nighttime running

I totally forgot about this natling thing i wrote a week or two ago. i wrote it to make myself feel happy and so like. mission accomplished. maybe it’ll make you happy too :)


Nathan’s eyes wander up and down Sterling’s frame for a moment, lingering and irritably appreciative, before their gazes meet. Sterling isn’t sure if his heart seems to be beating this quickly because he just finished his nighttime run or if it’s because Nathan is here so unexpectedly.

“What are you doing here…?” Sterling asks, yanking one earbud out of his ear, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his wrist.

Nathan leans back on his heels. “You could have told me you were back in town. Hell, you could have told me you left town. Three months ago, you know, when you left.”

Sterling shoulders past Nathan and his beat up car parked outside the gates of Sterling’s house. “You could have called to ask.” His frustration comes out bitingly as he tugs the other earbud from his ear. “You had my number.”

“You told Vera.”

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       I was in some weird alternate world. There was this awful threat that nobody knew how to defeat or kill. They were like invisible amorphous blobs but they could turn into anything you could imagine. The only way to see them was to spot weird and wavering areas. They also only came out at nighttime so people would run to the nearest shelter once they saw the setting sun.

       My family, some friends and I were hiding behind locked doors but went out to explore a strange world after the sun rose. There was a heavily wooded forest in one direction and a broken city with slanted and destroyed buildings in the other direction. I insisted we head toward the slanted buildings and I heard somebody say “We have 90 minutes.” I assume night falls much quicker in the dream world I was exploring.

       Upon entering one of the buildings I discovered there were strange staircases absolutely everywhere. They would go up and suddenly go down without warning. They ended up leading to other rooms with different secrets but they were somewhat irritating to navigate due to how random they were. I went through countless rooms full of torn up and unrecognizable items and I made sure I was still with the group along the way.

       We ended up entering a room with tough metal floors and walls. Everything was torn up within the room just like the other’s but this room had heavy machinery and what I believe was destroyed armor. There were torn curtains despite the room having no windows. There was light still shining in from the other rooms which was our only means of being able to see.

       I blindly stepped further into the darkest edges of the room and then I woke up…

Nighttime Run

Oh why couldn’t see get the day time patrol? But nope. She got nighttime….and in Gotham of all places. She had already taken care of three robberies, a mugging, and stopping a man from shooting himself. She did not like Gotham. Sure she liked the GCPD and some of the places around the city but there are more cons than pros. She turned a corner and ran smack into something…or someone, she fell to the ground. Her vision was blurry and there was ringing in her ears….She carefully stood up and tried to see what she ran into.



This Day in Disney History

June 11, 1977:  Walt Disney World unveils it’s first version of the Main street Electrical Parade.

This beautiful nighttime parade will run until September, 1991, and will return again for two years in 1999, and the original Disneyland version is now the current evening parade at the Magic Kingdom during an “open ended” run. The underlying musical score throughout the parade is a 1960s tune “Baroque Hoedown” along with a heavy use of synthesizers and electronic music influences. 

I’m really not much of a parade person, but this one is one of my favorites. It really is gorgeous. Not only do the floats light up but the parade performers come to life with lights on their costumes that change color along with the floats. 

Sometimes there is more than one showing of the parade in the evening and if you’re able, plan to see the second run. During the first parade is a great time to take one last spin on a ride with normally long lines. A majority of the park guests will see the first parade and you can find shorter than average waits. As most of the park starts to clear out after the first parade and fireworks, stick around for the second parade. You’ll find a lot less people along the route, it’s almost like the parade is performing just for you! Talk about a magical moment!
Reviews: The Flash, Arrow and Legends Return, Plus Supergirl's CW Arrival
The CW’s superhero slate hits the ground running on Tuesday, Oct. 4, when The Flash reveals its strange new world, followed by the returns of Arrow
By Matt Webb Mitovich


Whereas The Flash is light on its feet, Arrow is back with — thankfully — what promises to be one of its more grounded, grittier seasons ever. There has been no convenient reuniting of the team during the off-season; rather, Diggle is back in soldier mode in Chechnya, while Thea is thrilled to have shed her bloodlust once and for all, now working as chief of staff to “Mayor Handsome” (as the papers dub him). Yes, Oliver misses the bull’s-eye as a politician, burning the candle at both ends as he is (and going solo on the nighttime streets at that). Running comms, Felicity is still is his ear (if nowhere close to his bed) and pushing for staff additions in the form of some independent vigilantes she has scouted.

Green Arrow would be wise to sign off on some new sidekicks and quick, seeing as the Quentin Lance-less SCPD has been overrun by dirty cops, while new menaces now loom in the form of gangster Tobias Church (played by The Walking Dead‘s Chad L. Coleman with a gravelly and intimidating Zoom-like voice) and an extremely dark archer.

Perhaps the best news is that the fifth and final round of flashbacks are, one could argue, as compelling as the current-day narrative, as Oliver locks horns with Anatoly Knyazev and the Russian Bratva, looking to make good on his promise to… hmm, I want to say “Taiana”? (You know, the girl from the island.) Stephen Amell spent much of the summer trumpeting a return to OMG stunt sequences and brutal brawling, and he would seem to be spot-on in that exciting assessment.

Will (and why would) Dig and Thea suit up again? How will any new recruits acclimate to Team Arrow? And are any of the season-opening wrinkles the result of The Flash‘s Flashpoint timeline tinkering? Leaving us with those questions and others, the Arrow premiere suggests a solid Season 5.