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I’ve been itching to draw a Gnoll! This nightshade lady’s a trapper, and I can almost hear her cackles of glee through my laptop screen. 💫 💜

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Here, The last of my series of Poisonous Flowers

N° 6: Deadly Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna)


The most poisonous and powerful of all plants, called the “Berry of the Witches”
The poisoning symptoms start with high fever, mouth dryness, blurred vision because of dilated pupils, vomiting, excessive stimulation of the heart, drowsiness, slurred speech, hallucinations, confusion, disorientation, delirium, and agitation. Coma and convulsions often precede death, but something recurring in all the process are the intense hallucinations.

It was used in the Witchcraft for potions, curses and rituals, being a powerful hallucinogen, also it was used as eye drops for dilatation of the pupil, sometimes leading to blindness.


Materials: Graphite, marker, color pencils, gouache and ink on recycled leaf-textured paper

Happy October


The Hunters of Artemis aesthetic

Young intelligent women with glitter running
through their veins, eyes that sparkle as bright
as a million stars on a magical summer night.
A bond that lasts an eternity and brings you
closer to nature than you’ve ever been.
It’s like an endless adventure with your best friends.

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I was talking about what all was growing in my garden this year: cornflower, marigolds, clover, violets. And I mentioned to my co-worker that it was all edible and he made a disgusted face. 

“Edible? Why would you want to eat that?”

Well… I mean one reason is witchcraft- but I can’t say that out loud. 

“I like growing things that I can eat, even if they’re not practical foods. Cornflower and marigold make decent teas, clover is sweet, violets make a sweet juice. I like that kind of versatility.”

“Just don’t eat anything you don’t know,” he warns me. “It might be nightshade.”

To which he goes on a rant about all the commonly-grown flowers that you shouldn’t eat because they’re poisonous but he can’t name one of them and I’m like- ‘gladiolus.’ 



I mean… I’m sitting there, wearing a ring with a dried nightshade flower encased in resin, listening to a dude lecture me on not eating poisonous things because he’s concerned I might mistake it for something edible. 

And he’s just not getting how much more about this I know. He keeps talking. 

Like… don’t you think that if I was intent on growing edible flowers that I would have the foreknowledge to become familiar with the kinds that might kill me? 

I’m thirty, not three. 

Heathens- [smutandahalf]

A Scruffy Hoes Production

Author: smutandahalf

Rating: NSFW 18+

Words: 3599

Warning: This is darker than what I usually write. It doesn’t have any triggers but I just wanted you guys to know it’s different from my usual stuff.

A/N: Happy Halloween! Trick or Treat? That’s for you to decide..

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     There is something very wrong with Stiles Stilinski, something strange and dark. I glance over at him, sitting at his desk with his head pressed into his hands and his eyes clenched closed. I turn slightly looking around curious if anyone else has seemed to pick up on it. Something is wrong and not a single other person seems to notice, a cold trickle slides down my spine and I quirk my head at him curiously. How strange that he seems so invisible to them. Brushed to the side by his best friend who seems to jump in terror of his own shadow, invisible to the girl who has been clinging to his arms for weeks who has always seemed to be balancing precariously on the line between wild child and wild animal, and overlooked by his father who seems to be too focused on figuring out what is going on in this god forsaken town. Yes, something is very wrong with Stiles Stilinski, and yet no one seems to notice but me.

          The bell rings, and he’s out of his desk and through the door faster than I can blink. I shift my weight from one foot to the other as I gather my things, moving slowly as I deliberate on what I should do next. With a certain level of blind curiosity I decide that from this day on if no one else is going to notice him then I’ll be sure that I do. The unseen can always see the invisible.

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galadriel takes the ring.

middle earth quakes & quakes & splinters, & fragments back into place. but it is never the same. thranduil bends but does not break. the dwarves shut themselves in their mountains but she does not siege them, merely sends ambassadors to parley. it is the men who resist, because men are foolish and weak. aragorn leads a counter-movement, of course he does– she hangs his men from the gates & brings the uncrowned king to her granddaughter. she grants the haradrim the lands stolen from them and burns rohan to the ground. gondor resists, and she herself storms its gates and unseats denethor from his mad throne. 

mordor is eclipse, perpetual dusk when gandalf crosses it, hoping to succeed where celeborn has failed. and it is not barren in the way before less red, more grey, full of dark flowers & nightshade. 

he finds her on her throne, dark-eyed, wargs resting at her feet.

olórin, she says, and her voice is a song, a nocturne, a thousand starlings lifting into flight and then plunging. she smiles and it is all teeth. i’ve been expecting you.

artanis, he answers, but she is something else. something darker, sharp as the stars.

go to the valar, she says, tell them i am coming. tell them i will have my revenge. tell them they will be unseated. 

or what? he demands, and she shows him the shire, shows him one thing he has loved so much in middle earth.

and he goes. oh, he goes.

