minat0arisato replied to your post:

because it’s fate / fanservice CCC — okay well, I actually have no idea. I’m guessing it’s mostly for that reason though /_\)

Apparently those images are from a, uh, ‘punishment’ section. And there are a number of other explicit ones too with other characters.

nightrayvincent replied to your post:

everytime i see new pics about f/e ccc i get more disgusted……….. i don’t dislike fanservice but this is way too much, i think.

panncakez replied to your post:

Okay, what on Earth is even happening in this game any more? I was thinking that it would be like a Heaven’s Feel-esque story with more fanservice, but instead, it’s just… fanservice.

Yeah, I feel the same way right now. I was excited when it was announced, but considering all they’ve released for it is fanservice (and really skeevy fanservice at that) it makes me wonder.

I mean, sure, there’s probably a plot in there somewhere; but right now it’s buried under all of the boobs and cheap fanervice-y things. 


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