Marry Me - a Klaine fic

Hi there everyone. I’ve been writing Klaine fics for a while now and I’ve decided to cross-post from my account onto my blog.

This particular story is the first multi-chap I ever completed and it has a special place in my heart. I would like to point out that this is fairly AU and written basically a year before the proposal story came about in canon so forgive me anything that seems a bit OOC.

This chapter is dedicated to the people who encouraged me.

Fandom: Glee

Pairing: Kurt x Blaine [Klaine]

Rating: mild T

Length: Part 1of 13

Summary: Blaine takes Kurt out to New York for a quick visit before the big move. What Kurt doesn’t know is that Blaine has quite the surprise planned.

Kurt looked around, amazed once again by the sights New York City provided. He leaned into Blaine’s shoulder, sighing contently. Kurt had the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for.

Blaine, being the amazing boyfriend that he is, had decided to take Kurt to New York City for a week as his graduation present. And so the two found themselves walking around the city being typical tourists; Blaine had also set up a tour of NYU for Kurt since he had been accepted already. Kurt had been ecstatic when he had first found out about the trip, honestly amazed that Blaine had gotten Burt to agree at all. Yet, despite Kurt’s initial skepticism, here they were lying in the grass in Central Park admiring the city lights at night.

They had left Ohio on a Monday, and unfortunately their weeklong vacation was nearly up. It was Saturday night and they had only one day left, tomorrow, to enjoy in the Big Apple. Kurt was sad to leave, but comforted himself with the fact that he’d be returning soon.

“Kurt?” Blaine whispered from his spot by Kurt’s side.

“Yeah, Blaine?”

“It’s a beautiful night.”

“It is.” Kurt sighed contently, nuzzling his boyfriend’s neck and burying his face in the glory of Blaine’s curly, unruly hair. (Kurt had finally convinced Blaine to relax on the gel, at least for one night.)

“But nothing can be more beautiful than you.” Kurt smiled, rolled over onto his side, and rolled his eyes at Blaine.

“Can you get any cheesier?”

Blaine smirked cheekily. “If you want me to.”

Kurt said nothing in response, merely shaking his head fondly.

“And to think,” Kurt said after a short moment of comfortable silence, “I used to think you were a clueless dapper gentleman.”

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  • 1. First band you saw live?

Not counting all the weird free outdoor shows my mom dragged me to when I was a kid and can’t really remember?  First actual concert was Roger Waters.  Yeah, but if a strong start, haha.

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  • 4. Best concert memory?

Awww so many good ones.  Maybe the time Drew gave me his pick and we talked after the show.  Or when Jon crowdsurfed over me and they played Lonely Nation.