “training exercise”

I made myself mad.

Do you guys realize that they are gonna have such an issue with the amount of robins and/or batgirls one day, that it’s probably going to be cannon that Jason and Dick were Robin at the same time? Or Damian and Tim? Just so Bruce can stay under the age of 40?

One day Damian is gonna be like 19 and DC is gonna swear to us up and down that Bruce hasn’t even hit over the age of 30. All of us are looking at the rest of the family like “bro how are none of them aging?!” And it’s like “oh Tim is 20 though, he can almost drink "lol” and “Dick is in his mid 20’s oh no! Getting too old!!” And “But Jason is just 23” and “Bruce might be 28….and a half”

Worst case scenario, they are gonna introduce another Robin that gets super popular, and everyone is so excited about this one, but unfortunately for this one to stick around they reaaaaaaally need to get rid of the least popular one at the current time after that new one, (Jason or Tim?? Idk) or change up the background of that one “unpopular” Robin so completely, so that that character can still be around…they just aren’t affiliated with the batfamily as much anymore. (Like saying Jason was trained by someone else, etc., who knows man)

Or even weirder, they are gonna be like “oh well Damian came around at the age of 5, that’s when Bruce-man found out about him, he was still a little jackass that he had to train him out of, along with being re-potty trained because lord knows that change affects kids man.

That last one is a stretch, but I swear, even now at 4-6 robins DC is pushing it, and Batman is pushing it.

Stop adopting Batman.


Costume swap bc why not

Guess who saw the Lego Batman movie on Valentines day.

This was the best Batman movie that there will ever be.They’re not going to outdo it ever. It was beautiful. It was about how important the Batfamily is and Robin being adorable and Babs being awesome and Alfred being a Dad and Bruce being a Younger Dad and EVERYONE KNOWS THAT IS MY JAM.

Also like, weirdly followed the trajectory of most Batfamily arcs I have read in the comics. (Batman has a family, Batman pushes said family away bc he’s afraid of losing them. Batman realizes he is wrong, they get back together. It just didn’t have the essential Bruce-Dick yelling match and a fight where they break Jason’s case and then stand around feeling guilty but you know. other than that exactly the same.). 

The only thing I didn’t like was ship-tease between Bruce and Babs because NO WHY DO WE KEEP DOING THIS. Though at least this version of her seems to be the same age.And it was entirely onesided. Babs didn’t seem interested. She’s hooking up with Black Canary in every universe we all know this. 


I’m going to see that multiple times. I. LOVE. THE BATFAMILY.

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Valentine’s Day

 So not only do we have all but confirmed Batfamily in the DCMU, but I think we can almost pinpoint the exact time frame the family is in. 

So to state the obvious first… The Justice League Trailer

Commissioner Gordon pointing out that he has seen Batman work with others before. He’s pleased even about it. Since Batman habitually trains children, that would suggest that either in the DCMU they are going to age up the Robins or Gordon has had a long time to come to terms with the idea. 

Thanks to Dawn of Justice, even before Suicide Squad, we knew that Batman has been operating for a while and already faced off against some of his biggest threats, like the Joker.

But it’s thanks to the Joker that we get our next hint. Have a look at the Harley Quinn Easter Egg from Suicide Squad.

One of her crimes? Accomplice to the murder of Robin.

It’s about as obvious as a mallet to the head. A Robin is dead. And any comic fan can tell you exactly which Robin was famously murdered by the Joker. (Even taking into account that the Death in the Family story arc was written before the creation of Harley) Sure, there have been other story arcs involving a Robin being injured by the Joker. Hell, one of the darkest story arcs in the DCAU involved what he did to Tim Drake. But no one is ever going to contest the fact that if you want to look at the Robin murdered by Joker, you get Jason Todd, the second Robin.

Now Jason is the second Robin. And we know that his death did send Batman into a deep spiral of depression. Bruce doesn’t tend to show emotion much from the one and a bit movies we have so far seen, so it does seem he is falling apart both as Batman and Bruce Wayne. He is so paranoid about criminals killing innocent people that he is torturing petty criminals and was fully prepared to skewer Superman simply for being an alien and a possible threat. Not exactly like the Bruce Wayne we know. And yet, the thing that pulls him onside? The idea of an innocent person getting hurt i.e Martha Kent.  

