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Nighttime With You is All I'll Ever Need

Summary: Dan likes nighttime and Phil stays awake with him.  (Or three different times Dan and Phil try to explain how they love each other.)

Word Count: 1.8k

Warnings: some angst at the beginning but it gets happy!! also references to sex and a mention of depression

A/N: ahhH happy secret santa Rachel ( @phansdick )!! tbh this is my second attempt at a fic because considering you’re one of the Best writers how can i write something for you?? But here’s a little thing anyways and I hope you like it!! (also this is only part one of the gift lol there’s also a little thing here and here)

There was something about nighttime that Dan had alway loved.  He liked staying up as late as possible, up until the time when everyone else was asleep and he felt like he might be the only person still awake in the whole town.  It was then that he felt like he could finally breathe and think without everything around him being so overwhelming.  The sort of calmness that eased into his bones in the inky dark hours was something that he could never quite feel during the day.

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Babyface ~ Chapter 10

Summary: Phil’s brother runs one of the most infamous underground pornography rings in London. Convinced they are saving people from suffering on the streets, Phil chooses to ignore the illegality of the operation. But then Daniel Howell, who looks much younger than eighteen, is recruited and Phil starts to question how much good they’re really doing.

Genre: Angst, Drama, Smut

Warnings: Underage and forced pornography, Non-consensual drug use, Violence, Dubcon Mentions of abuse, Mentions of prostitution

POV: Third

Words: 1651

A/n: Final chapter!! (and I’m sorry)

((And yay I’ve got my laptop back so now I can get bak to writing properly!!))


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anonymous asked:

Hey! I saw that a few of the admins were doing secret santa fics for each other on their personal blogs?? I remember you doing this last year too I think but I was wondering if you could link the fics that you guys wrote for each other?! :D Thanks!


GamosPhil manages to get himself cursed by the God’s again, but this time he won’t tell Dan what he did wrong, and Dan’s left to figure it out for himself. Modern Day Greek Gods AU.


Waiting, Hoping With Each BreathAfter Dan’s girlfriend breaks up with him, Phil finds his best friend suddenly a lot closer than he’s ever remembered them being before. For some reason, he doesn’t mind it much at all. In fact, Phil quite enjoys the late night cuddles and the way Dan clings to him whenever they watch television. He probably enjoys it a little bit too much.


Nighttime With You Is All I’ll Ever Need Dan likes nighttime and Phil stays awake with him.  (Or three different times Dan and Phil try to explain how they love each other.)


You Deserve the WorldDan is deaf and doesn’t have many friends at his school. Phil is the new kid who meets Dan on his first day. They instantly bond the moment Dan learns that Phil knows sign language. They become best friends because of this.


All Was Golden In the SkyAfter Dan and Phil found each other, time seemed to slip away from them faster than they could expect. As the seasons change, the pair face the reality of a new relationship, carrying it through its ups and downs. No matter what, they’d always come out stronger.


Incidents, Accidents and Accidental IncidentsIt’s nearing the Christmas season, and Phil decides to plan a surprise for Dan. Little does he know that it’s about to go horribly wrong - or does it?

I think this is everyone who wrote a fic for our secret santa? If not then punch me thx

#226 Bathtime/bedtime

Dan: Bathtimes were always fun with Dan. Once he could convince your son to get in the bath, the kid didn’t wanna get out because he was having so much fun. There would always be bubbles involved- half of them would end up out of the bath. There were also loads of bath toys, which meant story time was a must. Always stories about dragons and Knights. Then after Bathtime, bedtime brought whole new stories about wizards and magical beasts. You really didn’t know how Dan did it, but every single night there were new stories. You found yourself listening more than your son. Dan loved nighttime with his son- it was their special time.

Phil: Bathtime was a hassle with your daughter. She definitely inherited her father’s messy gene- she absolutely hated getting in the bath. No matter how fun you tried to make it, 9/10 times she ended up crying. Once, Phil offered to get in there with her, but that made her cry harder. Bedtime wasn’t much better. It took at least 15 minutes for you to actually get her into bed. Having a bath gave her a whole second wind, so you had to wrangle her every night. Once you finally got her into the bed, she’d start to calm down and listen to mommy’s story while daddy acted it out in front of her. No matter how much of a struggle she was, you loved her with all your heart and you had to admit that she was definitely adorable when she was angry.