OC Ask Meme /1

1) What is their one embarrassing secret favorite song?
2) What is one thing they do when they’re home alone?
3) Have they ever killed someone?
4) Describe their childhood in five words
5) What Pokemon would fit them as a partner the best?
6) Most traumatic experience?
7) Favorite smell?
8) Do they have any social media? What do they post there?
9) If they ever attended school, what were they like as a student?
10) Ever did any form of self harm?
11) Do they have a creative hobby?
12) How would they imagine hell if there was one?
13) How would they imagine heaven if there was one?
14) Where do they think would they go after their death, hell or heaven?
15) Thoughts on overweight, beauty standards and gender constructs?
16) Kinks, fetish, phantasies?
15) Songs that make them cry
16) Pet Peeves
17) Something they would never wear
18) Have they ever stalked someone?
19) Nightshower type or dayshower type?
20) How many stuffed animals do they own?

[Audio] DJ KnockOut’s NightShow Mix Pt.2

“Ain’t no netflix and chill bih, we listening to KnockOut’s NightShow Mix. ”

Twitter/IG: @IamDjKnockOut

Track List:

01. Tyler The Creator - Find Your Wings
02. Childish Gambino - So Into You (Cover)
03. Frank Ocean - We All Try
04. Jacquees - Persian Rugs (Cover)
05. Tory Lanez - Talk On The Road
06. Bryson Tiller - Just Another Interlude
07. Dej Loaf - Me U & Hennessy Ft. Lil Wayne
08. Future - The Percocet & Stripper Joint
09. Chris Brown - Liquor
10. PartyNextDoor - No Feelings Ft. Ca$h Out & Travis $cott
11. Drake - The Real Her
12. Ty Dolla $ign - Solid Ft. Babyface
13. Post Malone - Holyfield

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Bilbo’s pros and cons list for marrying Thorin


  • dressing Thorin up in suspenders and rolling his pants up past his ankle
  • getting footrubs whenever he wants
  • Thorin singing to him at night
  • showing Thorin off to all of his relatives and getting to be really smug about it
  • using Thorin’s braids as handle bars during the dirty dirty
  • Thorin fixing anything that breaks
  • Thorin is like a heater and perfect for cold winter nights
  • Bilbo knows that if he ever has a bad day he would at least have Thorin to come home to


  • Thorin kicks a lot in his sleep
  • He leaves dirty clothes on the bathroom floor
  • there always seems to be crumbs in the bed from Thorin eating sweets in the middle of the night