nightshade creations

This was done about a year before the previous post. Also unfinished.

There are bits and pieces of things I love, things that inspire me, and symbolic bits that describe who I am, what I feel, and things that are buried.

The orb that she is connected to is the core of the Earth. Her roots wrap around it because she is part of the Earth - the Earth is what sustains her and gives life… The shackle around her animal foot represents the wild part of me that has been locked away all my life… The shawl with the ghostly face that covers the womanhood between her legs represents the fear and insecurity I feel connected with that area - my fear of being physically close to a person… In her right hand she holds her heart so tightly that her hand and fingers become part of the heart. This represents how protective I am of my heart and my unwillingness to let anyone take it from me… But you see musical notes coming from within the heart. Representing my love of music and how deeply it affects me. How close to my very soul it is… The bra is actually armor… In the upper right corner the night is breaking through the page with Mother Moon and the stars lighting the sky. I’ve always felt a connection with the moon and the night. It’s my other half. The fact that it’s breaking through the page represents how I - how people in general - need to accept my other half and accept myself as a whole. Now matter how hard a person tries, they can never keep parts of them contained forever. The parts we keep buried always find a way of coming out and the more we fight it and deny it the more dangerous and destructive it becomes… The runes on the left side (referenced from a Wiccan book I’ve had for years) are Protection, Good Health, Comfort, and Love. The symbols on the right; Heart = Love,  Flower = Nature, YinYang = Dark and Light - Balance - How each is a part of the other and as long as this fact is accepted they work together in harmony, then at the bottom of each side is the Peace symbol whose meaning is obvious enough (in this piece has no relation to the Hippie stereotype but the actual meaning of the symbol itself)…… If you look close enough you can see two Tree Spirits from Hayao Miyazaki’s “Princess Mononoke”.