But then there is that one scene in Dawn of Justice that seems to contradict everything.

But does this mean that there is no Batfamily. Is this the false line and the others true or have we got this the wrong way round? Or is there another meaning to this? Maybe look at his relationship with the oldest Robin, Dick Grayson.

Remember that there was a few years there where Bruce had all but cut off contact with Dick after their blow up. Dick was not adopted until a lot later in canon and therefore not technically Bruce’s family and face it, during that time both were kinda pretending the other didn’t exist. Maybe by saying what he said, Alfred was lamenting Bruce’s failure to adopt the Robins and include them in the Wayne family and Dick’s estrangement and Jason’s death (Alternately, he could be lamenting the fact that there are no genetic sons which is odd for Alfred Pennyworth. He has never discriminated like that before and frankly that is not an Alfred I want in the DCMU)

So if I am correct, where does that leave us?

Although not directly stated, it has been made clear that the Bat is without a Bird at the time of Dawn of Justice. Yet, it is equally clear that there has been at least one Robin previously. To keep with canon of the second Robin being the one to meet his end by the Joker, there would have to be two previous Robins. That puts us post Death in the Family yet more than likely Pre-Tim Drake era. Which, although sad, makes sense. Part of the reason Tim Drake took up the mask was because he saw how both Batman and Bruce Wayne were being affected by the loss of his partners and well, DOJ Bats gives off that exact and worrying mentality that got Tim to don the short-shorts.

Since they are bound to do a Batman movie to hook into the JL movies, it would be a good side story to look into Bruce making amends with Dick, training Tim and making his peace with Jason’s death to bring out the human side of Batman (Sadly, I think it would be too much of a stretch to bring Damian Wayne into the movie verse but a girl can dream) All these would be wonderful to create a rich and complex character in Batman, outside of the brooding grump that he is habitually played as.

So in conclusion, if I had to guess the Batfamily timeline in the DCMU, I am going to say that there is enough small hints to suggest that we are post Dick and Jason as Robin but pre-Tim (Of course this could all be speculation and mis-direction but I like to live in this little world I made and everyone else is welcome to join me here where the Batfamily lives)

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Can you do an imagine, where some guy disrespect/ hit batmom and everyone in the batfamily protect or defends

I like how Batmum (I’m Australian, I’m sorry I can’t do ‘mom’, at least not in the author’s note) is an actual Bat!fandom trope. We’re all self-insert losers. 
Hopefully this doesn’t deviate too far from the prompt, I sort of went more ‘Batmum is attacked, saved and then alternatively severely reprimanded and given lots of emotional support by the batfamily’.

And honestly…what were you thinking? Dark street. Alone. Gotham. 
Alone. Gotham. 
Dark street. Gotham. 
You really should have known better. 
And as the three bizarrely stereotypical D-Grade henchmen beared down on you as menacingly as they would in the beginning of a really cliched superhero movie, you realised that if Bruce ever found out about this you were literally going to be locked in the Bat Cave the rest of your short, fragile life. 
“Hello pretty lady,” one of them leered. 
“Shudd’up,” said another. “That’s Wayne’s gal.” 
Gal. Was this the fifties? Well if their sexist opinion that you were Wayne’s property- 
About to die. You were not going to end it evaluating the misogyny of your would-be murders.
“Ransom?” asked the third guy who seemed even less bright than the first two.
“Ransom,” the leader confirmed as he grabbed your arm.  
Scream, don’t scream, scream, don’t scream? 
It really showed how long you’d been spending with the Bats that you were just as worried about Batman finding out about this, than the actual kidnapping. 
“I wouldn’t,” you began coolly, despite your terror. Wow, Bruce really had rubbed off on you. Of course, not enough to incapacitate these three thugs but… You need to start paying attention. 
The man glared at you. “And we should care what you think because…?” 
“It’s not her you should be worried about,” came a voice from above. 
You grinned to yourself, looking down at the floor. Jason. He’d keep this away from the others. A secret. You could bribe him with books. 
You close your eyes, ignoring the pained grunts and begging and- 
You reluctantly open your eyes again. The three men were bloody and unconscious on the floor in front of you. 
You feign nonchalance, which really shows how far you’ve come. Nonchalance in the face of kidnapping. 
Jason, suited up, tilted his masked head towards you. The red helmet masked his expression but you smiled faintly at him anyway, rubbing the spot on your arm where the leader of the gang had had his arm ripped away from you when Jason had descended. 
“I’ll give you a first edition Jane Austen if you don’t tell,” you offered. 
Red Hood looked over the scene, a beam of light glinting off the edge of the helmet. “You think this is a joke?” he asked finally in a strained voice. 
You froze, arm still scratching at the spot the man had grabbed. 
“You could have been hurt!” Jason took a deep breath to collect himself and offered you a hand. “I’m taking you to Batman,” he said firmly. 
You had a feeling pouting or complaining wouldn’t work. 
“Okay,” you said softly. 

