A baby Rickenbacker deserves a baby Vox. This short scale Ric 325V59 has a couple key cosmetic mods to make it a dead ringer for Lennon’s Capri in ‘64. The Vox Night Train propping it up is the only one I can abide cosmetically. Shame that the classic Vox looks were only available as a super limited edition on that model, but at least we have one! #guitar #Rickenbacker #capri #johnlennon #beatles #325v59 #jetglo #toastertops #vox #nighttrain (at Mike & Mike’s Guitar Bar)

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Thank you to the gorgeous, @one-bad-apple for tagging me to post some selfies. These are birthday selfies from this past weekend’s festivities!  💜🎉🌻🌺🌸🎈💙

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