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because it’s fate / fanservice CCC — okay well, I actually have no idea. I’m guessing it’s mostly for that reason though /_\)

Apparently those images are from a, uh, ‘punishment’ section. And there are a number of other explicit ones too with other characters.

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everytime i see new pics about f/e ccc i get more disgusted……….. i don’t dislike fanservice but this is way too much, i think.

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Okay, what on Earth is even happening in this game any more? I was thinking that it would be like a Heaven’s Feel-esque story with more fanservice, but instead, it’s just… fanservice.

Yeah, I feel the same way right now. I was excited when it was announced, but considering all they’ve released for it is fanservice (and really skeevy fanservice at that) it makes me wonder.

I mean, sure, there’s probably a plot in there somewhere; but right now it’s buried under all of the boobs and cheap fanervice-y things. 

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no he terminado el juego todavia (estoy por el dia 4/7) pero es gr8 ((el primero no lo acabé porque me patearon bien….))

pues en mi caso me pasó exactamente lo mismo lol

más que nada fue frustración acumulada, llevaba un par de bosses a los cuales les ganaba por los pelos y… ;;;;;;

la historia me interesó mucho tho, quizás podría verme algunos vids para saber en qué terminó el primer juego <u>

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oh my god that is the best macro

tbh i was waiting for an excuse to use it bc yeah it’s perfect

nightrayvincent replied your post so basically my opinion on this wank that is still going around

hoy están todos los fandoms estupidos o qué está pasando xD

a veces quisiera poder bloquear sectores enteros del fandom de verdad :(