nightvale angels

“Old Woman Josie and Erika”

More fanart of Welcome to Nightvale. I still haven’t caught up, but I’m only a few months behind :^)

I omitted the glowing black light emanating from the ‘angel’ (that isn’t real and only tells lies) because it sort of screwed the colour scheme of the artwork. Sorry!

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I finally read the Welcome to Night Vale book! It was awesome, and somehow much more coherent of a narrative than I expected (as the podcast has much more fragmented worldbuilding and unanswered questions). 

That’s only tangentially related to this picture though. Honestly, I started out doodling, made something that looked like a elongated angel form, started drawing more of them, realized the markers bled through to the back on my paper and so flipped it backwards, wanted to see the rest of what hadn’t bled through, held it up to my computer, decided the glow should be more obvious and cut out a lightbulb, and took a picture, edited it on my phone and added eyes digitally… So all that’s to say, this is weirdly multimedia and I’m sorry it’s on lined paper.

But I really think the angels would look like they were sort of bleeding through from a different reality, like a negative filtered glowing light where a human form made a hole while exiting reality, colored like the spots you see after looking at a bright light too long. 

“And listeners I would just like to rimind you to ignore all road signs, just for today,” Castiel heard the door behind him close and vaguely wondered if one of his interns was done with one of their mindless tasks. “Also, listeners, our sponser would like to–”

“Hey babe.”

Castiel gasped in surprise when he heard the voice of his boyfriend behind him, closely followed by wram arms wrapping around his middle. 

“Ah, listeners…it appears we have a guest appearance from Dean the scientist. You remember. The one with the great hair.”

Dean chuckled and accidentally bumped Castiel’s headphones askew. “Of course they do. Sorry, just got done testing that weird house up on 5th for signs of the paranormal. You know the drill.  Turned out it was just that levitating cat. You still trying to convince the listeners that angels don’t exist?”

Casteil made a panicked grab for the microphone. “They do not. Always remember, Nightvale. Angels do not exist.”

“Nice cover.”

I was tagged to write a fic in five minutes by @whelvenwings (or would have been if she wasn’t just a lazy “I tag everyone” sort of person ;) ) I tag @hamburgergod @shieldmaidenofsherwood and @habitatfordeanwinchester  Rules: Use five minutes, and only five minutes, to write a drabble. No re-reading, no editing.