nights without television

Obnoxious Hunters and Horror Movies

Description: When Dean can’t enjoy a horror movie, Cas decides to help him appreciate media a bit better…through coercion. 

Prompt:  Cas and Dean watch a horror movie together and Dean won’t shut up about how he could have killed the monster 40 minutes ago, so Cas shuts him up

Author’s Note:  Legit this prompt sounds adorable, my precious children omg~

“Ugh, this is pathetic. Just behead the damn thing”

“No, no - not the stake, dammit.”

“Why hasn’t she noticed?!”

  Dean huffed in annoyance for the umpteenth time as yet another human shrieked in agony, the switching shots on screen glaring into the bunker and casting flashes onto the stone walls. The hunter and his angel were sat together on the bed, blankets and snacks adorning the plaid bedding in the dim light. It had long since gone midnight, but the pair were bored out of their minds, having resorted to a horror movie in the hope of staying awake. However, it appeared that both parties were beginning to regret the decision, Dean complaining every thirty seconds and Cas having grown tired of hearing it.

“Dean, it’s just a movie.”

“I know, but they’re - no, you idiot! Son of a b*tch!” The Winchester cursed as a young teen headed unarmed towards a live vampire nest.

“Please, Dean.”

“No! Sammy and I could’ve ganked those son’sa b*tches already!”

  In a last ditch attempt to silence his boyfriend, Cas nudged Dean in the ribs, not expecting the brunette to yelp and slap his hand away.

“Dammit, Cas…” Dean scowled, arm wrapped around his torso in defense. The seraph in question paused, the sudden mischievous spark in his eyes going unnoticed in the stark glow of late-night- TV. Without warning, Cas pounced, his forearm pinning Dean’s hands in place whilst he sat over his hips.

“Dean, stop talking over the movie,” He commanded, eyes glaring playful daggers at his human. The freckled man merely smirked, and raised his eyebrows in question.

“Or what?”

  Castiel smirked, relishing in the immediate shift of mood as Dean realised he was planning something. He trailed the fingertips of one hand down Dean’s side, and gently pinched the fleshed-out part of his companion’s torso. The slight twitch that followed told Cas all he needed to know.

“You’re ticklish, correct?”

   By now, Dean’s eyes were wide, lips parted in a nervous smile.

“Uh - no.”

“Stop lying,” Without missing a beat, Cas reached under Dean’s shirt to skitter over the freckled skin. A sharp intake of breath on Dean’s part preceded by his tummy sucking in amused the angel to no end.

“C-cas, please-”

“Please what?”

  Dean hesitated, opening his mouth to form a retort - however, when Cas started wriggling fingers into his tummy, all words were forgotten; replaced by hysterical laughter as he tried to curl up into a ball - much to Cas’ amusement.

“Pfftahahaha! Cahahahas! Nohohohohohoho!” The blonde’s eyes scrunched up at the corners, a smile brightening his features as he shook his head no in frustration.

“What’s the matter? Ticklish?” Cas didn’t bother fighting a grin as he watched the blush creeping onto Dean’s face, his freckles standing out in a way that the angel found adorable.

“Ahahahaha, yehehehes! Shih*t! Nonono, Cahahahahas!” Suddenly there was a spike in Dean’s giggles as Cas vibrated a claw-like hand into the skin around his navel. Castiel decided to keep it up for a few more seconds before moving upwards to pinch at his Hunter’s ribs.

“You’re blushing,” He remarked, knowing full well that it would only make his boyfriend blush harder.

“Ahahahahaha, ahaham nohot! Stahahahap!”

“You are - it’s sweet,”

“Nahahahaha, plehehehease!” Dean squeaked when the fingers travelled down to squeeze his sides, head tipping back in laughter as his flush darkened. It was impossible for Cas to refrain from laughing along slightly; he trailed his fingers down the Winchester’s sides to poke at his hips.

  However, when Dean let out an uncharacteristic shriek, Cas was taken aback. He raised his eyebrows, hand hovering over Dean’s hip in waiting. Meanwhile, the green eyes gazing up at him had widened in panic, a nervous smile tugging at their corners.

“Bad spot?” He questioned, grinning uncontrollably.

“Y-yes, Cas plehehease don’t! NO!” A yelp sounded as Cas feigned a lunge towards the torso pinned beneath him. Anticipatory giggles flowed from Dean’s lips as he closed his eyes in reluctant expectation.

“Dean? Will you stop interrupting the movie?”

“Yehehes, fine! Just don’t!”

  Castiel paused, a wicked idea forming in his head as his smile widened.

“Good. Thank you, Dean.” He stayed pinning the hunter in place, waiting for a reaction.

“Greheat! Hey, uh, you gonna let me up?”

“Hm?” Cas reached over with his free hand and grabbed the remote, the girl on screen freezing as he pressed Pause.

“No, I think the vampires can wait for a while.”

“No, No Cahahahas, plehehehease! AHAHAHAHA!”

 The TV was on Pause for a long time, to say the least.


we see no end, we don’t know how

we are lost and we’re falling