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You let out a low hiss as Dick attempted to clean the wound you had sustained during a fight. Nightwing suddenly paused and gave you a look of concern but he continued to bandage you up after you gave him a look that said “I’m fine” in return. God you were so grateful to him for taking care of you.

”There, how does that feel?” Sick asked once he was done. You shot him a small smile as you gently rubbed your arm which was now wrapped up in white plaster.

”Feels great. Thanks Grayson” you said, getting up. Then something unexpected occurred. Dick suddenly grabbed your hand which stopped you from leaving. You furrowed your eyes in confusion at his unusual action. Was n’t he done patching you up?

”You should really be careful. You have no idea how worried I was” said Dick. This statement took you off guard. Sure you knew that Dick didn’t want you to get hurt but his words sort of indicated that perhaps there was a deeper meaning to his concern.

”Ah… yeah sure Dick. I’ll try to be a little more alert next time” you replied slowly.


Damian draws when he’s frustrated??

I have a headcanon (that is kind of cannon I guessss) that Damian just grabs whatever nearest stationary is by him (that can be used to draw) whenever he’s feeling frustrated or upset and just draws on any surface since apparently his Robin outfit can’t be drawn on (or else it’d be covered in doodles mm). He mostly draws animals (usually robins and his pets).

So like, he can be in some villain’s lair or something and he’s starting to feel lost, he just grabs a random anything that just happened to be lying around and doodles on this villain’s $9247393792277282 worth of stuff and yeah.

He also doodles a lot on people he really likes and trusts (Bruce, Dick, Jon). He’ll deny it but they all got pictures of his drawings as proof. And bc Bruce and Dick has the covers-the-entire-body-except-the-face type of clothing, you’ll occassionally see Damian climbing onto their shoulders and leaning down to see their face. “Father, cease your talking.”

“Grayson, would you like an elephant, or not?”

They’re all chill with it and even keep it on as they fight crime.

But with Jon, him having short sleeves and that whole face being shown, there’s a 94% chance he’d come home with at least one of his arms or face covered in Damian’s drawings. He likes his drawings (he wonders how Damian managed to make these artworks in like, five minutes). Damian will most definitely not admit it but he loves drawing on Jon too.

“Give me your arm.”


“Arm, Jon. Its one of your limbs.”

Also Damian would never admit it but at least every single Batfam has been a victim.

  • Tim was when he’d accidentally fallen asleep in the Batcave and he’d woken up with a detailed drawings of trash. And a robin in a red robin outfit. (The trash drawing was on his forehead).
  • Cass was when she’d been in the living room and Damian strode in with a marker in hand. He silently drew her a ballerina on the back of her hand. She loved it.
  • Steph’s turn happened when she was in the kitchen and Damian had stated flatly, “Brown, sit.” And he had came in and grabbed a purple food coloring bottle and drew her a city landscape (I’M SORRY I DON’T KNOW WHAT STEPH WOULD LIKE I’M NOT VERY EDUCATED WITH HER CHARACTER)
  • Jason’s was when he’d came into Damian’s room because he’d heard sniffling (hey, I can be a good brother too, Dick). He found the boy scribbling on the bed sheet with neon pink sharpie. When he saw Jason, to his surprise, Damian ordered him to sit on the floor, pointing to the area beside the bed. As Damian continued drawing in Jason’s palm, his sniffling died down. Damian drew Jason a nice looking gun.
  • Alfred got his turn when Damian had been told to stay at the manor because he had a bad fever and couldn’t go on patrol. He made hot chocolate and sat beside Damian, who then asked if he had anything he could write with. Alfred lent him a calligraphy brush. Damian drew a tiny Bruce and Alfred.
  • Duke was when he was in the library. He wasn’t actually sleeping but he heard Damian coming in sounding upset and acted like he was. He had to sit still for 20 minutes because Damian decided to take advantage of Duke bc he was wearing a shirt that day and drew on every inch that was not covered by cloth.
  • Barbara’s was fun. Damian had just came into the room she was staying in and asked if she wanted a batgirl mask. She found it cute even though now her face is pretty much just black.

I think that’s it? Should I add more of the Batfam? Bc that’s not all and its kinda… bc I don’t know them very well. :P

Apparently wearing my Central City High shirt is offensive to the BatFam. 😆

Heard Nightwing and Red Robin arguing on my rooftop two days ago. Went up to investigate wearing my CCHS shirt and asked if everything was okay.

“The only thing not okay is that shirt!” Nightwing exclaimed. He and Red Robin resolved their argument almost instantly in defense of their city.

This morning I found a stack of T-shirts on my windowsill with a sticky note under the rubber band holding them all together. “Never wear that shirt in public in this city. 😃~Nightwing, RR, RH, Robin”

The T-shirts are their logos. There’s six of them—a Batman one, a Batgirl one, a Nightwing, a Red Hood, a Red Robin, and a Robin.

They’re all in my right size.

Thanks BatFam

bat headcanons

If you don’t think that Red Hood, Batwoman, Nightwing, Spoiler, Red Robin, Catwoman, Batgirl, Harley, and Ivy work as security for the Gotham Pride Parade in full costume + various rainbow regalia, you’re lying to yourselves.

(Riddler, Penguin, Dent, Query, and Echo attend in civvies, as if that fools anyone)

Pride has the lowest history of crimes in Gotham because all the super villains and heroes are busy.