Jamie Lin Wilson “Moving Along”

“Oh, I’m tired and I just stand around with my hand out and my head down, just reaching for your sympathy when I know it’s not owed to me.”

Don’t you love it when a song speaks to you at the right time? Last week, Jamie Lin Wilson released a hell of a record called Holidays & Wedding Rings. In 12 songs, Wilson lifts you up, breaks your heart, and effortlessly sings as if her life is your own. This is the best kind of music.

Some of my other favorite tracks include “Old Oldsmobile,” a Wade Bowen duet and co-write, “Just Some Things,” “Roses By The Dozen,” “She’ll Take Tonight,” “Seven Year Drought” and “Nighttime Blues.”

If you want to catch up on what you’ve been missing, go listen to this album.  

Nighttime Blues//Martana

Marley wasn´t even sure why she was in her car on her way to Santana´s place in the middle of the night and part of her was angry with herself, because the other woman had been pretty rude during the last few days and yet here she was, offering her help, but then again, that´s just how Marley was. She had always been too kind and too caring and after hearing about Santana´s partner, something she hadn´t even heard about before, she had felt compelled to go over and at least check with her partner. That´s what they were, after all, partners. Despite Santana being rude all the time and their constant bickering, they were still partners and Marley cared, especially since Santana seemed to be more affected by this than she had let on.
Marley sighed as she parked her car in front of the other agent´s building, (she had needed to drive to the office and check the file for the Latina´s address because despite them being partners Marley hadn´t known the address, as opposed to what Santana had told her) and got out, the bag with the ice cream she had bought in her hand.

Marley had no idea what to expect, but she knew that she didn´t want Santana to be alone right now, she needed her partner to be okay, especially since they were going to be doing this important undercover case tomorrow. So once she had reached the building, the bag in her hand, Marley looked for Santana´s name and then rung the bell, waiting for her partner to buzz her in.

“Behind the Closed, Closet Door”

Behind closed closet doors, is where evil likes to dwell
You ask parents what’s behind there, but they’ll never tell
It’s no use asking why, because mom and dad’ll always lie
They’d laugh if you were murdered, and don’t care if you die

So stay up through the night, staring at your closet door
Within it live various ghost monsters, and terrorists caked in gore
They wait for you to fall asleep, so they can creep into your room
(Likely to kidnap and then eat you, one can only assume)

You have to take advantage of a Closet Monster’s Law
That states “if a child stays awake, then you must withdraw”
It’s a war of attrition, and you must stick to your plan of attack
Cuz’ what’s behind the closet door is trying to make you into a snack.

You’ll see your parent’s surprise as they realize you survived the night
(They’ll pretend they’re happy to see you, but it’s contrived delight)
Eat a sugary breakfast, nap the entire day at school
And be ready to stay up all night again to show ‘em you ain’t no fool.

(Starring the great Theodore Lewis of!)

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Be In Love With Your Life, Every Minute Of It

Because we don’t get enough time.
Because every experience should be revered and savored, a flavor left on the tip of your tongue for months like a never ending inhalation of fresh air.
Because the pain is a recipe for the acuteness and fine substance of your heart and soul; your emotions rest on the sharpest tip you can bear. Take in every second that cuts you deeper, because that’s what you become: so much deeper.
Do not forget that life is here fleetingly, and regardless of how you die or how your body is left, your energy will forever remain in the universe until the last star burns out and you are finally carried away.
Do not waste your moments with pitiless apathy. Do not fill your time with hate and despair.
Love the anguish, love that the most – I know that, even now, when life feels it’s very hardest, there’s always a speck that arrives somewhere outside that says, “You will travel and you will be great. Where you are now does not define you.”
Be in love with your life, every minute of it.

Nighttime Blues


“Are you asleep?”

“Nah,” she murmured into the dark after a long exhale. She might not have been able to see with her arm across her face to cover her eyes and block out any remaining light to try and help her doze off, but she knew where the voice came from and who it belonged to. “Damn things keep movin’ around out there. It’s drivin’ me insane.”

