nighttiming1022 replied to your photo: Conan O’Brien and the Calamity of Hilarity

This whole episode was amazing, tbh

Yes! Tom Hanks is always wonderful, and the car pool remote was one of the funniest ever. The show as a whole was incredible from the first episode, but lately the show has just been outstanding. The new show has obviously granted them so much creative freedom, and it’s obvious now how much they’re really settling into the show and making this thing their own. There really is this spirit of “we can do whatever the fuck we please” on this show that was really notably absent on The Tonight Show. You can tell that everybody there is having so much fun, especially Conan. It feels like this show has now become television’s best kept late night secret. Could you even imagine Conan having the freedom to waste like, five minutes just mocking an E.T. presenter saying “it looks good” on NBC’s Tonight Show? Conan’s strength is always at improvising, and I’m really enjoying the heavily improvisational nature of this show. Ugh, sorry, this got really long but I’m so in love with this damn show and everything about it.