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Sanvers Week Day 1 - Intimacy

Pretty heavy trigger warning on this one. This story contains (non-graphic) discussion of sexual violence by straight men against queer women, based on this post about Rick in 2x19. It’s something my gf and I have both dealt with to varying degrees, so please stop in for a chat if it brings things up for you.

She didn’t want to scare her.  

So when they’d first started dating, she’d held Alex’s hand in public with all the confidence she could scrape together, smiling and laughing with her like they were soon to own the city.

She’d tug Alex along when she heard wolf whistles, the catcalls of “Hey ladies, I like girls too, can I join?” She’d walk a little faster, didn’t dare stop, didn’t argue, didn’t antagonise, because it wasn’t just about her anymore, and she needed to get Alex behind a locked door, she needed to get her home now, because she wouldn’t be able to breathe again until she did.

She’d take her out again another day, a better day, and smile like their mere existence wasn’t dangerous. Smile so Alex’s world would stay shiny, so she’d never notice how he crowded them in ever street, even if it was empty but for them. How scraps of his skin festered beneath Maggie’s fingernails when she held her hand.

She didn’t want to scare her. She wanted it to be better for her.

But some nights, when they kissed in the doorway of her apartment, Alex tasted like cheap beer and dynamite. And Maggie wished that she’d liked it, but this thing between them felt to her like it was all white heat and no fire escape, and she may just burn alive in there. She’d let Alex tug her inside anyway. Thought she may as well let Alex fuck her till she came to the realisation that she should never have wasted her time on a liar.

No one’s as beautiful as your idea of them. The sooner Alex figured that out, the better.

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Random Headcanons

-hates pretty much any vegetable
-extremely picky about the temperature of the water when he’s taking a shower, seriously, if it’s not right he literally won’t get in
-because of this, he tries to get to the shower first, but that rarely happens
-bites his fingernails when he’s nervous, so they’re always short
-also bites the skin around his nails, Darry hates when he does this
-his track coach spotted him at one of the Junior High meets, and told him to join in High School
-hair gets more red in the summer
-one of those people who never mixes the food on their plate
-when he was 7, he wanted to play football with the gang, but it got too rough and he broke his arm

-once gave the gang salmonella from his cooking
-hates the taste of alcohol
-loves little kids (especially Two’s sister)
-expert on getting babies to stop crying
-when he was in school, he hated that he could never learn things as quickly as the other students
-has crashed from sugar highs…many times
-contagious laugh
-always fears that girls only like him for his looks and not his personality, so he can be hesitant in relationships
-treats every girl the same that hits on him at the DX whether they’re a Soc or a Greaser
-has ADHD
-keeps all his speeding tickets hidden from Darry

Two Bit:
-loves his little sister to death (I imagine her to be around 6 or 7)
-has had plenty of tea parties and makeovers with her, sometimes Soda would join
-prank master
-drinks more than the gang is aware of
-allergic to seafood
-decent driver, but his car is always fucked up
-tries to get Steve to fix it for free
-has been expelled from school three times
-expert at juggling
-his dad left when he was 12, and his sister was born
-actually has a lot of good memories with his dad, that he wishes he sister could have too
-met Kathy at one of Buck’s parties, and they drank the night away together (he ended up shirtless and Kathy just in her bra and underwear behind the bar counter)
-used to be chubby when he was younger

-tried running away from home when he was 9, but Mr. Curtis found him, and let him stay the night
-amazing at pinball
-snorts when he’s laughing really hard
-known to be really snappy when he’s tired
-loves ice cream
-prefers sleeping in small places, since he’s gotten used to sleeping on the benches in the lot or the couch in the Curtis’
-typically curls up when he sleeps because of this
-absolutely terrified of spiders, he gets really jumpy and uncontrollably shakes whenever he sees one
-this poor boy has tried, but he can’t put on muscle

-addicted to black coffee
-really wants to take a day for himself and relax and get a massage, but he always decides not to because he thinks that would be selfish
-stresses over everything at night when he’s alone, so he doesn’t get much sleep
-the LOUDEST snorer
-had a Soc girlfriend in high school, that no one knew about except Soda
-obsessed with, The Twilight Zone
-rarely gets sick
-keeps a picture of his parents in his room, and occasionally he’ll talk to them as if they were there
-everyone at the gym knows him
-secretly wishes that rumbles happened more often so that he could blow off steam

-he got interested in cars when Soda and him snuck out to watch a drag race
-has asthma and he hates it because: “Carryin’ around a damn inhaler isn’t tuff.”
-usually gets asthma attacks when he’s yelling and fighting with his dad because he gets really worked up
-plays the bass guitar
-one time he crashed his car in a drag race, and he was afraid of what his dad would do when he saw it, so he rented a room at Buck’s for a couple weeks until he could fix up the car
-has freckles on the bridge of his nose and on his cheeks
-really wants a motorcycle
-Evie is the first girl that he’s had a real, committed relationship with
-they have their names carved in a tree in his backyard
-his parents got divorced, and later his mom died of cancer when he was 13
-loves dogs, and he wants either a German Shepherd or a Rottweiler

-had an older brother that was killed by a rival gang in New York
-loves candy, keeps a stash under his bed at Buck’s
-has a long scar across his abdomen from a knife fight
-Two Bit’s sister cries literally every time she sees him
-known Tim since he was 5
-the only time he’s known to be genuinely happy is when he’s riding in rodeos
-after the Curtis parents died, he got himself arrested, and didn’t go the Curtis house for months
-there are multiple holes in the walls at Buck’s that he punched through
-his BLONDE hair is really soft, since he doesn’t grease it
-doesn’t like having facial hair, so when he does get stubbles the gang knows something’s up
-terrible handwriting
-one time when he got really drunk with Two Bit, he cried and told him how his mom committed suicide and how he wanted to also for the longest time until he met the gang. Dally doesn’t remember this at all but Two was sober enough and remembers every detail, but never told anyone

okay but headcanon that lucas totally under dresses for everything and like when maya is getting ready for her first date with lucas riley and maya keep arguing bc maya doesn’t see the point in dressing up for a boy who’s known her since she was twelve and riley manages to rangle her into some sort of dress and when they go to meet lucas he’s just sitting there in jeans and a decent-ish sweater riley thinks her grandpa owns and she just sighs deeply and is like “oh my god you guys are soulmates”

One of my fondest memories is playing NiGHTS pinball in sonic adventure. I still never collected all the ideya, but even at that time i didn’t entirely know who or what NiGHTS was, but i loved them and the music became really nostalgic for me


SO! Um I finally completed what I have attempted many times in NiGHTS Pinball in Sonic Adventure. Well, having played a NiGHTS gae I understand that you have to collect Ideya. In the first game you need to collect them to progress in the story. And well, they are in NiGHTS Pinball. And you can collect them. So some time ago I got curious and wanted to collect them all to see what would happen. I finally did that. I would always get to the last Ideya, and then lose my last ball. But anyway I now know what the prize is. You just get a butt ton of rings and to top it all off, if you can still go on, collect the Ideya again. Some may think I just wasted maybe 10 hours on finding out something like that when I could have just checked online. But I wanted to find out by actually going through the challenge.