내가 and 나는

Hello guys,

I saw a post about this on my dashboard, which I corrected a longer time ago. I’m kinda mad that the person still hasn’t update the post because people keep rebloggin the wrong post and she answered me that she will include my stuff/correct the post. So I will just post what I wrote here so that you don’t need to reblogg the wrong post.

내가 and 나는 are just the word 나 with the particles 가/이 and 은/는. Both can be used with verbs and adjectives but the difference is that 가 marks the subject of the sentence and 는 marks the topic of the sentence.


내가 학생이에요.

나는 학생이에요.

Both means ‘I’m a student’ BUT the second sentence shows that I’m the topic of the sentence. ‘I don’t know about the others BUT I’M a student.’

Another example:

오늘 날씨는 좋아요.

오늘은 날씨가 좋아요.

Both means ‘Today is the weather good’

In the first sentence, the word weather is the topic, so it kinda get the feeling of ‘Not everything but at least the WEATHER is good.’ (가/이 are not necessarily in this sentence because 좋아 refesr to 날씨 and this word already has 는/은 as particles, which can replace 가/이 when it’s used on the subject.)

In the second sentence the word Today is the topic, so it kinda get the feeling of 'Not the other days but TODAY the weather is good’

The 가 particle in the second sentence shows only that the adjective 좋아요 is referring to 날씨 and not 오늘. So not Today is good, but the weather is good.

So the usage of 나는 and 내가 doesn’t deepen on if it’s a verb or a adjective but which part the word has in the sentence.

3rd of January

Today I felt so productive and motivated! I like this feeling on me! I got some notes done, for the test I’m going to write next week and I finally started with the book ‘korean grammar in use’. Also I drank a 1 liter water, which actually feels like my biggest achievement today :’D

I also have a day off on Friday which means only one day to go for this week! Hopefully I can use this time well ^-^

5 new words I learned today:

도서관 - libary

막히다 - be stopped, plugged, blocked ( 눈이 와서 길이 많이 막혀요 - It’s snowing, so the traffic is bad; lit. trans.: is stopped/is blocked )

바람 - wind ( 바람이 불어요. - It’s windy)

넓다 - large, big, extensive, board, wide ( 저희 상장님 마음이 넓으십니다. - Our company president is a generous person; lit. trans.: has a big/large heart)

기도하다 - attempt, try, to pray (기도 - prayer)

2nd of January

Cleaned and organized my desk today. I have so many stuff ugh

I also set up some free prints I got from @emmastudies. They are sooo cute! put them on with washitape xD

I hope I will spend some more time this year on my desk with actually studying or practicing. Especially because I have a test next week I haven’t studied for yet >_>

Hopefully I will get something done tomorrow but today was just so trying at work, I’m just happy to be reunited with my bed soon!

I hope you guys had a good start in the new year as well and don’t pressure yourself too much with your new planes for 2018!

Ich habe es heute endlich mal geschafft meinen Tisch aufzuräumen. Ich hab einfach zu viel Zeug….

Außerdem habe ich ein paar Free Prints von @emmastudies aufgehangen. Die sind so süß!! Ja, ich habe die mit Wahsitape festgeklebt.

Ich hoffe das ich dieses Jahr mal wirklich mehr Zeit an meinem Schreibtisch sitze und wirklich lerne und übe, besonders weil ich nächste Woche eine Arbeit schreibe für die ich noch nicht gelernt habe >_>

Hoffentlich schaffe ich morgen was, denn heute bin ich einfach nur froh wieder in mein Bett zu kommen! Arbeit war einfach nur erschöpfend heute.

Ich hoffe ihr hattet alle einen guten Start ins neue Jahr und macht euch nicht zu fertig mit euren Plänen für 2018.