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i normally don't really read angst but i love your writing so much so i did it anyway because i knew it was going to be good & it was!! (but now i'm binge reading fluff haha i can only take so much angst) can i please prompt sleepy neil who manages to fall asleep everywhere or sick neil + andrew taking care of him?

oh my gosh you’re so sweet thank you so much!! (i’m honestly the same, since angst night i’m like………. why is there no fluff in this fandom it’s almost like we enjoy characters who’ve been through hell wtf.) anyway i’m assuming this is not “neil falling asleep everywhere” like at the beginning of trk because that would not be fluffy in the least so… take neil who is a master cat-napper.

  • okay let’s be real here
  • neil’s habits of nighttime practices and running after practice during the day and living with his boyfriend and doing a maths degree does not lead to a healthy sleep schedule
  • if he’s lucky, he’ll get six hours on a weekday
  • so that means that he has mastered the art of falling asleep for a nap in every free minute he has

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Animorphs October: 10 No War

‹The tree didn’t do anything to you, Aximili,› Elfangor said gently, hooking his larger, stronger blade with Aximili’s and pulling it free of the trunk.

Aximili whipped his tail restlessly behind him and huffed out an exasperated breath. ‹I am the only one in my cycle who hasn’t chosen an apprenticeship yet. It is humiliating. I am going to be a child until my hooves are as blunt as Father’s.›

Elfangor snorted, knocked his blade gently into the back of Aximili’s head and ran off in front of him. Elfangor was big and his muscles were strong, but Aximili was more agile and more determined. He caught up quickly and torfed Elfangor soundly in the shoulder. Elfangor rounded on him and dug in his hooves. Aximili dropped into a play-fighting pose. They exchanged a few good-natured blows, but quickly resumed chasing each other, which was more fun. The closest thing to fighting experience either of them had was driftball and neither of them had even made the juvenile team in their region.

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Nighttime run!

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Can you do a rec for super smutty sterek fics? Whatever tropes/kinks are fine

Well, I already have a Stiles gangbang rec list, along with a Sterek omegaverse rec list (which is pretty sex heavy).

On tumblr, wtfzurtopic writes some really good smut, but be warned that some of their fics include underage. Here’s their sterek tag. They also write a lot of hobrien – which of course means that if you ever go to a con and meet Hoech or Dylan, you’ll never be able to look them in the eye. (Here’s their hobrien tag.)

I’m probably forgetting a bunch, but here goes (they’re kind of bottom!Stiles heavy):

All’s Fair in Orgasms and War by bleep0bleep | 63k | Explicit


The one in which (almost) everyone is a porn star, and Derek just wants to curl up with his fluffy blanket and watch the Hallmark channel, but work and falling in love gets in the way. 

Five Days of Dickings by drunktuesdays, mklutz, and the_ragnarok | 18k | Explicit | Note: Stiles has sex with a lot of other characters

Five Dickings in Five Days was the (hopefully interim) title he’d seen on the contract. More like five days of dickings. Whatever, Stiles was into it. The money is great; the fucking is also great. It’s a win-win way to pay for college

Love Runs Wild by DevilDoll | 9k | Explicit

“You’ve got a hickey on the back of your neck!” A Neckz ‘n Throats story.

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Hi Sam! when I was a kid my sister and I used to laugh at these tv ads for a 10k run held on the otherside of the state, it's a joke that we kept up until even last year. My job has transferred me to the town where this run is held... it seems that the universe has aligned to bring about the punchline of this joke by entering this race. I want to give it a serious go and train, so I was wondering when do you eat in relation to your runs? do you have enough energy if you don't eat before hand?


When I’m not doing an official run organized by someone with more sense than I have, I’m usually running at four in the morning, so I’m running on an empty stomach after sleeping all night. I don’t find I lack energy running on an empty stomach in the morning, because I’ve just slept all night, but YMMV, so let’s go deeper. 

Ahead: a discussion of energy and food, but mostly poop. (there is a readmore below, read more!)

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I totally forgot about this natling thing i wrote a week or two ago. i wrote it to make myself feel happy and so like. mission accomplished. maybe it’ll make you happy too :)


Nathan’s eyes wander up and down Sterling’s frame for a moment, lingering and irritably appreciative, before their gazes meet. Sterling isn’t sure if his heart seems to be beating this quickly because he just finished his nighttime run or if it’s because Nathan is here so unexpectedly.

“What are you doing here…?” Sterling asks, yanking one earbud out of his ear, wiping the sweat off his forehead with the back of his wrist.