Oasis Abandon

(Available on AO3)
Pairing: Link/Zelda (BOTW post-game)
Words: ~2350
Summary: Link and Zelda attend a Gerudo wedding at the Southern Oasis, complete with the appropriate Gerudo garb. Taking the evening to enjoy each others companionship, they share stories, sneak a little wine, and give in to abandon..
Notes: Requested by the lovely @aliceknowstime. TY to @honestground for beta-ing :)

The note is written in a crisp and prim hand, the ink a rich earthy brown and the parchment smelling of cinnamon and spice.

Champion. Princess, it reads. For your aid in protecting Vah Naboris, Chief Riju invites you to attend the wedding of her advisor, Perda, to be held at the Southern Oasis. You will attend as the Chief’s honoured guests. Please find the appropriate Gerudo attire enclosed. Buliara.

Link takes a moment to process the note. Wedding? Gerudo attire? He eyes the large parcel sitting on the table with some reservation. Their trip to Gerudo Desert was meant to be routine; meet with Lady Riju, check on Vah Naboris, maybe race a sand-seal or two. Link checks the date of the wedding and sees that it won’t interfere with their work, and, his curiosity getting the better of him, unravels the fine twine that secures the parcel.

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Leo’s Hobbies

Apparently all I’ve read about Leo is that he either meditates or trains all day so I’m fixing to change that. 

The guy obviously does other things like: 

-Read books (philosophical, ethical, and historical. Even fictional. He likes Stephen King books best for reading entertainment.) 

-Read comics. (Its canon in other universes. Its canon period.) 

-Tend to his plants. (He’s got a bonsai tree in his room. There’s no doubt he’s got a couple others. Maybe some succulents & small strips of flowers like Nightshade.) 

-His chores. (Pretty sure they all do those things either way.) -Watch Youtube. (His tastes range from martial arts, to Youtube Let’s-Players on Horror Games, to tutorial vidoes on cooking.) 

-Change the bandages on his hands. (Another thing all the guys do.) 

-Help repair broken things with Donnie. (Namely furniture or Mikey’s latest source of entertainment. Leo’s really good at Carpentry, says Donnie.) 

-Search up recipes to try out with Mikey, despite knowing that he’ll screw up on the cooking part. (Still does it because he wants to spend time with baby brother, & only searches up cool & exciting stuff to try out so Mikey’ll be happy too.) 

-Chill with April as they stream TV shows or movies for hours. (She’s gotten him to watch the entirety of Harry Potter, the Pretty Little Liars series, Lemony Snicket’s Series, some Supernatural, and now Voltron.) 

-Help Casey out. (with anything. These two can find common ground in something they’ll like somehow.) 

-Make bets with Raph. (It’s his crutch. Apparently he’s too good for anyone else to make a bet, but when it’s Raph, it’s a total pissing contest. It can be about anything, & done anywhere. They once had a bet in how many Foot Ninjas they can knock out in one night. The competitive egos of those two are insane.) 

-Have conversations with his dad. (This could be while he’s helping out with some chores, or when he feels like he wants to spend time with his pops. He sometimes joins Master Splinter to watch the soap operas and reality TV shows.) 

Feel free to add on! 

Fairytale Tattoos and Magical Flowers

A fic for @blaane. Who wanted a tattoo/florist dennor AU. Hope you like it!

(On AO3 too!)

The street was a quiet one, despite being the main shopping street in the town. No cars drove through, only the occasional bike or small motorcycle.

Changes weren’t done overnight.

So when his tattoo parlour was to get a neighbour again, he didn’t expect it to come so quietly.

Preben first noticed that the “for sale” sign in the empty shop disappeared.

Then over the weekend the shop got a paint job. Gorgeous dark green instead of the rather drab and faded grey.

Then one morning there was a sign.

“Magical Flowers” the gold lettering read, beautifully painted on top of a matt black background.

Preben had to stop and stare for a moment. He had an urge to revamp his own sign now.

The coming week he sometimes spotted movement inside the shop, but the blinds remained shut and all he heard was the unmistakable sound of hammering and sawing.

And Magical Flowers proved to be just that.

At least seemingly.

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