Jason hadn’t let go of you the whole way back, and his arm was wrapped loosely around you as he lead you up the steps to the Bat Computer, yet it felt more like a leash as you walked up to your (probable) doom. 
You didn’t say anything though. Jason had been silent the whole ride back and you were honestly more worried about him than the bad guys. 
“Bruce,” Jason called to the chair. 
The chair swiveled. 
Damian raised an eyebrow at the two of you. “Father is out,” he said clearly. He gave you and him an odd look. “Though I doubt he’d appreciate you-”
“She was attacked,” Jason interrupted him. 
It was almost hilarious. Damian’s mouth faltered and his eyes widened and he looked at you in disbelief, probably finally taking in your messy hair and your complexion, paler than normal due to shock and fear and who knows what else.
Then he jumped off the chair. “Where are they?” he demanded. “I’ll-”
“In custody,” Jason cut him off. “I made sure of that.”
“You should have made sure they went to the morgue,” Damian retorted as he approached you, eyes examining your body. “Are you injured?” he asked you directly. 
You shake your head, absentmindedly rubbing your arm. Damian picked up on that and grabbed your top, dragging you towards the medbay section of the cave. “He just grabbed me,” you protested. “It probably won’t even bruise-”
“You let one of them touch her?” Damian snapped at Jason as he manhandled you onto the slab to check your arm. 
“I got there a little late.” 
Damian huffed. “She should have a guard on her at all times,” he criticised as he poked your arm. “I’ve told father this before.” 
“Yeah, it’s a shame the concept of privacy is a thing,” came a cocky voice from the section above them. You and Jason looked up to see Dick resting casually against the railings above you. Dick looked back at you and then his expression changed and he jumped down, landing lightly next to Damian. “What happened?” he asked seriously, all humor gone from his voice. 
You sigh, well put upon. “I was just-” 
“Attacked,” Damian almost screeched. 
Dick stepped closer and cupped your face in his hands. “Are you okay? Did they hurt you? Do you want me to call-” 
“Jason let one of them grab her,” Damian tattled as he pressed on the skin where your arm had been grabbed. Apparently satisfied nothing was broken, he stepped away and let Dick crowd you in. 
“I saved her life, didn’t I?” Jason replied, arms folded as he leant against the wall. 
“Some thugs tried to attack me,” you cut in. “Jason stopped them. I’m not hurt, and no, please, please, don’t call anyone.” 
“She doesn’t want Bruce to know,” Jason clarified. 
“What?!” Damian sounded outraged. “Of course Father needs to know! How else will those criminals get the punishment they deserve?”
I already punished them,” Jason reminded him brusquely. 
“Not well enough if they’re still breathing.” 
“You want Batman to go kill them?” 
You were beginning to wonder whether you should be worried for your attackers. 
You sighed aloud pointedly, interrupting Damian’s retort.  “Can I go now?” 
“No,” the three boys said in unison. 
You gave Dick a betrayed look. “I just want to sleep.” 
Dick shifted into his ‘big brother’ mode. “We should probably wait for Bruce to get home first,” he said gently. “He’ll probably have more of an idea of what to do.” 
“People get attacked every d-”
“Not in this household they don’t.” Damian. 
You waited for Jason to pipe in about how they just sought out trouble, but it didn’t come. 
“I technically don’t live he-”
“You’re a part of this family,” Jason. 
And wow wasn’t that something from the black sheep of the house? 
You looked down. “So you’re just going to make me sit here until Bruce comes home?” 
“If that what it takes,” Damian said. 
Dick sighed reluctantly. “Come on up into the house,” he offered. “Alfred was making dinner.”
You nodded, because you’d become really really uncomfortable during this conversation. Besides, you’d left your apartment in search of food anyway. Since Bruce was at a meeting, you’d mutually decided to meet up later on it the night. Oh, you’d probably have to text him, let him know you were already at the mansion, you though to yourself as Dick led you, hand on your arm, gently to the Bat Cave’s Mansion entrance. Apparently the kids had a thing with touching to reassure themselves, which was weird, right? Considering how not touchy feel-y Bruce’s parenting style was…. Maybe that was why? You let him take you up through the house and into the lavish dining room. You took your regular seat, ignoring the slight twinge at Bruce’s seat being empty. You were shaken up, and seeing Bruce’s intimidating form loom over you, full of power and strength, would’ve taken some of the weight off you. Especially if he held you close and whispered something romantic…It’d almost be worth how pissed off he’ll be. 
The boys took various seats around you. You smiled across at Damian, who was still eyeing you like you were about to burst into tears at any given second. You raised an eyebrow at him - a look you’d admittedly learnt by studying him. 
“How was your day?” you asked, for lack of anything else to do. 
Damian scoffed. “The children at that school are morons.” 
You sit back in your seat. “So you keep telling me.” 
“Oh,” Tim said as he and Cassandra entered the room. He looked at you. “I thought you were coming over later.” 
You shot a pleading glance at Damian that went unheeded. 
“She was attacked.”
Cassandra was over by your side in a flash, glaring at you blankly as her eyes swept over you. 
“I’m fine,” you mumbled. 
Tim slid into a spare chair and got out his tablet. “Do you know the names of the attackers?” He open the Gotham PD’s database. 
“They were arrested earlier,” Jason offered up, along with the time and place and you’d stopped listening because Cassandra was still looming over you. 