Another sigh escaped her body, and she flung her arm away. The thin line of moonlight across the floor didn’t help much to illuminate the tiny room, but it was enough to help her eyes adjust quicker in order to see in the darkness. The massive dresser that took both of them about ten minutes to move was still against the door, serving as a makeshift barricade while they attempted to get a little rest. They’d done their best to make sure nothing could get in while they were at their most vulnerable, but there was still the fear of the undead that filled the little bedroom and made it hard to relax.

Charlie sat up, fed up of always being so exhausted and yet never able to sleep soundly to get any real relief. The two worked so hard to make wherever they stopped secure, always in search of something better fortified against the never ending waves of walkers, but on nights like these when they’d actually lucked out in a hiding spot and she still couldn’t sleep, Charlie found herself irritated with no way to work out her frustrations until the morning. That is, if the shuffling corpses were still loitering outside.

“I hate this,” she grumbled. “If it wasn’t so damn dark out there, I’d go and take ‘em all out. Might be able to sleep then.”

Veata stood with her weight leaned back into the wall and the blinds of the window pulled to peer into the streets. It had never sat well with the female when she and her companion took to the more urban areas of the region. To scavenge the houses that sat on the outskirts was one necessity but it was another to settle in for the night in these manmade ruins. One could make the argument that the forests had become just as dangerous as the city as survivors moved away from the area but out there at least she did not find herself boxed in. She was not claustrophobic – discomfort did not equate to crippling fear – but these settings did have a tendency to make her anxious. Their strongest defense against the dead demanded the freedom to be light on their feet.

The blinds settled back into place as she released them and paced away from the window. Though they had cleared through the entire house hours earlier and had taken to a bedroom on the second floor Veata’s voice was still muted as she relayed to her travelling companion, “I think that there are more out there than there were before we settled in for the night. I don’t think that they’re hunting anything but it’s difficult to tell.” By all rights it should have been easier to watch the streets by the light of the moon alone but on this particular night the moon had waned to a sliver blocked by thick clouds. It was the same reason they had decided to chance a house rather than a setup outdoors though anxiety left her with the thought that they might wake to find the entire house surrounded. 

With the tip of her thumb tracing the flat edge of her knife in nervous habit she moved on to the next window. “How are we looking on supplies?” Enough to last them a comfortable three days if rationed. Veata knew that and though she was a woman that preferred to mull her thoughts in silence at times it gave comfort to hold the details in a more solidified manner. She drew back the blinds of the second window to reveal what appeared to be a still empty backyard and bit her inner cheek. If it came down to it they might be able to manage fence hopping to the end of the neighborhood. Better than chancing the streets. “There were sleeping pills in one of the bathrooms downstairs. They might help if you take only half a dose.”

when you’re laying in bed, scrolling through facebook on your phone and reading all these posts about people having secret crushes on others and finally asking them out, and your imagining the joy from the secret keeler and the surprise and flattery from the person they asked out, and you say “ohh that’s sweet” but then you stop and realize that that’s never happened to you, that you’ve liked people and asked them out and they’ve turned you down, and that no one has ever secretly longed for you or even thought of you at all unless it just so happened to be convenient for them and someone else suggested it, saying youre a good girl to get your ‘game’ back with, and to fool around and even get laid, but that you aren’t worth being in a relationship with because they are tons of better looking girls out there that aren’t you, and you realize this all at once and start crying because you don’t know what you did to deserve this, or what you did wrong, or why you’re so goddamn hideous and fat and just the wrong person for everyone in your entire city, and your chest tightens and you just want to cry in the arms of someone and cry it out but you can’t because you’re parents think you’re stupid and there’s no one there.

“Alone in the Dark”

Henry was bad today, But he’s been good before
And each day ends the same… Nothing less, and nothing more.
No matter what Henry’s done, whether it was wrong or right
He still eats a nice dinner, and gets to sleep in his bed at night.

As long as he’s not caught, then he can do what he wants
And it’s really up to him, if he lets his conscience haunts.

