“aHAHAHAHA YEAH err I’m part bat pony on my Uh MY mother’s…brothers..cousin’s sideOH MY HEAVENS LOOK AT THE TIME I GOTTA RUN”

So how am I doing?


Featuring AskSweetCream’s namesake OC and nightvanguard’s Nathariel asdfads although there’s many more names recently that I’ve been flattered as the dickens to see so thank youuuuuu

(( Been awhile since Wild’s tangled with the law, so here he is having a good ol’ fashioned standoff with Nathariel of Princess Luna’s Night Vanguard! ))

(( Dunno if you guys know of the NightVanguard tumblr, but the owner is an extremely talented artist and storyteller who needs more attention. Their artwork and characters are beautifully crafted and illustrated. I’ve been an admirer of their work since they started: you should be too! ))

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The Western Bandit (Wild Card's Battle Theme)
  • The Western Bandit (Wild Card's Battle Theme)
  • Delta Brony
  • Delta Brony's Album

I’m doing lines for a project KingSparta, aka DeltaBrony is putting together, and as payment he did a really awesome battle theme for Wild Card! I love this guy’s remixes, and it was really cool of him to do this for me. You can check out his Youtube here. Thanks again, bro!

Picture credit to Nath.


Late birthday gift for Keilink of the Night Vanguard Ask Blog.

I’m really happy with how this turned out. For this image, I interpreted magic looking differently than what is appeared as others. For examples, when you see an object levitated, the entire object would be glowing. How the magic would actually interact with the object is that it’s like a long thread wrapped around the object.

For Eos, since the body is under the influence of an animation spell, I thought that the magic would take the form of an animal. Eos had two tail-like streams that, to me, reminded me of a kitsune, so I gave the magic the form of a fox. The bottom version of the image omits the magic form in case it is more preferable.

Also, the script on the tome is ‘Morning Run’ written in Otherscript.

Mod:  Okey there is a bit of a story with this picture. Me and my best friend decided to play Dark Souls co-op, but in the same time role play as Princess Luna and Princess Celestia venturing through the fallen kingdom we pretend to be Equestria. Everything was referenced to the show My Little Pony Which, was absolutely fun and hilarious. At some point we came up with this thing for whenever we defeat an invading human player, or a boss, in the same time we would point and shout  "TO THE MOON!“ as we launch them with our moon cannon.

Other note, Happy Birthday to my awesome friend who plays as Celestia.

Also I referenced off Nightvanguard’s anthro ref sheet. So credit for the basic facial structure goes to him. 


Pony Anthro basic references

Those are basic references about how I construct anthro ponies, I would suggest to study human proportions in a first place to understand how the body, bones and muscles, moves.

The specific parts here are mostly the head and legs. Wings are classic from a bird point of view. The leg pattern I’m using is usualy a mindf*ck when it comes to make a character take certain poses, so artists usualy avoid it.
Personally I love it too much, I’ve been drawing Draeneis since a long time so it doesnt bother me anymore. It’s sad when someone makes classic legs when the excitement of drawing an anthro should be to point out the differences with a human body.

I’ll show different level of anthropy(?) in the next update ~