It was times like this you could really see the resemblance between her and Bruce. 
“I’m fine,” you muttered again at her. 
She gave you a skeptical look, but went and took her seat next to Jason. 
“Barbara will be here soon,” Dick told you, probably trying to break the weird tension. Or maybe distract you from Tim reading out the thugs’ police record in an increasingly angered voice, along with Jason and Damian actually agreeing that maybe they should go back and beat them up a little more. You really didn’t want to know. 
You smile at him, apparently going for the record of Fake Smiles in an 120 minute time frame. “How is Babs?” you asked genuinely. “I haven’t seen her for a while.” 
He shrugged sheepishly. “You know the Oracle,” he said. 
You grin back just as Alfred entered the room. 
“Oh,” he said, startled. “Miss-” 
“I was attacked,” you interrupted dryly, knowing it was going to happen either way. “I’m fine, the guys are in police custody and now I’m here.” You shrug and make a show of turning back to Dick. 
“I see,” Alfred said. “I’ll make sure to prepare another bowl for you.” He left the room. 
You looked down guiltily, wondering if you’d been too harsh. 
“He works for Bruce,” Dick comforted you. “He’s used to it.”
Your lips twist into a parody of a smile. “Yeah.”  
Dick’s phone made a noise and Dick jumped lightly to his feet. “Babs is here.” Then he rushed off. 
Sourly you bet to yourself that Dick was going to spill the beans to her. You turned your gaze to smile at Tim, who was evaluating you with what was apparently the Concerned Bat ™ look. 
You stuck out your tongue at him. “I have lived in Gotham all my life, you know.” 
“Concern is natural,” Damian scolded you. As if you were the bad guy here. 
“Aw, you’re so cute,” you told him, resting your head in your hand as you gazed at him in mock adoration. “You’re worried about me.” 
Damian’s eyes flashed dangerously. “You’re important to Father,” he said, waving away your teasing. 
“Liar.” You shook your head as Alfred returned with the food on a tray and began serving it out. 
Damian scowled at you. 
“Thanks Alfred,” you said as he placed your food in front of you, hoping your smile would convey apology if you’d upset him earlier. 
He gave you a smile back just as Babara entered the room, Dick’s hands resting on the back of her wheelchair. 
Barbara’s eyes narrowed in on you and your back straightened. 
“Fine,” Barbara said dryly. 
You gave her a look. What happened to the girl code of honor? “Exactly,” you said primly. “Honestly I don’t treat you guys like this when you come back bleeding and half dead.” 
“We’ve all had training,” Barbara reminded you as Dick moved a chair against the wall so that she could move up to the table. 
“Then give me training.” The words were out of your mouth before you’d thought them through and all eyes were on you in an instant. “Or,” you added carefully, “accept that this is something that is going to happen from time to time since I live in one of the most crime ridden cities in America and am dating the richest man in said city.”
“You think this was targeted?” Tim interrupted, face pale.
You sigh to your plate of food. This whole night was a disaster. Maybe you could sneak away to bed and sleep it off. Would they still care tomorrow? Maybe they’d realise they were overacting. Deep down you had a feeling it was the opposite, and that you really needed to cut them off at the pass now before you ended up wearing a bulletproof vest to work. 
“Definitely not,” you informed them. “They didn’t realise who I was till after the…” Grabbing? Attack? What was the least frightening word?
“But they did recognise you?” Jason pressed. 
“I’m dating the most famous non-criminal man in the city,” you point out. “Yes, they recognised me.” You punctuate the sentence by biting into your food. 
There was silence and the others began carefully eating too, but there was an atmosphere of retrospection in the air. They were all planning something. 
Not good. 
The meal continued with barely a word spoken, a few inquires into health and well-being and activities and all. 
You stretch as you put down your fork. “Well, I think I’m going to-” 
You falter to a stop as your gaze hits the doorway. 
“Bruce,” you said softly. 
His arms were folded and his expression was blank as he, like all the other Bats had, stared at you, assessing you. 
You clear your throat, the other bats at the table not saying anything. “What happened to your meeting?” 
“I cancelled.”
“Alfred called.” 
Your mouth dropped open. “Betrayal,” you whispered hoarsely, eyes darting around the room for the missing butler. Bastard. 
Bruce’s mouth twitched. “Why didn’t you call me?” 
“I meant to,” you told him honestly. Not about the incident per say… but the intention had been there. “It’s not my fault you have so many kids.” 
Bruce looks at you, and if this had been your first meeting, you’d only have seen the repressed anger, the judgment, but you know better now, you can see the worry in his eyes, in his body, and perhaps, if you weren’t being wishful, the desire to hug you, hold you close, just like you’d been thinking too. 
You had to be careful about this too. You couldn’t quite shake it off like you did with the kids. 
“No injuries,” you offer up. 
“So I heard.”
“Right. From Alfred,” you said bitterly. 
Bruce turned and left the room, a clear unspoken invitation - demand?- for you to follow. 
You looked around the table pleadingly. Damian glared back defiantly, Dick, Tim and Jason suddenly incredibly invested in their food. Cassandra looked at you curiously while Babara gave you a calming smile. You stand up, chair scraping against the floor noisely. 
“Thanks guys,” you say sarcastically as you leave. 

