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Yay! Here you go!

Opening Credits: Mind Games by Leagues
Waking Up: Pulp Fiction by Motion City Soundtrack
First Day At School: Animals by Lisa Mitchell
Falling In Love: The Fixer by Pearl Jam
Fight Song: It’s Gonna Be by Norah Jones
Breaking Up: 100 Round the Bends by Missy Higgins
Life’s OK: The Street by Tailgunner Joe & The Earls of Slander
Getting Back Together: The End by Kings of Leon
Wedding: Older by Warm Weather
Birth of Child: Airbag by Radiohead
Final Battle: Where I Let You Down (Numb) by I See Stars
Death Scene: Happy Ending/Over My Shoulder by Mika
Funeral Song: Maybe Lately by Miracle Fortress
End Credits: Don’t Ask by Grizzly Bear

Thanks! :) x

nightvisions14 asked:


Opening Credits: Second Child, Restless Child: The Oh Hellos 
Waking Up: 5/4: Gorillaz 
First Day At School: Grow Up: Paramore
Falling In Love: The Valley: The Oh Hellos
Fight Song: The Scientist: Coldplay (not much of a fight song wtf)
Breaking Up: Your Biggest Mistake: Ellie Goulding 
Life’s OK: The Silence: Bastille 
Getting Back Together: The Phoenix: Fall Out Boy
Wedding: X-Training: Henry Jackman 
Birth of Child: Icarus: Bastille
Final Battle: El Manana: Gorillaz 
Death Scene: London Calling: Michael Giacchino 
Funeral Song: Wonderwall- Oasis (omg)
End Credits: God’s Gonna Cut You Down: Johnny Cash (what a way to end) 

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