driving home alone from the club downtown at 3 am in January

Driving (masters at work extended 12" mix) - everything but the girl
Wandering endlessly - Robert hood
This time of night - new order
Traveling lights - Vincenzo
Late night (mills mix) - Jeff mills
Electronic nighttime city blues - solitude fx
In the city (devil mix) - master C&J
On my mind - konfusion kidzz
Late night - this mortal coil
The city sleeps - deux filles
Midnight calling (original flavour mix) - sanza digabla
Driving blind - Chris & Cosey
Thinking again - disorient
Downtown - Bennie Jenkins
City Streets (kerri’s club mix) - basil hardhouse
Nitelife (night mix) - Kim English

Nighttime Blues//Martana

Marley wasn´t even sure why she was in her car on her way to Santana´s place in the middle of the night and part of her was angry with herself, because the other woman had been pretty rude during the last few days and yet here she was, offering her help, but then again, that´s just how Marley was. She had always been too kind and too caring and after hearing about Santana´s partner, something she hadn´t even heard about before, she had felt compelled to go over and at least check with her partner. That´s what they were, after all, partners. Despite Santana being rude all the time and their constant bickering, they were still partners and Marley cared, especially since Santana seemed to be more affected by this than she had let on.
Marley sighed as she parked her car in front of the other agent´s building, (she had needed to drive to the office and check the file for the Latina´s address because despite them being partners Marley hadn´t known the address, as opposed to what Santana had told her) and got out, the bag with the ice cream she had bought in her hand.

Marley had no idea what to expect, but she knew that she didn´t want Santana to be alone right now, she needed her partner to be okay, especially since they were going to be doing this important undercover case tomorrow. So once she had reached the building, the bag in her hand, Marley looked for Santana´s name and then rung the bell, waiting for her partner to buzz her in.