Bruce,” you say in your gentlest tone as you entered his study. He’d already reached the window in true dramatic fashion. 
He looked up at you, eyes dark. 
You sigh and hold up your hands as you approach him. “I’m sorry for not calling.” 
“You think that’s why I’m angry.” 
“I think you’re worried about me,” you corrected. Bruce’s hands fell to your shoulders as he pulled you close, sliding down to rest on the small of your back. 
The long-awaited hug. 
You hum happily and rest your head on his chest. 
“I am,” he said finally. 
“Hmm?” This was nice. Bruce was warm and felt so safe, so calming. 
“Worried about you.” 
You snort. “Thanks.” 
His hand cupped your chin and made you look into his eyes. “I mean it.” 
Your lip quirked. “I feel that’s an unfair double standard coming from a guy whose regular day involves at least five automatic rifles aimed at his head.” 
He huffed. “I have training.”
“Everyone has training,” you mutter. 
“You shouldn’t have been wandering the streets.”
“It’s where you get food in my area.”
“Your area should be here.” 
You blink at him. “Are you…asking me to live here?” 
He gave you an annoyed look. “I’m saying you should already live here.”
“You don’t ask girls to live with you often, do you?” 
“Only you,” he confirmed. “And Cassandra.”
You snort. “Bit of a difference.” 
He ducked his head down and kissed you gently. “Obviously,” he chided. 
“I’m not going to be let out of this house for a while, am I?” 
“Not a chance.” 