Nathan leans back on his heels. “You could have told me you were back in town. Hell, you could have told me you left town. Three months ago, you know, when you left.”

Sterling shoulders past Nathan and his beat up car parked outside the gates of Sterling’s house. “You could have called to ask.” His frustration comes out bitingly as he tugs the other earbud from his ear. “You had my number.”

“You told Vera.”

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There’s nothing that feels as good as a nighttime run, in his opinion. Whether it be for a patrol or otherwise, Chat Noir quite enjoys the opportunity to stretch his legs, breathe in the fresh air, and feel just a sense of freedom. Sure, he can’t sling himself around the same way Ladybug does with her yoyo, but he can do some pretty impressive stuff with his baton. And that’s not even beginning to start on his (rather amazing) reflexes! Indeed, even in the miserable situation that was being stuck here, there’s nothing that cheers him up like being able to freely roam atop buildings and jump around parkour style. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be him if there wasn’t some sort of mess up on his part, a misjudged step that sends him off the rooftop with a startled yelp, a hasty extension of his staff to catch himself, and his tail caught on something, resulting on him hanging upside down. He glances around, spotting someone and trying to catch their attention. Excusez-moi? Could you lend me a paw? 


This Day in Disney History

June 11, 1977:  Walt Disney World unveils it’s first version of the Main street Electrical Parade.

This beautiful nighttime parade will run until September, 1991, and will return again for two years in 1999, and the original Disneyland version is now the current evening parade at the Magic Kingdom during an “open ended” run. The underlying musical score throughout the parade is a 1960s tune “Baroque Hoedown” along with a heavy use of synthesizers and electronic music influences. 

I’m really not much of a parade person, but this one is one of my favorites. It really is gorgeous. Not only do the floats light up but the parade performers come to life with lights on their costumes that change color along with the floats. 

Sometimes there is more than one showing of the parade in the evening and if you’re able, plan to see the second run. During the first parade is a great time to take one last spin on a ride with normally long lines. A majority of the park guests will see the first parade and you can find shorter than average waits. As most of the park starts to clear out after the first parade and fireworks, stick around for the second parade. You’ll find a lot less people along the route, it’s almost like the parade is performing just for you! Talk about a magical moment!

I can’t decide if running a 10k in my hometown next year would be good or not. I love the town and I’d love to do the actual race but I’m worried I’d be all sorts of anxious running in front of so many people I know 😅 I used to run at nighttime when I lived there so nobody would see me

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"I swear to God Matt if you lose one more cane this week I will kill you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find them?" With Matt Murdock please? (Reader knows he's Daredevil.) Thank you.

Originally posted by corkwoood

You huffed walking into the office that Matt, Foggy, and Karen had called their own. A look of pure irritation across your face that Matt couldn’t even see as you practically trapped him between yourself and his desk.

“I swear to god, Matt if you lose one more cane this week I will kill you. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find them?!” You were fed up of essentially being his Alfred and cleaning up after him, not that you didn’t like helping Matt with his nighttime activities…but running after canes wasn’t your favourite.

“Uh…right, no more canes this week…” you’d never seen him look so scared of you but you were honestly impressed with yourself.

“Thank you!”

Tonight, Well I Don't Know What Will Happen

I remember when nighttime was a magical world full of adventure and story books and pleading for five more minutes of staring out the window at the endless sky.

I remember when I would just lay there in the dim rays of the night light, pondering what awaited me right outside my door because when darkness fell it was a whole new world.

I remember trying my hardest not to drift off to sleep because nighttime always went by too fast and I never got to explore it.

Now nighttime is a world I know too much about.

I know that nighttime is when I think my darkest thoughts and when every insecurity surfaces at once, too quickly for me to count them all.

I know that nighttime is when I resist to start the love affair between my fingernails and my arm again because these were my last clean pair of bed sheets.

I know that nighttime is when I do everything in my power to go right to sleep but even then the demons turn visions of sugar plums dancing through my head to visions of the people who had left long ago.

Nighttime is when I still can’t sleep so I wander around.

At nighttime, I lay across the rooftops where we spent our summers together doing nothing but doe-eyed stares and cuddling because at nighttime I see all the lies you told me in bright red marks.

At nighttime, I climb up into the tree where I ran to after the first day of school because I hated learning math and all of the kids thought my dress looked funny because at nighttime I can still see the tears that stained those branches long ago.

At nighttime, I run through the forest where I went when my world first started falling apart and the trees were the only things that weren’t spinning because at nighttime I can still see the bootprints I left as I tried to keep my legs from falling.