‘Cuz, Santa still brought him presents, even if Santa ain’t really real
And it makes Henry sit alone in the dark, wondering what to feel.

SO, if it don’t matter what he do, and he gets rewarded either way
Then the game is rigged, and Henry knows he doesn’t have to play.

Posted 12/27/2012

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“The World Out There”

It’s the middle of the night, and he should be asleep in his bed
Instead he’s opening his window and poking out his head
He stares up at the heavens, gazing at the stars   
While listening to the sounds of distant passing cars.

The world out there seems strange, and so dark and scary
People die in planes, or eaten by monsters fat and hairy.
Kidnappers will steal you from school, and terrorists shoot you in the face
Evil ghosts will haunt your soul, working in tandem with aliens from space.

Bank robbers take you hostage, and shove your nose into your brain
Or mustachioed villains tie you to the tracks, and have you run over by a train.
The world doesn’t really feel real, as he ponders it from the safety of his room
But he knows that these things happen, it is statistically safe to assume.

The vastness of the night, even as the stars twinkle in the sky
Overwhelms him with the possibilities, of ways to live and die
His world sometimes feel small, surrounded by just his family and his friends
But as he looks out his bedroom window, he can see the world never ends.

Posted 10/15/2012

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“The TV Dream”

As Cooper drifts off to sleep while watching TV,
The warm glow from the set bathing him soothing-a-ly,
He finds himself on the ocean, upon a pink cliff it seems
As what he has fallen asleep to has invaded his dreams.

From beyond the horizon, the Giant Robots trudge forth
Even though the TV sun sets in the west, every direction is North
Cooper can’t turn around to look the massive machines in the eye,
But he can feel them coming closer, and his death is nigh.

Their shadows loom for miles, as he’s frozen in his bed
He can hear their giant claws prepare to crush his tiny head
The whirring gears and beeping lights echo in his mind,
And he knows this is the end of all boy and humankind.

Cooper wakes up with a start, as he was about to surrender
An infomercial blares loudly, selling a new fancy blender
The dream’s reality fades away, as he finds himself back in his room
But he stares blankly at the screen, consumed with the feeling of doom.

Posted 8/4/2012

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The Big "What-If's"

I know it’s kind of generic but have you ever looked back on life and wondered what if? Looking at someone i unintentionally cut from my life I realized that while it was my fault I wonder what would had happened if I hadn’t. Those moments in your life where the trunk branches off in different directions and you wonder what it would be like if you were on the opposite end of the tree. Sometimes you can see these bits and pieces through the lives of others but most times you’re left with the big questions circling your mind and picking apart your decisions like vultures. All in all whether it was a flame that was snuffed or a move that didn’t quite shift correctly these what-if’s can either haunt you or motivate you to be better. This is for all the people who got left on the limb or even branched out in the life decisions I made. I hope one day I can track all of these people down and thank them for shaping me into the person I am today.    

“The Shadow in the Darkness”

Even in the darkness, Jason Drummond can see it breathing.

Somehow darker than even the inky blackness of his bedroom, the shadow’s slight movements as its torso menacingly breathes in and out betray its stillness.

Night after night, the shadow stands there… just watching.  And each night, Jason stares back, the tiny hairs on his neck tingling, as he tries to convince himself it’s just a trick of the light.

While it has no eyes, Jason feels like the shadow is staring straight into his soul.

Trapped in its gaze, unable to look away, his head grows increasingly lightheaded and blurry as he feels the shadow inside his own mind, its presence expanding through Jason’s consciousness…

The dead silence is broken as a car drives down the quiet suburban street, its headlights shining through the window.

After the car passes, Jason’s eyes adjust to the dark again… but the shadow is gone.

Posted April 1st, 2012

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I'm going to go waste my life some more.

Off to go play more mindless games. I gotta big day tomorrow. You know, burying my mom’s best friend and all. Jesus, Chuck seemed fine at the wake today, but he teared up quite a bit when we came around. I don’t even think Gabby and Autumn truly know what’s going on. They’re so young. Poor things…

Rest in sweet peace Niki. You’re in a better place now. I promise.<3