Ordinarily I would have stopped this at the 1,300 word mark but the idea of that ending came to mind with the Bruce and the hugging and the kiss and so I powered through to over 2700 words. Hope it was worth it~

Apparently I’m still not strong enough to do the whole [name] thing. I just can’t do it. It ruins the flow for me, idk. I find most people overuse them, you know? Like you’ll be like “[your name] twirls her [hair length][hair colour] as she looks her [eye colour] eyes in the mirror.” Totally takes me out of the moment. 

Send me Batman/Batfamily prompts, headcanons and imagines!

What exactly is the economic system in the Wings of Fire universe? I feel like it would be kinda like a free market because of the street vendors in possibility and the scorpion den, but so far I haven’t seen any evidence of merchants outside of the desert-like areas of Phyrria.  Obviously wealth and money plays into things since the sky kingdom is described as being decorated with a ton of gold “as a display of wealth” in book one… So that shows that there’s a form of currency or a way to seem rich, meaning that there IS a sort of economic system, because if there was no sense of value in things how would they be able to show off their wealth and power? So does that mean “treasures” like gemstones and precious minerals/ores are traded for goods like a barter system?  I remember Whirlpool mentioning they were charging “an emerald apiece” for people to attend the latest scroll-reading, and Coral responded that she “wanted to reach the eel-eating masses too”.  So obviously there’s some sort of a market system going on in several tribes, and it seems like gemstones or other valuable trinkets are a form of currency… 

But what about the Mudwings who fend for themselves? Or the rainwings that live in the rainforest? And we can’t forget the icewings, although it seems like they fend for themselves as well.  How “strong” are they compared to the other tribes in terms of economy?  Do they trade with outside tribes or within their own tribes as well or are they just self-sufficient? If they did trade they probably wouldn’t use gemstones, since those are quite rare…. maybe they would use ores or exotic fruits?  I remember the rainwing merchant in Darkstalker: Legends showing up every once in a while to sell rare fruits from the rainforest, so it seems pretty likely that they’d use their food source as a currency.

It’s obvious that various dragons have jobs and professions- Mastermind is a scientist, guards and soldiers, the seawings in that undersea workshop making harnesses, and the Old Night Kingdom had numerous teachers.  Do they get paid for their services? Obviously Mastermind didn’t (or his “payment” was being able to hunt whenever he wanted to, like Morrowseer) but Darkstalker:Legends mentioned Clearsight hoping her family could afford a better living space with the extra money she got for being the Queen’s official seer. 

So considering the evidence shown it’s pretty likely that the tribes that are (or were) involved in either their tribe’s economy or other tribes’ economies used a barter and trade system, seeing as the rainwing was selling fruit and gemstones are traded for goods and services.  Maybe the use of gemstones is recent and all the tribes used to trade goods for other goods? Who knows. This is such a small part of the WOF universe but I REALLY hope Tui expands on it for fanfiction writers and artists alike so we would know how a merchant would sell their wares.

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