Of course I couldn’t fit everything I wanted to say on there so I’ll say it here. Maria you are amazing and don’t you ever EVER change! It’s a privilege to call you my friend more like best friend lol   but yeah. You’re such a sweetheart and omg I can’t even describe in words how special you are to me! Even if we met on the internet , I’m proud to say I found a great friend on here! Have a super duper day! Never forget me! :D

deathbyletos  asked:

description of my family

so so my family is messed up and of course maria you know this bECAUSE SADLY YOU ARE A PART OF IT OMG


we like to touch each others butts and inappropriately touch each other in public places. we like old movies and watching charlie brown is always a tradition c: we’re a fangirl family it’s natural for everyone 

my dad likes to make fun of people he’s cruel and my mom thinks she’s funny when she’s not my sister (you) is a stuck up snob lolol wiergh



and i’m the heir of the throne holla~