Nighttime Blues//Martana

Marley wasn´t even sure why she was in her car on her way to Santana´s place in the middle of the night and part of her was angry with herself, because the other woman had been pretty rude during the last few days and yet here she was, offering her help, but then again, that´s just how Marley was. She had always been too kind and too caring and after hearing about Santana´s partner, something she hadn´t even heard about before, she had felt compelled to go over and at least check with her partner. That´s what they were, after all, partners. Despite Santana being rude all the time and their constant bickering, they were still partners and Marley cared, especially since Santana seemed to be more affected by this than she had let on.
Marley sighed as she parked her car in front of the other agent´s building, (she had needed to drive to the office and check the file for the Latina´s address because despite them being partners Marley hadn´t known the address, as opposed to what Santana had told her) and got out, the bag with the ice cream she had bought in her hand.

Marley had no idea what to expect, but she knew that she didn´t want Santana to be alone right now, she needed her partner to be okay, especially since they were going to be doing this important undercover case tomorrow. So once she had reached the building, the bag in her hand, Marley looked for Santana´s name and then rung the bell, waiting for her partner to buzz her in.

“The World Out There”

It’s the middle of the night, and he should be asleep in his bed
Instead he’s opening his window and poking out his head
He stares up at the heavens, gazing at the stars   
While listening to the sounds of distant passing cars.

The world out there seems strange, and so dark and scary
People die in planes, or eaten by monsters fat and hairy.
Kidnappers will steal you from school, and terrorists shoot you in the face
Evil ghosts will haunt your soul, working in tandem with aliens from space.

Bank robbers take you hostage, and shove your nose into your brain
Or mustachioed villains tie you to the tracks, and have you run over by a train.
The world doesn’t really feel real, as he ponders it from the safety of his room
But he knows that these things happen, it is statistically safe to assume.

The vastness of the night, even as the stars twinkle in the sky
Overwhelms him with the possibilities, of ways to live and die
His world sometimes feel small, surrounded by just his family and his friends
But as he looks out his bedroom window, he can see the world never ends.

Posted 10/15/2012

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“The TV Dream”

As Cooper drifts off to sleep while watching TV,
The warm glow from the set bathing him soothing-a-ly,
He finds himself on the ocean, upon a pink cliff it seems
As what he has fallen asleep to has invaded his dreams.

From beyond the horizon, the Giant Robots trudge forth
Even though the TV sun sets in the west, every direction is North
Cooper can’t turn around to look the massive machines in the eye,
But he can feel them coming closer, and his death is nigh.

Their shadows loom for miles, as he’s frozen in his bed
He can hear their giant claws prepare to crush his tiny head
The whirring gears and beeping lights echo in his mind,
And he knows this is the end of all boy and humankind.

Cooper wakes up with a start, as he was about to surrender
An infomercial blares loudly, selling a new fancy blender
The dream’s reality fades away, as he finds himself back in his room
But he stares blankly at the screen, consumed with the feeling of doom.

Posted 8/4/2012

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“The Shadow in the Darkness”

Even in the darkness, Jason Drummond can see it breathing.

Somehow darker than even the inky blackness of his bedroom, the shadow’s slight movements as its torso menacingly breathes in and out betray its stillness.

Night after night, the shadow stands there… just watching.  And each night, Jason stares back, the tiny hairs on his neck tingling, as he tries to convince himself it’s just a trick of the light.

While it has no eyes, Jason feels like the shadow is staring straight into his soul.

Trapped in its gaze, unable to look away, his head grows increasingly lightheaded and blurry as he feels the shadow inside his own mind, its presence expanding through Jason’s consciousness…

The dead silence is broken as a car drives down the quiet suburban street, its headlights shining through the window.

After the car passes, Jason’s eyes adjust to the dark again… but the shadow is gone.

Posted April 1st, 2012

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