Danneel is in the running for Portrait Magazine’s Top 20 Most Beautiful (Inside and Out) List!

The Beauty list celebrates the people in the public eye that our readers believe possess both inner and outer beauty. We want you to vote on the entire range of things that make a person attractive, not just physical beauty but also: talent, intelligence, reputation, attitude, the way they treat others, and so much more.

Currently Danneel has 29% of the votes falling second to Amber Riley. Let’s show Danneel how much we appreciate her by helping her win this poll! Voting ends July 15th so let’s get to it!


I think it’s so cute how they change their looks for each other. Like how Danneel changed her hair color back to auburn because Jensen likes it my husband likes auburn, which is why it’s auburn now. I think it’s because thats the way it was when we started dating :-)” and how Jensen likes his beard because both him and Danneel like it “I like the beard, but more importantly, Danneel does.”

My little lights of the week:

Cutest bunch of sugar cubes - I like - thanks for making my world brighter :)

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