Nighttime is the time when I never know what will happen. Tonight? Well I don’t even know what will happen, but maybe this time you’ll stay long enough to find out with me.

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Do you know of any fics where either if them are in the military?

derek is in the military:

thank god your heart is too close (complete | 3,469 | Not Rated)

There’s a boy, (“Fuck you, dude. I’m seventeen. Not fifteen.” Stiles laughs in his memory) waiting for him back home.

Air Mail. (complete | 20,229 | Not Rated)

‘’Oh my god’’ Stiles breathed out as heavy booted footsteps faded away down the hall. ‘’oh my god’’

‘’Stiles?’’ Allison asked as he scrambled around the desk searching for the last letter before he was thrusting it at their faces.

‘’It’s him…my soldier…it’s him, it’s Mattie’s dad’’ He told them, his eyes wide as Allison took the letter from him, ‘’oh my god, oh my god and I fainted in front of him…oh Jesus Christ’’

Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday (complete | 1,395 | PG)

When Stiles woke at ten the next morning, Derek was curled tight around him, Erica’s head in the dip of Derek’s waist, and Isaac’s thin form thrown over their legs, Scott lying around both Stiles and Isaac while Lydia slept in as small a ball as possible on Stiles’s chest, Boyd’s hand on her head as if she’d had a nightmare. Stiles smiled to himself, going back to staring at Derek’s sleeping features. The curve of his eyelashes and the relaxed shape of his mouth. He wanted to trace his finger over the line of Derek’s nose, leave hickies over the straight edge of Derek’s jaw. It was new and old and so good Stiles wanted to cry.

Derek was home.

Dress Blue Eyes (complete | 887 | PG)

Stiles really hates eating in the school cafeteria, but Scott insisted since “it was cold outside.” Which was insane since it was sunny and about seventy degrees. But looking around the crowded room he saw the uniform first, then the electric blue eyes flashing beneath the black rim of the white hat. One thought flashed through his mind:

fucking no

if you’re not here to turn the lights off (i can’t sleep) (complete | 7234 | Rated E)

“Honey! I’m home!” Stiles shouted into the empty apartment as he moved quickly through to the kitchen, dumping his backpack onto bench before crossing to the fridge and crossing off another day on the calendar. A month and a half. That was how long was left until Derek came home, until he was safe. Everyday felt like a lifetime to Stiles.

stiles is in the military:

The Last Time (complete | 10,874 | Rated E)

Stiles is leaving in the morning and Derek can’t find the words to say how he feels. Instead, he shows him.

My Baby Shot Me Down (complete | 1,386 | Rated PG-13)

Stiles left ten years ago without a word, and now he’s back, and he looks a little different.

The Division (complete | 11,389 | Rated E)

They recruited him right out of high school. He doesn’t know why he accepted, he. He just did. Maybe because at eighteen he’d already seen more death than a lot of people did by eighty, and maybe this was a chance to get around it, get ahead of it, put an end to it. Some of it. Death itself can’t be stopped, not without something worse. Maybe he thought they’d show him how to be the something worse.

A Good Man Is Hard To Find (complete | 1,086 | PG)

A long dead soldier looks out from the frame. No one remembers his war, no one remembers his name.


AirWolf (complete | 45,045 | Rated E)

An elite black ops program flying experimental helicopters called Wolves is deployed in the desert of Afghanistan.
Stiles Stilinski is an onboard Systems Operator and his pilot is one hotheaded Derek Hale.

Goodnight Sweetheart (complete | 9,512 | Rated M)

The day Stiles gets home he glances at a photograph of his mother and breaks down in tears. But he picks himself up, dusts himself off, hangs up his army uniform, and sits down to read the paper.

In the Air, On Land, and Sea (complete | 6,443 | PG)

In which Derek is a marine on his way home. He meets Stiles, a marine on his way to war.

Squared Away (complete | 15,809 | Rated PG-13)

Alpha LT Derek Hale gets a promotion, a pack, and a mission. Stiles is a complication.

Corporal Punishment (complete | 3,942 | Rated E)

“I’ve been reluctant to stoop to your level, but you leave me no choice. All previous experience tells me that no amount of push-ups or nighttime cross country running will improve your behavior.”

Stiles smirks. “The perks of growing up with ADHD, I’m in fairly good shape.”

Hale pinches the bridge of his nose, nostrils flaring. “Right. Stand up, Stilinski. Hands on the desk.”

It doesn’t occur to Stiles what that particular order entails before he’s standing, half bent over the desk in order to reach with his hands. This position seems fairly suggestive.